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The Spring Classic Sale, Helsinki F163


No.ItemHammer price
1A BRACELET, Cartier.1 000 EUR
2A PAIR OF EAR STUDS, Brazilian topaz 3.45 ct.300 EUR
4A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 8/8 cut diamonds ca 0.2 ct, coral.950 EUR
5A NECKLACE, briolette cut rock crystal and topazes, garnets.500 EUR
6A PENDANT, 5 old cut diamonds c. 0.13 ct, turquoise coloured glass.900 EUR
8A PAIR OF EARRINGS, brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.50 ct. Drop shaped peach coloured cultivated pearls 11 mm.600 EUR
9A RING, brilliant cut diamond 1.80 ct. G/si3 . 6 trapez cut diamonds c. 0.3 ct. EGL certificate.Unsold
10A BRACELET, 9 brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.90 ct.900 EUR
11A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 8/8 cut diamonds, briolette cut rock crystal and topazes, garnets.Unsold
12A PEARL NECKLACE, Oriental pearls 3,5 - 5 mm.800 EUR
13A RING, brilliant cut diamond c. 1.5 ct, J-K/vs.Unsold
14A RING, rubies c. 3.80 ct. brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.55 ct.950 EUR
15A BROOCH, black opal 15 x 18 mm, 4 x 8/8 cut diamonds 0.15 ct.Unsold
16A PAIR OF EARRINGS, emeralds c. 1.60 ct, brilliant cut diamondsr c. 1.40 ct.Unsold
17A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 88 brilliant cut diamonds 0.85 ct, green baroque pearl 11 mm.630 EUR
19A BRACELET, 26 old cut diamonds c. 1.30 ct, pearls, enamel.2 000 EUR
20A NECKLACE, 113 South sea pearls Ø 9 - 12 mm.1 400 EUR
21A RING, 1 cushion cut diamond 1.22 ct G/vvs2 + 10 brilliant cut diamonds 0.50 ct. IGI certificate.5 500 EUR
22A PAIR OF EAR STUDS, Ceylon sapphires 1.15 ct, 32 brilliant cut diamonds 0.25 ct W/vs.850 EUR
23A PENDANT, South Sea pearl Ø 15,4 mm, tanzanite 2.34 ct, brilliant cut diamond 0.15 ct W/vs.900 EUR
25A BRACELET, light coral beads 7 mm in 4 rows. Gold clasp.600 EUR
26A RING, ruby c. 2.60 ct and diamonds c. 0.86 ct.Unsold
27A NECKLACE, tourmaline c. 3.40 ct, brilliant cut diammonds c. 0.70 ct.800 EUR
28A RING, natural sapphire c. 4.50 ct, triangle cut diamonds c. 1.00 ct. H/si.Unsold
29A BROOCH, cameo, enamel.Unsold
30A BRACELET, 22K gold and emeralds.Unsold
31A RING, brilliant cut diamonds c. 1.50 ct. Top-Cape/K-L/ SI2-P3.Unsold
33A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 18 brilliant cut diamonds c. 1.70 ct.1 700 EUR
34A RING, 208 brilliant cut diamonds 2.72 ct.Unsold
35A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 150 brilliant cut diamonds 2.04 ct.Unsold
36A RING, Opal c. 3.42 ct, 18 brilliants c. 1.00 ct.1 500 EUR
38A RING, brilliant cut diamonds 1 x 0.51 ct. and 0.36 ct. Fancy cut sapphires.Unsold
39A RING, brilliant cut diamond 0.92 ct. G/vs2 + 36 brilliant cut diamonds 0.36 ct. IGI certificate.Unsold
40A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 22 brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.76 ct.1 100 EUR
41A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 98 brilliant cut diamonds 1.08 ct. Drop shaped cultivated pearl 11 mm.750 EUR
42A BROOCH, old cut diamonds c. 1.10 ct, blue sapphire.700 EUR
43RING, brilliant cut diamond c. 0.35 ct triangular cut sapphires.Unsold
45A RING, emerald c. 11.0 ct, diamonds ca 2.25 ct.Unsold
46PENDANT / CHOPARD "Happy diamonds" 27 hovering diamonds c. 0.35 ct.Unsold
48RING, a brilliant cut diamond approx. 0,3 ct.Unsold
49A PENDANT, 18K gold. Tahitian pearl Ø 14 mm. 16 brilliant cut diamonds tot. c. 0,24 ct.Unsold
50A RING, topaz c. 2.70 ct and 117 brilliant cut diamonds c. 1.75 ct.Unsold
51BOW EARRINGS, Amethysts Ø 10 mm and rose cut diamonds.630 EUR
52A RING, emerald c. 0.20 ct, 8/8 diamonds and rose cut diamonds c. 0.70 ct.650 EUR
53A RING, spinel c. 8.00 ct, diamonds c. 0.35 ct.Unsold
54A NECKLACE, cultivated pearls Ø 6 mm, clasp with a cabochon cut emerald c. 13.5 ct, 16 x 14 mm.Unsold
55A RING, brilliant cut diamonds 1 x 1.00 ct + 0.37 ct. Fancy cut rubys.Unsold
56A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 28 brilliant cut diamonds 0.12 ct. Cultivated drop-shaped blue pearls 10 mm.370 EUR
57A NECKLACE, Biwa pearls Ø 10 - 14 mm.Unsold
58BROOCH, 100 old cut diamonds c. 1.80 ct.1 800 EUR
59A BROOCH, 63 brilliant cut diamonds 0.63 ct.450 EUR
60A NECKLACE, 26 engraved corals Ø 18-20 mm. 8/8 cut diamonds c. 0.30 ct.380 EUR
61A RING, brilliant cut diamond c. 0.85 ct and small diamonds c. 0.30 ct in total.2 600 EUR
62A BRACELET, square cut diamonds 10 pcs. c. 3.5 ct H/VVS, sapphires 15 pcs. c. 5.70 ct.Unsold
63A PAIR OF EARRINGS, Cambodian square cut golden beryl 1.85 ct.300 EUR
64A RING, 12 old cut diamonds c. 0.60 ct, chrysoberyl cat's eye 6 x 8 mm.Unsold
65A RING, 3 brilliant cut diamonds c. 0,9 ct.1 100 EUR
66A RING, brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.44 ct.Unsold
67A NECKLACE, light coral 5,5 mm - 14,5 mm. Golden clasp.Unsold
68A RING AND A PAIR OF EARRINGS, brilliant cut diamonds. 1.00 ct + 0.35 ct. in ring. 0.80 ct. in earrings.4 700 EUR
69A PENDANT, Pakistani peridot 4.38 ct. 66 brilliant cut diamonds 0.80 ct. W/vs.Unsold
70A NECKLACE, 31 South Sea pearls Ø 13 - 16 mm.6 500 EUR
71A RING, brilliant cut diamond 1,62 ct si1. SJL certificate.Unsold
72A NECKLACE, amethyst, tuquois.850 EUR
73BROOCH, Van Cleef & Arpels. 146 brilliant and baguette cut diamonds c. 13.50 ct ~ G-H/vs.15 000 EUR
74A NECKLACE, 18K gold. A drop shaped South Sea pearl Ø 15 mm and 7 brilliant cut diamonds tot. 0,03 ct.Unsold
75RING, 23 brilliant cut diamonds c. 0.67 ct. 12 fancy cut sapphires.1 200 EUR
76A NECKLACE, 33 Tahiti pearls Ø 11 - 12 mm.4 600 EUR
77A PAIR OF EARRINGS, Tahitian pearls Ø 10.5 mm.600 EUR
78A PAIR OF EARRINGS, cabochon cut sapphires from Tanzania 2.67 ct.300 EUR
79A BROOCH, 9 old cut diamonds c. 0.40 ct, pearls.Unsold
80A RING, ruby, diamonds 0,06 ct.Unsold
81A NECKLACE, 32 South sea pearls Ø 12 - 14 mm.1 100 EUR
82A NECKLACE, 8/8 cut diamonds, tourmaline, aquamarines.620 EUR
83A NECKLACE, 460 navette, baguette, briliant and drop cut diamonds c. 18.00 ct. Drop cut emerald c. 7.50 ct.25 000 EUR
84A PAIR OF PENDANT EARRINGS, peridotes, brilliants and briolette cut amethysts.460 EUR
85RING, sapphire c. 0.50 ct, ruby c. 0.60 ct, emerald c. 0.50 ct, brilliants c. 0.12 ct.Unsold
86A RING, NIESSING, "light pink" Asprey cut diamond c. 0.80 ct.5 500 EUR
87EARRINGS, blue and yellow brilliant and briolette cut sapphires tot. 4.88 ct, brilliant cut diamonds 0.08 ct. W/vs.750 EUR
88EARRINGS, brilliant cut diamonds and cultured South sea pearls, 16,4 mm.2 300 EUR
89A RING shaped like a leopard with enamel, rubies and brilliant cut diamonds.600 EUR
90AN ALLIANCE RING, 21 brilliant cut diamonds c. 3.14 ct.Unsold
91A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 2 brilliant cut diamonds 1.04 ct.3 300 EUR
92A RING, brilliant cut diamonds 1.05 ct. I/vs2 + 0.55 ct. EGL certificate.Unsold
93A RING, old cut diamond c 1.00 ct.Unsold
94A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 157 brilliant cut diamonds 0.90 ct.1 300 EUR
95A NECKLACE, 108 brilliant cut diamonds 1.19 ct.Unsold
96A PAIR OF EARRINGS, 2 x 0.55 ct brilliant cut diamonds. Total diamond weight 1.39 ct.Unsold
97A RING, 2 old cut diamonds tot. c. 1.20 ct, ruby 5,5 mm.Unsold
98A RING, aquamarine c. 5.00 ct, 14 x 10 mm. 247 small diamonds tot. c. 1,20 ct.600 EUR
99A PENDANT, brazilian topaz 6.08 ct.360 EUR
100A PENDANT, South sea pearl Ø 12 mm, diamonds c. 0.06 ct.Unsold
101A NECKLACE, three strands of cultured pearls Ø 8 mm. Clasp in white gold and old cut diamonds c. 0.60 ct.900 EUR
102A RING, emerald c. 0.55 ct and diamonds c. 0.70 ct.600 EUR
103A PENDANT, Cambodian blue zircon 4.69 ct, 2 pink sapphires 1.38 ct, 3 green tsavoriters 2.15 ct.1 800 EUR
104A PAIR OF EARRINGS, brilliant cut diamnods c 1.00 ct, drop shaped cultivated pearls 10 mm.Unsold
105A RING, brilliant cut diamonds. Center stone 1.00 ct. Sidestones 0.39 ct.Unsold
106A PENDANT, old- and rose cut diamonds c. 1.20 ct.650 EUR