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Contemporary Art & Design 635


3Mats Theselius, a 'National Geographic', cabinet, tripple version, Källemo, Sweden, post 1990.The base slightly of center.
19Ingo Maurer, an 'Uchiwa' ceiling light, for M Design, probably 1970s.probably 1970s.
24Paolo Pallucco, & Mireille Rivier, an easy chair, 'Barba D'Argento', Pallucco, Italy, post 1986.This chair is in great original condition. Only minor marks and natural patina. Please find pictures and condition report attached.
38Tom Dixon, a carpet, 'Maze', hand tufted, ca 478 x 478 cm, 'MAZE By ASPLUND'.Specially ordered in 2011.
46a carpet, tufted, after Fernand Léger, ca 272,5 x 159 cm.According to the owner purchased in 1985 at the Nordiska Galleriet in Stockholm and in a limited edition./Slightly "bubbly".
59Jonas Bohlin, an 'Ekvator' dining table, Jonas Bohlin Design AB, Stockholm, post 1997.The top is in Linoleum and not leather. The correct name for this model is "Ekvator".
103Tobia Scarpa, a marble table light 'Biagio', Flos, Italy.No (d) Droit de suit
134Maria Miesenberger, "Utan titel/Ohne Titel (Början/Der Anfang)", 1992-2000.Edition 2/5.
157Lennart Nilsson, "Tumsugaren", 1974.Correct year for this photograph is 1974.
245Fredrik Wretman, "Minitrans".The correct titel is "Minitrans"
289Maria Miesenberger, "Reflection on the Presence of Time #3".Edition 2/5.
306Martin Wickström, "Blue in Green".Acquired from the artist. Exhibited at the American Embassy's residence in Stockholm.
308Ernst Billgren, ”Fantomen”.The catalogue is updated with exhibition information and literature, please see our web catalogue.
389Christo & Jeanne-Claude, "The Gates (Project for Central Park, New York City)".Korrekt teknik är färgserigrafi. Korrekt utrop är 35.000 - 40.000 SEK.

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