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Timo Sarpaneva

(Finland, 1926-2006)
Timo Sarpaneva
(Finland, 1926-2006)

Timo Sarpaneva, a 'Clamitatio' (The Scream) sculpture, signed Timo Sarpaneva 1998 Pino Signoretto Murano.

Colours: red, ochre, grey, and clear glass. Hand-formed glass. Glassworks; Maestro: Pino Signoretto, Pietro Sartoret, Davide Zanella, Mario Tagliapietra, Amber Haugh. Cutting master Giorgio Allegretto.
Total height 53 cm. Width 34 cm.

The general impression is good.


Timo Sarpaneva's collection.


Timo's excitement was contagious as he exclaimed, "Now there is a character! This one is even better than the last version. Tell Giorgio to watch the beak, it has to be sharp. What's a 'Scream' in Latin? This is at least as good, if not better than Munch's! I'll ask Dan, he knows all this name stuff".
The previous week, Signoretto and his workshop had spent the whole morning shaping the art piece. After several days of cooling, the stresses in the glass had been removed, making it safe to finish the sculpture. Sarpaneva's monologue was not directed at anyone as he muttered, "It's a little painful to watch. A piece that size weighs over a hundred pounds, and when wet it's slippery as soap. Hold it there, then... It'll be fine..."

After two days of hard work, the piece was finally completed, and it was still intact. Sarpaneva expressed his satisfaction by saying, "This is probably the best of the three. nice massing, an optical indentation in the right place, and a phenomenal beak! I think I'll keep it for myself".

In 1998, three Clamitatio pieces were produced. Two were red and one was a blue variation.

Marjatta Sarpaneva

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Two documentaries 'Sarpaneva ja muodon taju' and 'Sarpaneva Sarpanevasta' are available on YLE Arena.

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