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Lars Wetterling Collection F278

Lars Wetterling’s love for art evoke at an early age when he visited a neighbor whose home was filled with art and beautiful furniture. He particularly remembers one painting that touched his heart without him being able to explain why. This experience opened a door to the world of art.
In the early 1960s, together with his wife Margareta, he became a member of The Friends of the Art Museum, where he came to play an important role with his knowledge and his connections in Norrköping. Lars worked closely with the museum directors Gösta Lilja and Bo Sylvan and contributed to many art acquisitions by major Swedish artists.
The Friends of the Art Museum was an active art association which arranged art viewings, lectures and art trips. Eventually, a subgroup was formed with the name The Art Club, with Lars as chairman and the one who was in contact with the artists regarding acquisitions both for the club members and the museum. Lars developed a role as an ambassador for modern Swedish art.
During the years, Margareta and Lars’ own house also became full of art and design. The absolute criterion has consistently been to buy only works that have touched them on a personal level, that in some ways have recalled the emotions he experienced in his youth in front of the painting in the neighbour’s home.
His love and passion for art are still strong. In a recent conversation with Lars, he talked about how he is now interested in black-and-white prints and three-dimensional sculptures and how those expressions differ from that of paintings. His curiosity and ability to find works that express and trigger emotions run like a common thread through his extensive collection of art, crafts and design.
125 items
28 000 SEK