Contemporary 592


No.ItemHammer price
1Gerhard Richter, "Bagdad " (P10).50 000 SEK
2Gerhard Richter, "Ifrit" (P8).Unsold
3Francis Bacon, "Portrait de Peter Beard", from: "La mysticité charnelle de René Crevel".80 000 SEK
4Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Orange store front, project".25 000 SEK
5Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Lower Manhattan wrapped building, project for 2 Broadway, New York".30 000 SEK
6Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Wrapped book".Unsold
7Josef Albers, "Homage to the Square".20 000 SEK
8Jim Dine, "VegetablesV-VI".9 000 SEK
9Frank Stella, "Polar-Co-ordinates, VII" (for Ronnie Peterson).44 000 SEK
10Roy Lichtenstein, "The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Poster".66 000 SEK
11Roy Lichtenstein, "Shipboard Girl".200 000 SEK
12Roy Lichtenstein, "Fot and Hand".50 000 SEK
12AEdward Ruscha, "Blue Suds, Green Suds, Grey Suds".50 000 SEK
13Robert Rauschenberg, ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, Silkscreen in colours and with collage of fabric and a ruler signed and dated 1983, numbered 21/125.Unsold
14Claes Oldenburg, "Geometric Mouse Pyramid as an Image of the Electoral System, Doubled" (Scales of the Geometric Mouse, Doubled).8 000 SEK
15Tom Wesselmann, "Helen Nude".42 000 SEK
16John Chamberlain, "Untitled" from: "Salty Water/Fan mail".30 000 SEK
17Jockum Nordström, "Trumslagaren".17 000 SEK
18Jockum Nordström, "Vi bor på kontoret".12 000 SEK
19Jockum Nordström, "Back to the Land".26 000 SEK
20Jan Håfström, "Mr. Walker".42 000 SEK
21Ola Billgren, OLA BILLGREN, photoengraving printed in sepia, 2001, signed in pencil and numbered 9/25.Unsold
22Ola Billgren, "Krim".16 000 SEK
23Carl Johan De Geer, "USA mördare".19 000 SEK
24Takashi Murakami, "A picture of the blessed lion who stares at death".20 000 SEK
25Christo & Jeanne-Claude, CHRISTO & JEANNE-CLAUDE, lithograph with collage of fabric, wrapping paper, and latex paint, 1995, signed in black cray.Unsold
26Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "Two lower Manhattan wrapped buildings, project for New York".30 000 SEK
27Donald Baechler, "Flower", from: "Some of my subjects".18 000 SEK
28Andy Warhol, "The shadow", from: "Myths".Unsold
29Andy Warhol, "Mick Jagger".107 000 SEK
30Andy Warhol, "Grace Kelly".650 000 SEK
31Andy Warhol, Jackie Kennedy, from: "Flash - November 22, 1963".32 000 SEK
32Andy Warhol, Plate 37, Italian Carbine, from: "Flash - November 22, 1963".22 000 SEK
33Andy Warhol, "Howdy Doody", ur: "Myths".Unsold
34Andy Warhol, "With Hat"; from: "Ingrid Bergman".275 000 SEK
35Andy Warhol, "Three portraits of Ingrid Bergman by Andy Warhol".600 000 SEK
36Andy Warhol, "Chicken n' Dumplings" from: "Campbell's Soup II".120 000 SEK
37Andy Warhol, "Uncle Sam", from: "Myths".Unsold
38Andy Warhol, Plate II, ur: "Flash - November 22, 1963".32 000 SEK
39Andy Warhol, Plate XI, John F. Kennedy, from: "Flash - November 22, 1963".29 000 SEK
39AAndy Warhol, "Cow".60 000 SEK
40Andy Warhol, "Flowers (Hand Colored)".25 000 SEK
41Andy Warhol, ANDY WARHOL, the complete suite with four silkscreens in colours, 1987,Unsold
42Andy Warhol, "Birmingham race riot".48 000 SEK
43Andy Warhol, "Campbell's soup can on shopping bag".26 000 SEK
44Wolfgang Tillmans, "Paul, New York", 1994.30 000 SEK
45Wolfgang Tillmans, "Sidewalk Fashion Victim", 1993.22 000 SEK
46Helena Blomqvist, "I Shall be Released II/ Runaway", 2004.70 000 SEK
47Albert Watson, "15 North, Exit 25, Las Vegas, 2001".Unsold
48Terry O'Neill, "David Bowie - Diamond Dogs", 1974.28 000 SEK
49Ann Eringstam, "In search of Wonderland 7", 2011.55 000 SEK
50Cindy Sherman, "Untitled (Madonna)", 1975.38 000 SEK
51Nan Goldin, "Cookie in the NY Inferno, NYC 1985".Unsold
52Mary McCartney, "Kate in Doorway", 2007.36 000 SEK
53Dominique Tarlé, "Boxes", 1971.Unsold
54Brian Duffy, "David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (Closed Eyes)", 1973.130 000 SEK
55Albert Watson, "Keith Richards, New York City, 1988".Unsold
56Helena Blomqvist, "The Silent Stream", 2011.75 000 SEK
57Helena Blomqvist, "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter", 2003 (4).60 000 SEK
58Maria Friberg, "Alongside Us #2", 2007.65 000 SEK
59Ola Kolehmainen, "Composition of Collected Reflections", 2007.75 000 SEK
60Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, "W, September 1997, #8".Unsold
61Leif-Erik Nygårds, "Marilyn Monroe photographed in Los Angeles at Bel Air Hotel, June 27th 1962".48 000 SEK
62Jim Krantz, "Epic Western #5", 2010.80 000 SEK
63Luis Gispert, "Oh, Lorry Lorry", 2009.155 000 SEK
64Annika von Hausswolff, "Okänd plats", 2002.Unsold
65Hans Gedda, "Nelson Mandela", 1990.180 000 SEK
66Tova Mozard, "Psycho", 2003.85 000 SEK
67Herb Ritts, "Woman in Sea, Hawaii", 1988.65 000 SEK
69Cooper & Gorfer, "Lucie Above Mother", 2014.80 000 SEK
70Denise Grünstein, "Skull/Camelion", 2011.Unsold
71Dawid (Björn Dawidsson), "Ray 05", 1988.30 000 SEK
72John-E Franzén, "Long Beach - Harley Chopper".12 000 SEK
73Herman Leonard, "Louis Armstrong - Paris 1960".15 000 SEK
74René Burri, RENÉ BURRI, photography signed René Burri also signed and dated 1997 on verso.Unsold
75Elliott Erwitt, "Marilyn Reading, New York, 1956".65 000 SEK
76Albert Watson, "Ziyi Zhang, Los Angeles, 2005".85 000 SEK
77Lennart Olson, "Bryssel", 1958.51 000 SEK
78Brooks Kraft, "Obama in Rain", 2012.46 000 SEK
79Denise Grünstein, "Blyertskameler", 1999.20 000 SEK
80Hasse Persson, "STUDIO 54", 1979.22 000 SEK
81Joel Meyerowitz, "Long Nook Beach", 1976.12 000 SEK
82Mats Bäcker, "David Bowie/Cracked Actor, Brussels 1983".26 000 SEK
83Helena Blomqvist, "Sunset", 2002.15 000 SEK
84Marilyn Minter, "Bridle", 2004.Unsold
85Mikael Jansson, "Marc Jacobs #1, Paris, 2008".Unsold
86Ola Kolehmainen, "White, Pink, Yellow, Green", 2007.50 000 SEK
87Masayoshi Sukita, "David Bowie - The Next Moment?", 1977.46 000 SEK
88Bettina Rheims, "Martine, Decembre 1989, Londres".5 000 SEK
89David LaChapelle, "Negative Currency: 100 Yuan used as Negative", 2010.Unsold
90Michel Comte, "Karen Mulder", 1995.15 000 SEK
91Marilyn Minter, "Speckled", 2007.75 000 SEK
92Maria Friberg, "Almost There #5", 2000.80 000 SEK
93Mary McCartney, "Moments in the City - Chrysler".Unsold
94Tom Sandberg, Untitled, 1989.Unsold
95Lennart Nilsson, Untitled, from A child is born.55 000 SEK
96Lennart Nilsson, "Tumsugaren, from A child is born".65 000 SEK
97Lennart Nilsson, "Spermie penetrerar äggcellen, from A child is born", 1990.75 000 SEK
98Lennart Nilsson, "Rymdfararen, ur Ett barn blir till", 1965.36 000 SEK
99Lennart Nilsson, LENNART NILSSON, photography signed Lennart Nilsson. Also signed Gillis Häägg a tergo. Image 43 x 57,5 cm.Unsold