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December + Asian sale 597


No.ItemHammer price
1Carl Malmsten, A Carl Malmsten Swedish Grace table, Åtvidaberg, Sweden circa 1934.32 000 SEK
2Carl Malmsten, A Carl Malmsten mahogany partner's desk, Åtvidaberg, Sweden circa 1934.28 000 SEK
3Carl Malmsten, A Carl Malmsten mahogany working table, Åtvidaberg, Sweden ca 1934.19 500 SEK
4Carl Malmsten, A Carl Malmsten mahogny working table, Åtvidabergs Möbelindustri, Sweden ca 1934.19 000 SEK
5Carl Malmsten, A Carl Malmsten table, Åtvidaberg, Sweden ca 1934.Unsold
6A pair of Swedish grace brass floor lights, 1920-30's.44 000 SEK
7Josef Frank, A Josef Frank cabinet 'Nationalmuseiskåpet', Svenskt Tenn, Sweden post 1985.Unsold
8Mats Theselius, A Mats Theselius brass and leather 'El Rey' easy chair, Källemo, Sweden post 1999.65 000 SEK
9Mats Theselius, A Mats Theselius lounge chair 'El Dorado' by Källemo post 2002.Unsold
9AMats Theselius, A Mats Theselius 'Elk-leather' armchair, Källemo, Sweden 1991.Unsold
10A Swedish late Baroque 18th century cupboard.175 000 SEK
11A late Gustavian bookcase.55 000 SEK
12A pair of late Gustavian cupboards attributed to Gottlieb Iwersson (master in Stockholm 1778-1813), circa 1790.Unsold
13A pair of Louis XV 18th century corner cupboards.Unsold
14A Gustavian commode signed and dated by Georg Haupt 1784 (master in Stockholm 1770-84).Unsold
15A Gustavian commode by Nils Petter Stenström, master 1781.Unsold
16A Gustavian late 18th century commode attributed to Jonas Hultsten, master in Stockholm 1773-94.165 000 SEK
17A Gustavian commode signed by Jonas Hulsten, master in Stockholm 1773-1794.155 000 SEK
18A Gustavian 18th century commode by Anders Hallmén, master 1755.60 000 SEK
19A Gustavian late 18th century commode by G Foltiern, not signed.70 000 SEK
20A Gustavian late 18th century commode in the manner of Carl Lindborg.40 000 SEK
21Rokoko, A Swedish Royal Rococo 18th century writing table.Unsold
22A Swedish Rococo mid 18th century console table.36 000 SEK
23A late Gustavian early 19th century console table.38 000 SEK
24A late Gustavian console table.34 000 SEK
25A late Gustavian circa 1800 console table.Unsold
26A Gustavian table by Anders Lundelius 1783.63 000 SEK
27A late Gustavian late 18th century table.Unsold
28A Gustavian late 18th century sewing table by Jonas Hultsten .15 000 SEK
29A late Gustavian table.20 000 SEK
30A pair of Louis XV 18th century armchairs.40 000 SEK
31A pair of late 18th century probably Danish armchairs.Unsold
32A pair of Royal Gustavian late 18th century corner chairs by Erik Öhrmark, master in Stockholm 1777-1813.24 000 SEK
33A pair of late Gustavian armchairs in the manner of Ephraim Ståhl, master in Stockholm 1794-1820.135 000 SEK
34A pair of late Gustavian armchairs in the manner of Ephraim Ståhl, master in Stockholm 1794-1820.125 000 SEK
35A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 armchairs.30 000 SEK
36A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 armchairs.30 000 SEK
37A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 armchairs.42 000 SEK
38A set of twelve Gustavian late 18th century chairs.Unsold
39A Baroque circa 1700 mirror.Unsold
40A Swedish late Baroque early 18th century mirror attributed to Burchardt Precht.48 000 SEK
41A presumably German Rococo mirror.19 000 SEK
42A Swedish Rococo 18th century mirror.40 000 SEK
43A Swedish 18th century Rococo mirror.30 000 SEK
44A Gustavian mirror by Per Westin, dated 1778.24 000 SEK
45A pair of matched Transition mirrors by Johan Åkerblad, master in Stockholm 1758-1799.46 000 SEK
46A pair of wall sconces in the art of Burchardt Precht baroque early 18th century.28 000 SEK
47A pair of Venetian four-light girandole mirrors attributed to Briati family, circa 1730.Unsold
48A pair of Swedish Rococo 18th century one-light girandole mirrors.65 000 SEK
49A Gustavian late 18th century six-light chandelier.100 000 SEK
50A late Gustavian fifteen-light chandelier by C. H. Brolin (1765-1832).150 000 SEK
51A late Gustavian circa 1800 nine-light chandelier.42 000 SEK
52A late Gustavian circa 1800 seven-light chandelier.48 000 SEK
53A Swedish 19th Century thirteen-light chandelier.Unsold
54A pair of Empire early 19th century five-light candelabra by Pierre Chibout.80 000 SEK
55A pair of four-light candelabra, Empire.32 000 SEK
56A pair of Empire style circa 1900 six-light candelabra.Unsold
57A pair of late Gustavian early 19th century porphyry and ormolu candlesticks.28 000 SEK
58A pair of late gustavian early 19th century porphyry and ormolu candlesticks.55 000 SEK
59A pair of Empire candlesticks.22 000 SEK
60A pair of Empire candlesticks.17 000 SEK
61An astronomical longcase clock by Johann Joseph Langschwert court-watchmaker, Würzburg, circa 1750.480 000 SEK
61AAn English Baroque 17th century longcase clock by James Markwick (clockmaker in London 1666-1698).Unsold
62A Swedish Rococo gilt bronze wall clock by Claes Berg, Stockholm, master 1762-1784.75 000 SEK
63A rococo table clock 18th century.46 000 SEK
64A SWEDISH ROCOCO MANTEL CLOCK, possibly by Nils Berg, Stockholm 1751-1794.36 000 SEK
65A Louis XVI 18th century mantel clock.80 000 SEK
66A French Empire early 19th century gilt bronze mantel clock.40 000 SEK
67A french table clock first half of the 19th century.10 000 SEK
68A Directoire mantal clock.Unsold
69A French Empire mantel clock by Pickard a Paris.16 000 SEK
70A French Empire early 19th century mantel clock.15 000 SEK
71A late Empire mantel clock, first half 19th century.Unsold
72A porcelain and gilt bronze clock, presumably French, Samson, late 19th century.28 000 SEK
73A Louis XVI ormolu and marble centrepiece "Monument Antique", possibly from the workshop of Pierre Gouthière.125 000 SEK
74A Gustavian tea caddy by Georg Haupt (master 1770-84), not signed.160 000 SEK
75An Italian micromosaic plaque by Antonio de Angelis, Rome 1809.85 000 SEK
76An Italian micromosaic plaque, probably first half of 19th century.24 000 SEK
77The pictorial travel journey (scrapbook) of Roger Björnstjerna's (1827-1910) Grand tour in Europe 1857-1859.80 000 SEK
78GEORG SIMON WINTER VON ADLERSFLÜGEL, Bellerophon, sive Eques peritus..", Nuremberg Wolfgang Moritz Endter, 1678.30 000 SEK
79A German 18th century parcel-gilt dish, mark of Johann Gemeinhart, Nürnberg (1727-1739).32 000 SEK
80A German late 16th/early 17th century silver-gilt nef, mark of Heinrich Winterstein, Augsburg (1585-1634).110 000 SEK
81A German 17th century silver-gilt nef, mark of Esaias zur Linden, Nürnberg (1609-1632).65 000 SEK
82A German 17th century silver-gilt cup and cover, mark of Johann Kartenbusch, Nürnberg (1621/-22-1630).60 000 SEK
83A Swedish 17th century silver-gilt spoon, mark probably of Matts Eriksson (Stockholm -1595-1624).26 000 SEK
84A Nowegian mid 17th century silver beaker, unidentified makers mark MC, possibly (Trondheim).40 000 SEK
85A Norwegian 17th century silver roemer, mark of Jochum Hansen Fendt (Skien c 1682 - 1711).Unsold
86A Baltic 18th century parcel-gilt beaker and cover, mark of Joachim Friedrick Kachel (Dorpat 1717-).Unsold
86AA Baltic 18th century parcel-gilt beaker, mark of Johann Christoffer von Haven, Narva (1729-1759).28 000 SEK
87A Swedish 17th century parcel-gilt tankard, mark of Erik Månsson Schmidt, Stockholm (1675-1686).90 000 SEK
88A Swedish/Baltic late 17th/early 18th century parcel-gilt tankard, unmarked.80 000 SEK
89A Swedish early 18th century parcel-gilt dish, mark of Arnold van der Hagen, Norrkoping (1695-1740(-42)).32 000 SEK
90A Swedish early 18th century silver presentation-dish, mark of Petter Bernegau, Stockholm 1711.72 000 SEK
90AA Baltic 18th century parcel-gilt beaker, mark of Johann Heinrich Tenten, Mitau (1732-1739).20 000 SEK
91A Swedish 18th century parcel-gilt beaker, mark of Friedrich Heinrich Klinck, Stockholm 1734.35 000 SEK
92A Swedish 18th century parcel-gilt tankard, mark of Jonas Jaderstedt, Vasteras 1759.18 000 SEK
93A Swedish mid 18th century silver dish, mark of Gustaf Stafhell, Stockholm 1750.Unsold
94A Swedish mid 18th century silver tea-pot, mark of Petter Lund, Stockholm 1750.30 000 SEK
95A Swedish 18th century silver coffee-pot, mark of Axel Johan Limnell, Vaxjö 1764.75 000 SEK
96A Swedish 18th century parcel-gilt cream-jug, mark of Lars Boye, Stockholm 1776.Unsold