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Jenny Nordberg

(Sweden, Born 1978)
20 000 - 25 000 SEK
1 820 - 2 270 EUR
1 900 - 2 380 USD
Hammer price
34 000 SEK
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Sweden: BUS
Finland: Kuvasto

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Jonatan  Jahn
Jonatan Jahn
Head Specialist Contemporary and Modern Design
+46 (0)703 92 88 60
Jenny Nordberg
(Sweden, Born 1978)

a mirror, "3 to 5 seconds", unique from an edition of 1/5, her own studio 2018.

Silver-plated and white painted glass, 150 x 150 cm.
Certificate included.

Minor superficial wear.

More information

During the project "3 to 5 seconds - Fast handmade production" in 2014, Jenny Nordberg researched antique mirror production. The process and result were fascinating, and since then Nordberg has been working with this old method to make mirrors. The process used has its roots in the 19th century and results in a thin layer of silver (Ag) on the glass surface. Since the entire surface of the glass is not covered, each mirror becomes unique due to uncontrollable fluids in the manufacturing process.

Jenny Nordberg, born in 1978, is an industrial designer (MFA) based in Skåne. Nordberg works in an investigative and interdisciplinary manner to expand the contemporary view of design and the designer's role. Whether it is an experimental, conceptual, or commercial project, she is driven by a search for alternatives to and strategies against irresponsible mass production. Stylistically, her work is characterized by a sharp combination of brutalism and minimalism, often with humor and chance as important elements. Jenny Nordberg's work, which moves between design and art, focuses on how we produce and consume today, how we have done so historically, and how this can be done differently in the future. By exploring questions like these, Nordberg wants to change the conditions of the design field and encourage designers to take a more engaged position.
Nordberg recenlty closed her solo exhibition at the Design Museum in Helsinki.

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