Inge Schiöler


Signed Inge Schiöler. Canvas 34 x 34 cm.

Droit de suite: Yes

175 000 - 200 000 SEK

18 919 - 21 622 EUR

Hammer price: 
160 000 SEK

Svensk-Franska konstgalleriet, Stockholm.


Svensk-Franska Konstgalleriet, Stockholm, probably 1949.
Handelsbankens konstförening.


See comparison in Nils Ryndel, "Inge Schiöler", 1972, p 119.

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"At Svensk-Franska's winter salon 1946-47 there are five gouaches and one pastel. In 1949's winter salon there are 14 late oil paintings and one gouache. As in the previous salon, the majority are flower motifs. Amongst these this flowering Hagtorn (1946/48,51x26, without no) whose white flowers shimmer against an orange and red background. As in many flower paintings by Schiöler from this period, the motif carry an ambiance of east asian poetry. Näsström, who rejected this six years earlier, is now very appraising. As one can almost interpret as a rejection from his earlier verdict, he says: "As an echo from the soul there are now several oil paintings by Inge Schiöler, especially with buckthorn, anemones, forget-me-nots and other flower motifs, in which the now 40-year old artist is approaching the reality with a reborn infatuation and trembling need to express himself. In this, something of the most important of today is taking place." (Stockholmstidningen 13/2 1949)

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