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Autumn Classic Sale, Stockholm 571


41Carl Fredrik Hill, "Familjen - variation I" (The Family - variation I).Additional information regarding provenance: Managing Director Kjell Beijer, Stockholm (circa 1976).
65Johan Krouthén, Costal motif, Marstrand, Sweden.Relined canvas.
109Anders Zorn, On the terrace, Algiers.Litteratur: Birgitta Sandström, "Zorn och orienten", utställningskatalog, Zornmuseet, Mora, 15 maj - 14 september 2000, omnämnd sid 25: "Emma Zorn beskrev hur den var under arbete den 14 februari: 'en ståtlig neger sittande på den hvita muren med blå luft och dito vatten till bakgrund' ".
188Axel Petersson Döderhultarn, "Beväringsmönstring" (The Enrollment Act), 8 pieces.Omfattas inte av följerätt (d)
218Arvid Knöppel, Lynx.Dated -36, earlier wrongly numbered 36.
241Helene Schjerfbeck, Roses in a vase.Privat collection, Sweden. (Bought in 1946/47) Bukowski International Springauction, 1987, no 301. Privat collection, Finland (acquired from the above sale).
269James Edward Buttersworth, American ships by the coast.American frigate outside Charleston harbour, South Carolina. To the right Fort Sumter.
274Peder Mork Mönsted, Young girl.Felaktigt katalogiserad som daterad 1824, det ska vara 1894.
281Aristide Maillol After, "Jeune fille agenouillée".After the death of Maillol the sculpture was cast in an edition of 6 at George Rudier Foundry in Paris, this was commisioned by Mons Fabiani, heir to Ambroise Vollard (art dealer of Maillol). The present lot is number 1/6. Another cast is in the collecton of the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture garden in Washinton D.C. Correct estimate 800.000 - 1.000.000 SEK / 92.950 - 116.150 EUR
282Auguste Rodin, "Le Penseur".Cast between 1915-1925. Patinated by Jean Limet (choosen by Auguste Rodin). This bronze will be included in the forthcoming "Auguste Rodin - catalogue critique de l'oeuvre sculpté" being currently prepared by the Comité Rodin at Galerie Brame et Lorenceau under the direction of Monsieur Jérôme Le Blay with the archive no 2012-4017B. There are only ten recognized casts in this size from the period 1915-1925.
283Auguste Rodin, "L'enfant prodigue".Conceived in 1884. Cast 1927. (cast in this size between 1913-1941 in an an edition of 9, additionally 9 cast between 1960-1974). This bronze will be included in the forthcoming "Auguste Rodin - catalogue critique de l'oeuvre sculpté" being currently prepared by the Comité Rodin at Galerie Brame et Lorenceau under the direction of Monsieur Jérôme Le Blay with the archive no 2012-4016B.
298TILE. 20 x 23,5 cm. Probably Persia 13th century.Bought at an auction in Cairo after the Swedish diplomat Baron Bildt, dead in 1947.
300TILE FRAGMENT. 6,5 x 19,5 cm. Turkey, Iznik 17th century.Bought at an auction in Cairo after the Swedish diplomat Baron Bildt, dead in 1947.
430Johan Johnsen, Still life with flower in a glass vase.Not allowed for export
431Johan Johnsen, Still life with flowers on pedestal.Not allowed for export
444Marcus Larsson, Fjord landscape in Norway.Correct date, 1860.
476Jean-Philippe de La Roche, Portrait of Barbara Campanini (1721-1799), known as La Barbarina, dancing in a garden, probably in Versailles.Olof Granberg, "Svenska konstsamlingarnas historia" II, 1930, Bil XVIII, sid 238. Åkerö bouppteckning efter Carl Gustaf Tessin 1770, under Portraiter i Olja
480Nicolaes Berchem Attributed to, Religious scene.Motivet är förmodligen Kristi himmelsfärd
509Gysbrechts Leytens Attributed to, Mountain landscape with figures.Not allowed for export
530Matthäus Merian d.y, "Adolf Herman Wrangel af Lindeberg" (1628-1656).Not allowed for export
533Lars Jacob von Röök, Scene from Tivoli.Signerad par von Röök a tergo/signed "par von Röök" verso.
541Carl August Ehrensvärd, Det inre av en gård med källarvalv.Teckningen skulle kunna vara ett verk av Carl August far Augustin Ehrensvärd och möjligen då ett motiv från Sveaborgs fästning.
544Elias Martin, The Battle of Svenskund.Viborgska gatloppet den 3 juli 1790.
545Jacob Gillberg, "Axel von Fersen the Elder" (1755-1810).The portrait depicts Axel von Fersen the Elder (1719-1795) and not the son Axel von Fersen the Younger.
592A Baroque 17/18th century cabinet, on later stand.Underrede med brännskador på baksidan.
597A late Gustavian 18th century writing cabinet by J. C. Linning.Sylvén, Torsten, Mästarnas möbler, the lot illustrated page 237.
602A late Gustavian early 19th century secretaire by C. G. Behrens.Proveniens: Enligt uppgift tonsättaren Franz Adolf Berwald (1796-1868).
603A Swedish late Baroque 18th century writing desk with fall front.Nycklar medföljer.
666A Gustavian 18th century suite of furniture comprising a pair of armchairs and a sofa.Dekor del till soffans rygg finns.
698A Swedish Rococo 18th century mirror.Height should be 183 cm.
716A pair of Swedish Rococo 18th century two-light girandole mirrors.One mirror glass later.
720A pair of Gustavian two-light girandole mirrors by N. Falkengren.Skador på ena krönet.
721Two matched Gustavian one-light girandole mirrors by J. Åkerblad.Listdel finns och medföljer.
841A Swedish armorial goblet with the monogram of King Gustavus III, 18th Century.Proveniens Ian Hellströms samling
927A Russian 125 piece table-service, makers mark of Grachev, S:t Petersburg 1899-1908. Imperial Warrant.There are 124 pieces, one tea-spoon and two entrée-forks are missing, the total weight is 7.865 g. 12 dinner forks 16 entrée forks 12 dinner knives 18 entrée knives 12 dinner spoons 12 dubble-ended forks 12 dessert spoons 11 tea spoons 12 coffee spoons 7 serving cutlery
949A Russian 17th century silver icon with Christ, Mother of God and Saints.Motivet kallas för Deesis.
965A Swedish 17th century silver-gilt tankard, makers mark of Jacob Garnier (Stockholm 1657-1659 and Strängnäs 1659-1680).Mended by one foot.
970A Polish 17th century parcel-gilt tankard, makers mark of Melcher Jaske, Gedansk (1664-1678).Marked Johann Meinertz, Gedansk (1680-1709), (not Melcher Jaske).
1033A Swedish 19th century silver-gilt set of 18 piece dessert cutlery, makers mark of Adolf Zethelius, Stockholm 1812.Marked Adolf Zethelius
1047A Danish early 20th century gold and enamel cigarett-case, makers mark of Michelsen, Copenhagen.Case with french marks, 20th century. Minor enamel damages.
1061An old cut diamond ring, app. 1.30 cts, c. 1910.Lead repair to the shank.
1064A brilliant- and navette cut diamond Art Deco bracelet, tot. app. 15 cts.The three center stones have a total of app. 1.80 carats.
1067A pair of drop shaped turqouise earrings.Metal and 18k gold, turquise probably coloured.
1068A medium cut diamond brooch, app. 1.85 cts.14k vitguld.
1099An old cut diamond and natural pearl pendant/necklace, c. 1905.Possibly natural fresh water pearl.
1164A ruby, sapphire, emerald and brilliant cut diamond bracelet, tot. app. 5 cts.Totally approx. 5 cts of diamonds.
1182A natural pearl and diamond Belle epoque pendant, c. 1915.Natural bouton shaped fresh water pearl, must be attatched.
1198A brilliant cut diamond ring, tot. 1.68 cts.Korrekt carat vikt 1.68 ct.
1202A RING, 18K white gold. Ruby 3.78 ct, and brilliant cut diamonds, 1.36 ct. Size 17. Weight 9.0 g.weight 9.0g
1211A ruby and brilliant cut diamond brooch, tot. app. 6.50 cts. c. 1950-60's.One stone is missing.
1217A brilliant cut diamond brooch, c. 1915.Two stones missing.
1235A pair of grey natural pearl and brilliant cut diamond earrings, tot. app. 1.40 cts.Changes; wrong estimate in the catalogue, the correct estimate is 60-65 000.
1236An antique cut drop shaped diamond brooch, app. 0.75 cts and rose cut diamonds, c. 1915.Centerstone app. 0.60 ct and is reworked into a pendant.
1280A gold bracelet, weight 83 g.14k gold.
1287A brilliant cut diamond and black enamel Art Deco brooch, tot. app. 6 cts.Trace of repair where black enamel is replaced to black onyx.
1312An old cut diamond pin brooch, c. 1905.Small safetylock broken.
1351A step cut emerald and antique cut diamond ring, c. 1850.Possibly 20th century.
1439A pocket watch by Louis Audemars, repeater and perpetual calender, c. 1900.The estimate is changed to 50-75 000. A pocket watch by Louis Audemars, repeater and perpetual calender, c. 1900. 18k gold, 56 mm, movement and case signed and numbered, no. 11270. Worn engineturning and monogram. Minute repeater but repeater out of function. Total weight 173 g.
1449A olive green glazed jar, Western Jin Dynasty, ca 300 AD.Western Jin Dynasty, ca 300 AD.
1452A brown and cream glazed bowl, presumably Song dynasty (960-1279).Wrong picture in the printed catalogue.
1453A cizhou stem cup, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).
1483A large gilt bronze figure of Tara, with Qianlong mark.China with Qianlong mark.
1490A gilt bronze and jeweled figure of Manjusri, with Yongle six character mark.Not Qing dynasty.
1507A partly gilt and lacquered figure of Buddha, Qing dynasty (1644-1912).Bronze.
1517A gilt bronze head of Buddha, Thailand, 19th Century.Repair by chin.
1523A archaistic shaped cloisonne jar with cover, Qing dynasty.Qing dynasty.
1544A wooden brush pot, late Qing dynasty (1644-1912).Wood.
1552A rare carved Rhinoceros horn libation cup, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722) or older.Weight: 467 g.
1573A deeply carved ivory snuff bottle with cover, China, early 20th Century.Proveniens Ian Hellströms samling
1579A set of 11 Snuffbottles, late Qing dynasty and first half of 20th Century.The one with a Jiaqing red seal mark, with a small repair to footrim.
1594A large Japanese lacquer charger, Meiji (1868-1912).Crack.
1609A Japanese vase, circa 1900. Marked at base.Proveniens Ian Hellströms samling
1676A qing bai vase, 18th Century.18th Century.
1788A powder blue bowl, Qing dynasty, early 18th Century.Repair to rim.
1814A Chinese famille rose bowl, Republic with Daoguang seal mark.Minor chip to rim.
1874A blue and white flower pot, Qing dynasty.Polished rim.
1875A blue and white jar, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).Restored to rim.
1889A blue and white jar, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).Proveniens Ian Hellströms samling
1960A pair of enamelled Chinese dishes.China.

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