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Autumn Classic Sale 559


22Thure Wallner, Winter landscape with partridges.Erroneous title in the printed catalogue. The motif depicts partridges and NOT grouse.
32Axel Fridell, "Isblomma i kruka" (Iceflower in pot).Erroneous information in the printed catalogue. The lot was NOT exhibited at Thielska Galleriet, Stockholm.
62Herman af Sillén, Possibly HMS Vanadis in the Mediterranean off North africa.The motif probably depicts HMS Vanadis.
75Gustaf Rydberg, "Bondgård i Falsterbo med blommande äng" (Farm in Falsterbo with flowering meadow).Erroneous information regarding artist in the printed catalogue. Correct artist should be Gustaf Rydberg.
156Eduard Wiiralt, "Reclining tiger" (Lamav tiiger).II state of III, 1950.
157Eduard Wiiralt, Reclining tiger and cat.III state of III.
222Kenneth Strobl Attributed to, Seated female nude.Erroneous information in catalogue on the internet. Country of origin is NOT Antarctica. Country of origin unknown.
245Paul Fischer, "I östersögade med sötorvet og Dronning Louises bro i baggrunden" (At östersögade with sötorvet and Dronning Louises bridge in the background).Correct title should be: "At östersögade with sötorvet and Dronning Louises bridge in the background".
267Fredric Westin Circle of, "Konung Karl XIV Johan" (1763-1844).Karl XIV Johan
280Length of Regents.Regentlängden omfattar 11 porträtt men dock inte Karl IX.
286Gustaf Lundberg, Anders Petter Holm" (1747-1786) and his wife "Anna Maria Åbrandt (1752-1831).Sedan generationer har porträttparet gått under namnet "Det blå herrskapet".
326Abraham Storck Circle of, Scene at the harbour with oriental merchants.Very thick varnish. Relined canvas. The canvas slightly worned. Crazings. Minor retouches.
332Jan Wils Circle of, Extensive landscape with hunting company.Thick varnish. Crazings. Retouches.
336Bernhard Keilhau (Monsù Bernardo), Standing boy with a pot of roses, allegory over spring.Relined canvas. Minor retouches all over the surface.
362BCaravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) Follower of, Male saint in fetter.Motivet föreställer troligen Petrus som befrias ur fängelse ( Apostlagärningarna 5:19)
369A"Markisinnan de Mancini".Attributed to Louis-René Vialy (1680-1770). Unknown lady as a vestal virgin.
380Alfred Walter Williams Attributed to, Italian landscape with ruins.Yellowes varnish. Minor scratches. Retouches mainly in the sky.
387DAugust Friedrich Heinrich van der Osten-Sacken, The old oak.Ingen fäljerätt. No droite de suite (d)
398Elise Arnberg, "Prinsessan Eugenie" (1830-1889).Motivet föreställer änkedrottning Josefina av Sverige (1807-1876)
406Johan Tobias Sergel, "Ostermans Bal" (Ostermans Ball).Konstnären är Carl August Ehrensvärd (1745-1800)
427Charles François Roland Le Virloys, DICTIONNAIRE D'ARCHITECTURE, CIVILE, MILITAIRE ET NAVALE, ANTIQUE, ANCIENNE ET MODERNE. ... 1-3.Kungliga bokband från Haga.
438A Swedish late Baroque 18th century chest.Fanérad med bl. a alrot.
441An English mahogany cupboard circa 1800.Lattice crest missing.
457A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode.Mount additions, veneer repairs.
463A Gustavian late 18th century commode attributed to J. Hultsten.Buyers in the European Union without VAT registration will be charged an import VAT in addition to the buyers premium, on the hammer price: 12,00%
472A late Gustavian late 18th century table.The top with cracks, the consoles with additions.
496A Gustavian late 18th century console table.Later stone top and urn, décor damages.
498A Gustavian late 18th century console table.Later feet, minor décor loss.
502A Swedish Rococo 18th century sofa.With later metal castors (not shown on the photo).
534Ten Gustavian chairs by E. Öhrmark.Buyers in the European Union without VAT registration will be charged an import VAT in addition to the buyers premium, on the hammer price: 12,00%
545A pair of late Gustavian stools by E. Ståhl.Buyers in the European Union without VAT registration will be charged an import VAT in addition to the buyers premium, on the hammer price: 12,00%
560A Swedish Rococo mirror by N. Meunier.Damages, repairs, later mirror glass.
564A Gustavian mirror by J. Åkerblad.Later mirror glass, urn with repairs.
569A Swedish Empire early 19th century mirror and console table.Total height 275 cm.
590An Empire-style 19th century ten-light chandelier.1 st ljusmanschett saknas.
684A pair of Swedish cast iron garden urns with Royal monogram, probably second half 19th century.Probably second half 19th century.
693A Sami knife by Jon Pålsson Fankki 1922.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
695A Swedish tile stove dated 1698 with Royal momogram (Karl XII).Height circa 175 cm.
704A Swedish 18th/19th century pewter bowl on foot.Troligen Friesland området. Samt med ägar stämpel M.F.
723KUDDE, broderad. 52 x 71,5 cm. Sverige 1700-tal-1800-talets början.18th century-beginning of 19th century.
736SEMIANTIK GHOM/KESHAN PART SILK. 352,5 x 274,5 CM.One side has small tears.
758SEMIANTIK KESHAN/GHOM FIGURAL. 152,5 x 144 cm.Reduced and joined together again. Estimate: 6.-8.000SEK.
774SEMIANTIK TEHERAN, möjligen TÄBRIS. 408,5 x 280 cm.Possibly Tabriz.
783ANTIK/SEMIANTIK VÄSTANATOLISK. 153,5 x 115,5 cm.Insignificant repairs.
800A SWEDISH SILVER COFFEE-POT, Makers mark of Julius Marianus Bergs, Stockholm 1779.Handtagets benknopp saknas.
824A PAIR OF AUSTRIAN-HUNGARIAN CANDLESTICKS, after 1886.Austria-Hungary after 1886.
853A ROYAL SWEDISH PRESENTATION AGATH BOX WITH GOLD SETTING AND PRECIOUS STONES, Makers mark of W.A Bolin, Stockholm 1918. Original case.Statsfru. Ej stadsfru.
857A GERMAN 19TH CENTURY GOLD-BOX.Tyskland, 1800-talets början.
863An old cut diamond and ruby ring, app. 2 cts each, 1930's.Slight abrasion on facet edges of the ruby.
931A pendant and necklace, 19th century.1880's or possibly 1930's.
950A brilliant cut diamond bracelet, tot. app. 8 cts.Carat weight app. 7.60 cts.
966An antique cut diamond, 5.05 cts, 1970's.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
972A baroque, possibly natural, pearl and diamond ring, tot. app. 0.30 cts, 1980's.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
983A Sazingg, Irene Zingg, garnet, citrine and diamond bracelet, tot. app. 2.50 cts.L 17 cm.
984A Sazingg, Irene Zingg, large drop cut emerald, app. 8 cts, tsavorite and blue sapphire ring.Small stone missing.
996A cultured pearl and diamond necklace.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
1000A pair of faceted rock crystal and diamond earrings, tot. app. 2.60 cts, by Lisen Stibeck.Lisen Stibeck / by Lisen Stibeck.
1001An important diamond necklace, tot. 39 cts of drop- brilliant- and navett cut diamonds.Platinum.
1006An old cut diamond ring, app. 0.80 cts, 1940's.In the small catalogue the picture 1006 and 1010 are mixed up. Only in the small catalogue.
1014A gold necklace made from gold nuggets, 1960's.Clasp not gold, parts in between goldnuggets 14k gold.
1050A kunzite, pink sapphire and diamond necklace,Morganites and pink toumalines.
1053A cultured pearl necklace, 8,4-5,4 mm.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
1079A gold necklace.Later clasp 14k gold.
1090A blue sapphire and diamond pendant, tot. app. 0.60 cts.Omfattas av följerätt (d) Droit de suit
1138A gentleman's pocket watch, Patek Philippe, early 20th century.Slightly damaged dial.
1140An American pocket watch, en trois couleurs, late 19th century. Illinois Watch Co.Illinois Watch Co, 24 jewels.
1141A gold gentleman's pocket watch, Robert Calamer.Gift from Oscar II to Fredrik Wachtmeister, minister of Foreign affairs 1905.
1148A Russian 19th century icon.Rätt titel: "Gudsmodern, alla sörjandes glädje".
1151A Russian circa 1800 icon.Ikon, Grekland omkring 1800.
1168A RUSSIAN PARCEL-GILT COFFEE- AND TEA-SERVICE, marked Adolf Sper, S:t Petersburg 1847 and Carl Siewers, S:t Petersburg 1858.Marked Adolf Sper, S:t Petersburg 1847 and Carl Siewers, S:t Petersburg 1858.
1177A SET OF ELEVEN RUSSIAN SILVER DINNER PLATES, unidentified makers mark AGI, S:t Petersburg 1799.Mästare AGI sannolikt Pierre Louis Agi, född i Frankrike 1752. Flyttar till S:t Petersburg 1781.
1227A Russian Empire vase, 19th Century.Please note that it is depicting Emperor Nicholas I not Alexander.
1232A Russian part dinner service, Imperial porcelain manufactory, St Petersburg, period of Emperor Nicholas I and Alexander II. (14 pieces).8 Dinner plates, diameter 26 cm, (2 Alexander II mark in underglaze green), (3 Nicholas I mark in underglaze blue), (2 unmakred). All in good condition. 2 round serving dishes, diameter 30 cm. Both with green underglaze mark of Alexander II. Both in very good condition. 3 oval serving dishes; (2 lenght 44 cm, underglaze gren factory mark of Alexander II), (1 lenght 35 cm, unmarked) All in good condition. 1 fish dish, lenght 54 cm, green underglaze factory mark of Alexander II). Good condition, minor crazing by footrim.
1341A Meissen cup and saucer, period of Marcolini (1774-1814).Regilded.
1343Two Meissen bisquit figures, 19th Century.Meissen.
1395A green and yellow glazed tripod censer, Tang dynasty (618-907).Tang dynasty (618-907).
1426A large weight, presumably Qing dynasty.Weight.
1476Two incised red lacquer tables, 18th/19th Century.One leg with renovation. Crazed, top´s cracked due to dryness of the material. Both tables slightly bleached and with wear.
1511A set of three blanc de chine rhinoserous cups, Qing dynasty.Qing dynasty.
1520A pair of imari salts, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).Wear to decoration.
1717A blue and white charger, 20th century, with a Yü t'ang chia ch'i mark.Possibly 20th Century.

Lot additions

166AAnders Zorn, "Elin".
259AJean de la Hoese, Lady in a blue dress.
296ALouis Belanger, Landscape with a reading philosopher.
296BLouis Belanger, Landscape with river and a man walking.
316APrag school ca 1600. The Virgin in prayer surrounded by flowers.
316BItalian artist 17Th Century. The birth of Christ.
316CMonogramisten HB, A Portrait of Johannes Steiman, age 33 Half Length, wearing a black cape and hat, standing at a tabkle, his left hand resting on a book.
321AJan van Huchtenburg Attributed to, Battle scene.
324AAntonio Allegri Correggio After, The Mystic Marriage.
329ADavid Ludeking Attributed to, Ships outside an castle.
336ABernhard Keilhau (Monsù Bernardo), Sitting boy with a pot, allegory over winter.
339AJan Dirksz Both Tillskriven, Italieniserande landskap med boskap och figurer.
343ANicolas Henry Jeaurat de Bertry Circle of, Still life with fish, egg, vegetables and meat.
343BPieter van Schaeyenborgh, Still life with fish and shellfish.
354AHerman van Lin, Battle scene in a ruin landscape.
362ACaravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) Follower of, The martyrdom of St Bartolomeo.
362BCaravaggio (Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) Follower of, Male saint in fetter.
362CAntonio Bellucci, Arcaian landscape with Diana.
365AMartin Mijtens d.y (van Meytens) Attributed to, "Maria Theresia of Austria" (1717-1780).
369A"Markisinnan de Mancini".
387AOtto Didrik Ottesen, Still life with pink roses.
387BAlexander Johann Dallinger von Dalling, Landscape with a resting horseman and his horse.
387CFrench school 19Th Century. Joseph defending the daughters of Jethro at the Well.
387DAugust Friedrich Heinrich van der Osten-Sacken, The old oak.
605AA pair of late Gustavian early 19th century gilt and patinated bronze three-light candelabra.
635AA Swedish Empire mantel clock by I. Dahlström.
736AGHOM PART SILK. 219,5 x 138,5 cm.
744ASEMIANTIK ISFAHAN. 217,5 x 143,5 cm.
745AISFAHAN. 297 x 210,5 cm.
758ASEMIANTIK/OLD KESHAN. 208 x 133 cm.
759ASEMIANTIK KINA. 376 x 492 cm.
779ASEMIANTIK TÄBRIS FIGURAL. 418,5 x 305,5 cm.
779BSEMIANTIK TÄBRIS FIGURAL. 362,5 x 268,5 cm.
782ASEMIANTIK/OLD TÄBRIS. 453,5 x 372 cm.
782BVERAMIN. 310,5 x 213 cm.
1146AA pastel picturing Alexander I of Russia.
1146BA miniature picturing Alexander I of Russia.
1146CGiovanni Battista Lampi Follower of, Catherine the Great (1729-96). Follower of.
1304AA set of 18 ale glasses, 18th Century.
1308AA group of five odd engraved wine glasses, 18th Century.

Withdrawn items


Items with export ban

436A Swedish Rococo masterpiece cupboard by M. Tiberg 1755.
439A Swedish cupboard dated 1829.
444A late Gustavian cupboard circa 1800.
448A Swedish Rococo 18th century secretaire.
450A Swedish late Baroque second quarter 18th century commode.
456A Swedish Rococo commode by L. Nordin.
459A Gustavian commode attributed to J. Hultsten.
462A Gustavian secretaire by Gottlieb Iwersson.
469A Gustavian table by A. Lundelius.
473A Gustavian late 18th century table by Gottlieb Iwersson, not signed.
485A Gustavian late 18th century faience tea table.
488A Swedish Empire first half 19th century writing table.
500A late Gustavian circa 1800 console table.
501A Swedish Empire first half 19th century console table.
561A Gustavian mirror by N. Meunier.
567A late Gustavian mirror by L. Lundén 1791.
569A Swedish Empire early 19th century mirror and console table.
576A Swedish Empire four-light girandole mirror by J. M. Berg.
610A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 porphyry candlesticks.
623A Swedish Rococo gilt wood wall clock by C. Berg.
652A Swedish Empire porphyry urn.
653A Swedish Empire porphyry urn.
654A Swedish Empire porphyry urn.
655A Swedish Empire porphyry urn.
657A Swedish Empire porphyry urn.
658A Swedish circa 1800 gilt bronze, white marble and porphyry table sculpture.
681A bronze figure of the Apollo Belvedere on marble base, Rome late 18th century.
693A Sami knife by Jon Pålsson Fankki 1922.
695A Swedish tile stove dated 1698 with Royal momogram (Karl XII).
722KUDDE (jynne), flamskväv. "Marie bebådelse". 45,5 x 45,5 cm. Skåne, sannolikt Torna härad, 1700-talets andra hälft - 1800-talets början.
723KUDDE, broderad. 52 x 71,5 cm. Sverige 1700-tal-1800-talets början.
1332A pair of Swedish Rörstrand faience sauceboats, dated 1/7 (17)65 and 10/8 (17)63.
1335A Swedish Marieberg faience jar with cover, 1770.
1338An amfora vase decorated by Louis Masreliez (1748-1810) depicting a classical motif, Sweden, ca 1800.