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Karolina Isomaki Kasprzyk: "We read and play everywhere"

*Left: "We built our kitchen table in solid mahogany ourselves, as well as the kitchen sofa." Stools in solid oak, e15. Lamp, vintage Viscontea (Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni), bought from an antiques dealer from Italy. Mirrors on the wall, Jenny Nordberg from Etage Projects. Iron candlestick purchased from antiques dealer in Paris. Middle: Vase purchased in antique store in Paris at rue d l’univeriste. Right: Danish sideboard bought at Antikmässan. Vase, Mårten Medbo, bought some eight years ago. Lamp, Serge Mouille, purchased while in Paris.

Left: Art piece by unknown French artist from the 60s, purchased on 1st Dibs, probably inspired by Sheila Hicks’ Prayer Rugs. Right: Round stackable vases purchased from craftsmen in Rome.

As their family grew, Karolina Isomaki Kasprzyk, who works as product manager at Tiger of Sweden, and her husband Kacper decided to move back to Stockholm after six years in Paris and Copenhagen. The apartment they moved to was intended as a temporary solution–but they fell in love with the place and ended up never leaving.

The apartment is located on a hill at Vitabergsparken, high up in a residential building built in the late 1960s. With large window sections reaching from wall to wall in every room, it has a fantastic light flow. “We have removed unnecessary doors, knocked out walls and installed new doors that extend from floor to ceiling, so the light flows freely through the apartment,” Karolina explains. When the family returned to Stockholm, light was the most important aspect.

Karolina likes homes that reveal something about the people who live in it. She lets the objects in her home express her personality, and chooses unique craftsmanship over what is in trend right now. She mixes hard with soft, raw with classic.

"I love the roughness and the hard lines of brutalism, but I also love the soft shapes that originate in the art nouveau." Books and toys find their natural places around the apartment and make it come alive. “We play and read everywhere,” says Karolina.

For Karolina, her home is where she gathers strength and energy–but also where she lives out. She wants the aesthetic in the functional and vice versa. The kitchen is the heart of the home and there Karolina, Kacper and their three sons spend a lot of time, themselves or with others. “We spend a lot of time with our family and friends here. We get to know people in our home.”

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Left: Framed photography, David Armstrong. Art/photo/fashion books. Wishbone chairs, Hans J. Wegner. Right: See above.

Left: Serge Mouille lamp bought in Paris. Middle: Vintage lamp with screen in perforated metal. Right: Large vintage pot, Willy Guhl. Nan Goldin skateboard, Supreme. Vintage icon from Kacper's grandparents' home in Poland.