Plastic Fantastic!

Anna Castelli, Sigvard Bernadotte, Joe Colombo, Niels Gammelgaard and Carl-Arne Breger are just a few designers who created items out of plastic. The list of designers, furniture architects and artist-craftsmen who have used plastic in their work, is very long. Being seen as a substitutional material during many decades, plastic has today a central role in the designer world. With the theme auction Plastic Fantastic, Bukowskis celebrate plastic and plastic designerns. The theme consists mainly of items which belonged to a managing director at Husqvarna Borstfabriks AB. During the period of time the director was responsible for the company, the factory also produced objects for the Italian brand Kartell. Several of these items are especially well-contained and among the rarities you can discover Niels Gammelgard’s very unusual Radie hooks for IKEA, as well as a double flower box from Sinjet AB’s series called Akvamatik – a classic piece in the Swedish 1970s OFF furniture flora. Take the chance to acquire a pieces of the plastic design history!

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