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The Paul R Wedendal Collection, Stockholm H036


No.ItemHammer price
1600A potted and painted jar, Neolithic period.12 500 SEK
1601A green glazed pottery model of a house, Han dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).Unsold
1602A green glazed pottery model of a well, Han dynasty (206B.C-220).Unsold
1603A green glazed pottery Hill Jar, cover with bird shaped finial, Han dynasty (206 BC-AD 220).Unsold
1604A green glazed heart shaped pigsty with pig, Han dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD).Unsold
1605A green glazed vase, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).5 000 SEK
1606A green glazed pottery silo, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).7 000 SEK
1607A green glazed potted jar, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).5 500 SEK
1608A set of two green glazed pottery models of a rooster and a hen, Han dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD).Unsold
1609Two painted pottery figurines of standing soldiers, Han dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD).31 000 SEK
1610A painted jar with cover, Western Han dynasty, (206 BC - 220 AD).Unsold
1611A small potted figure of a man, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).2 600 SEK
1612A potted ding tripod censer with cover, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).3 200 SEK
1613A potted model of a stove, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).Unsold
1614A stone sculpture of a guardian, presumably Han dynasty.25 000 SEK
1615A ritual bronze drinking vessel, Han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD).16 500 SEK
1616An archaistic bronze mirror.3 000 SEK
1617A archaistic bronze vase, with taotie pattern to base, presumably Ming dynasty.25 000 SEK
1618A archaistic bronze tripod (ding), presumably Ming dynasty or older.8 000 SEK
1619A set of four archaistic bronze garment hooks.Unsold
1620A glazed jar with four handles, presumably Sui Dynasty ca 600 AD.3 000 SEK
1621A green and yellow glazed lion with a cub, Song dynasty (960-1279).7 500 SEK
1622A green white and yellow glazed rhyton ewer, Tang dynasty (618-907).4 700 SEK
1623A green and yellow glazed figure of a standing lady, Tang dynasty.5 600 SEK
1624Two glazed pottery figurines of standing officials, with traces of paint, Tang dynasty (618-907).Unsold
1625A yellow glazed pottery guardian, Tang dynasty (618-907).9 000 SEK
1626Two glazed male figures, Tang dynasty (618-907).7 000 SEK
1627A potted figure of a dancer, Tang dynasty (618-907).4 600 SEK
1628A potted figure of a duck and a wild boar, Tang dynasty (618-907).4 000 SEK
1629A painted pottery figure of a standing female, Tang dynasty (618-907).7 000 SEK
1630A potted figure of a 'Buddhist Lion', Tang dynasty (618-907).2 600 SEK
1631A black glazed jar, Tang dynasty (618-907).Unsold
1632A white glazed ding yao dish. Song dynasty (960-1279).Unsold
1633A pale green glazed ewer with cover, Song dynasty (960-1279).7 500 SEK
1634A white glazed ding yao bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279).3 200 SEK
1635A white glazed bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279).3 000 SEK
1636A small white glazed water pot, Song dynasty (960-1279).Unsold
1637A white glazed dish, Song dynasty (960-1279).6 000 SEK
1638A pale green glazed jar with cover, Song dynasty (960-1279).5 000 SEK
1639A jizhou yao stoneware bowl with internal relief décor of greyish-yellow leaf, Song dynasty (906-1279).10 000 SEK
1640A brown glazed pot, Song/Yuan dynasty.Unsold
1641A black glazed jar, presumably Song dynasty.4 000 SEK
1642Three bowls, temmoku, a brown glazed and a brown-spotted glazed, Song dynasty (960-1279).15 500 SEK
1643A pale celadon glazed figurine of a turtle, Song dynasty (960-1279).8 000 SEK
1644A pale green glazed model of a house, Song/Yuan dynasty.Unsold
1645A pair of pale celadon glazed vases, Song/Yuan dynasty.8 000 SEK
1646A bowl, a box with cover, and a small jar, Song/Yuan dynasty.Unsold
1647A set of two boxes with covers, Song/Yuan dynasty.Unsold
1648A white glazed bowl and a chizhou vase, Song (960-1279) and Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).Unsold
1649A pale celadon glazed tripod censer, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).10 000 SEK
1650A 'spotted' ewer and three jars, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).11 000 SEK
1651A green glazed bowl, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).7 000 SEK
1652A pale green glazed vase with cover, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).Unsold
1653A celadon glazed water-dropper/water pot, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).Unsold
1654A set of two green glazed vases with covers, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).12 000 SEK
1655A pale celadon glazed vase, Yuan dynasty (1271-1368).1 500 SEK
1656A set of two white glazed small urns, Yuan (1271-1368) and Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Unsold
1657A green and yellow glazed dish and green glazed stand, Liao (916-1125) and Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Unsold
1658A pair of green glazed figures of 'Buddhist Lions', Ming dynasty.Unsold
1659A green and brown glazed pottery stand/gate, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Unsold
1660A yellow glazed end-tile, with dragon in relief, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).5 000 SEK
1661A yellow and green glazed figurine of two mandarin ducks. Ming dynasty ( 1368-1644).6 000 SEK
1662A brown glazed kendi, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Unsold
1663A pair of seated Buddhist lions, 17th Century.8 000 SEK
1664Two green and yellow glazed potted figures of Dignitaries, Ming dynasty.Unsold
1665A bisquit langouste wine ewer, Ming dynasty, Wanli (1368-1644).Unsold
1666A group of five green glazed vessels, Ming dynasty, 17th Century.2 600 SEK
1667A turquoise and purple glazed roof top tile in the shape of a fish, Ming dynasty.Unsold
1668A large glazed shrine, presumably Ming dynasty.35 000 SEK
1669A green glazed jar, Ming dynasty, Southern China.5 000 SEK
1670A large jade and agathe inlayed wooden carparisoned sculpture of a horse, presumably Ming dynasty.76 000 SEK
1671A Hardwood Long Table (Jiaotousun Qiaotouan), 17/18th Century, presumably Huanghuali.650 000 SEK
1672A pair of hardwood chairs, Qing dynasty. Possibly Huanghuali.71 000 SEK
1673A hardwood 'claw on ball' low table, Qing dynasty.Unsold
1674A hardwood two drawer coffer, Qing dynasty.21 000 SEK
1675A hardwood lantern stand, with carved stylized dragons, presumably late Qing dynasty.Unsold
1676A set of two hardwood pedestals, presumably late Qing dynasty.13 000 SEK
1677A round hardwood table, Qing dynasty.6 500 SEK
1678A black and red lacquered wooden chair, Qing dynasty.Unsold
1679A hardwood and marble 'claw on ball' D-form console table, presumably late Qing dynasty.14 000 SEK
1680A wooden Chinese low table, 20th Century.Unsold
1681A mother-of-pearl inlayed lacquered plaque, Qing dynasty, 17/18th Century.Unsold
1682An eight panel lacquer screen, Qing dynasty, presumably Kangxi (1662-1722).40 000 SEK
1683A six panel lacquer screen, Qing dynasty (1644-1911).Unsold
1684A carved wood panel, Qing dynasty.8 000 SEK
1685Two sun feather shaped carved and painted wooden decorative elements, with Mandarin ducks and Cranes. Qing dynasty, 19th Century.4 200 SEK
1686A bronze gong with a wooden stand, Qing dynasty.6 500 SEK
1687A silk coat, late Qing dynasty. Height 136 cm.Unsold
1688An antique Chinese figural carpet, Qing dynasty.60 000 SEK
1689A semi-antique Chinese so called Throne Rug.4 500 SEK
1690A semi-antique Chinese figural rug.7 300 SEK
1691A semi-antique Baotou figural so called Wedding Rug.4 600 SEK
1692A mottled red sandstone head of Guanyin, Mathura, India, presumably 200-500 AD.Unsold
1693A set of three bronze figures of Buddha and a throne, India, 17/18th Century.Unsold
1694An archaistic stone sculpture of a deity, with characters to the back.Unsold
1695A seated wooden figure of Guanyin, Yuan/Ming dynasty.Unsold
1696A large bronze temple bell, presumably Ming dynasty.Unsold
1697A archaistic bronze bell, presumably Ming dynasty (1368-1644).48 000 SEK
1698A gilt lacquer and wooden sitting figure of Guanyin, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Unsold
1699A gilt bronze Sinotibetan figure of Amitayus with a reliquary, 17/18th Century.10 000 SEK