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Germund Paaer, a 14K gold rint, Kalevala koru, Helsinki 2000.

Germund Paaer, a 14K gold rint, Kalevala koru, Helsinki 2000.

Size 18/57.
Width 12 mm.
Weight 3.5 g.

Insignificant wear.


Germun Paaer (1881-1950) was the first chief designed at Kalevala Koru and it can be said that Kalevala koru was in the beginning not only the fruit of its founders ideas but also of Paaer's. He was chief designer until 1950 and during that time he designed hundreds of pieces of jewellery for Kalevala Koru. Paaer's aim and guideline as a designer was that "The edges of a piece of jewellery have to be totally smooth. Womens sensitive fingers will be touching them and due to that there can be no ruggedness and they can by no means be sharp!".

Paaer was a talented, enthusiastic and very productive designer, but at the same time he was an austere artist. The most popular jewellery series that he designed is "Kuutar", which has been produced since the 1940's. In addition to jewellery Paaer also designed in the 1940's over 300 ornaments inspired by and base upon old forlk art objects for Kalevala Koru.

Sources: Kalevala Koru archive and

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