Torsten Esbjörnsson

Vivid colors and graphic forms – a collection by Torsten Esbjörnsson
Torsten Esbjörnsson is one of the most eminent Swedish representatives for the abstract art. He was born in 1925 in a Village in Örum on Österlen and in a young age he was expected to take over his family’s farm. However the desire to express and create become stronger and when Esbjörnsson discovered the universe of images it was a turning point in his life. He applied and was accepted at Konstakademien in Copenhagen. The discover of Mondrian and Kandisky got him Esbjörnsson to take his vespa to Paris to see vernissages, attend lectures and evening discussion groups – an artist that made the biggest impression on him was Victor Vasarely. Esbjörnsson’s paintings are characterized by vivid colors and graphical compositions which lure the viewer to step into every single painting. Torsten Esbjörnsson passed away in 2012 and his paintings included in this theme auction comes from his estate.

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