Karl Norin
(Born 1982)

"Freshwater, steak, and wine"

Synthetic fur, vacuum cast in epoxy, 151 x 121 cm. With frame 160.5 x 130 cm.

Droit de suite: Yes

60 000 - 80 000 SEK

5 952 - 7 937 EUR

Hammer price: 
40 000 SEK

Exhibited at the American Embassy in Stockholm, March 2016.

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A technique Karl Norin found in submarine manufacturing. The fibres are infused with the liquid epoxy and cast against glass, which gives it a perfect flat stucture. One is then looking at the fur, not at a representation of either the fur or anything else. Its rather sublime!

Norin lives and works in Stockholm and holds a MFA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibits at Belenius 14 April - 13 May 2018.

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