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Eclectic, Stockholm S193


No.ItemHammer price
1John-E Franzén, Interior.1 600 SEK
2John-E Franzén, Self portrait.Unsold
3Evert Lundquist, Girl.2 000 SEK
4A pair of late Gustavian chairs.6 800 SEK
5A Swedish Rococo armchair.14 000 SEK
6A pair of Swedish 19th cent silver wedding beakers, marks of Johan Petter Hedman, Norrköping 1840.Unsold
7Wilhelm von Gegerfelt, Ships in moonlight.Unsold
8Still life with pheasant.Unsold
9The death bed of Senecas.Unsold
10A Märta Måås Fjetterström weaving.Unsold
11A chinese silk jacket from the time around 1900.1 200 SEK
12Lennart Rodhe, The star.5 500 SEK
13Johnny Oppenheimer, Still life.4 000 SEK
14Renato Guttuso, Still life with lemons.31 000 SEK
15Pietro Bello, Neapolitan cost.2 000 SEK
16Axel Olson, Study with models.7 000 SEK
17Axel Olson, Sitting model.11 000 SEK
18Rey Urban, A Ray Urban silver bird made in Stockholm 1997.1 800 SEK
19Wilhelm von Gegerfelt, Ship in canal.Unsold
20Harald Wiberg, Crows.5 500 SEK
21A blue and white serving dish, Qing dynasty.11 500 SEK
22A chinese vase.8 500 SEK
24An armorial cream jug, Qing dynastin, Qianlong (1736-95).1 600 SEK
25A large famille rose punch bowl, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).3 500 SEK
26A set of six Hans J Wegner CH-30 oak and teak chairs by Carl Hansen, Denmark.6 000 SEK
27A pair of 19th century silvered candlesticks.3 000 SEK
28Anna Berg, Winter garden.11 500 SEK
29Mats Mason, "Travailleur Italien".Unsold
30Helmer Osslund, Canal in Venice.Unsold
31Fruls Tilpo, At the café.14 500 SEK
32A Meissen figuregroup, first half of the 20th cent.1 500 SEK
33Jean Charles Nicaise Perrin Attributed to, Lady portrait, according to information portrays Mme Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan.Unsold
34A set of six Danish 19th cent silver forks, marks of Copenhagen 1824.Unsold
35A set of 12 Herend plates circa 1900.2 600 SEK
36Peder Duke, Composition with geometry.6 500 SEK
37A blue and white serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).2 800 SEK
38A blue and white serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).3 600 SEK
39A set of four odd blue and white custard cups with covers, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).3 800 SEK
40A massive Japanese jar with cover, ca 1900.4 200 SEK
41An english four pieces coffee- and tea-set, Alfred Clark, London 1905.3 200 SEK
42Rikard Lindström, "Jakt, Lofoten".9 000 SEK
43A wooden sculpture, possibly Antwerp 16th century.Unsold
44A pair of patinated bronze censers, 19th cent.6 500 SEK
45A Gunnar Cyrén graal bowl, Orrefors 1977.1 800 SEK
46A set of six (3+2+1) famille rose plates, Qing dynastin. Qianlong (1736-95).4 200 SEK
47A pair of creamware tureen stands, circa 1800.2 600 SEK
48Thure Wallner, Smooth snake (Coronella austriaca).Unsold
49Johan Tirén, The evil spirit by the water.Unsold
50Victor Forssell, From Djurgården, Stockholm.Unsold
51A pair of blue and white serving dishes, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).5 800 SEK
52A pair of large blue and white serving dishes, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).5 800 SEK
53A part blue and white dinner service, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).8 500 SEK
54A set of 12 odd blue and white dessert dishes, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).5 500 SEK
56A blue and white bowl, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).2 400 SEK
57A blue and white jar, Qing dynastin, Kangxi (1664-1722).1 500 SEK
58Nils von Dardel, Woman.23 000 SEK
59Einar Forseth, Skier.5 000 SEK
60Gösta Adrian-Nilsson, Dancer.Unsold
61Anton Genberg, Summer landscape.Unsold
62Still life with flowers.10 500 SEK
63Henrik Theodor Lundh, Still life with bird.Unsold
64P. Lanzoni, Reading monk.Unsold
65John James Wilson, Ships at the coast.14 000 SEK
66A blue and white serving dish, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).3 600 SEK
67A Swdish 18th cent silver beaker, marks of Anders Hjulström, Köping 1792.7 500 SEK
68Johnny Oppenheimer, Still life with jars.5 000 SEK
69Nils Kreuger, Borgholm, Sweden.Unsold
70Carl Gabriel Adelsköld, Coastline with fishing boats.Unsold
71Fruls Tilpo, "Pålägg".4 800 SEK
72Thure Wallner, Fox.Unsold
73A Gunnar Cyrén glass goblet, "Popglas", Orrefors.1 600 SEK
74A Eva Englund graal dish, Orrefors 1983.2 200 SEK
75OSCAR KEEN, olja på duk, Sign Oscar Keen och dat -95.Unsold
76LUCIEN-ALPHONSE GROS, Olja på duk, Signerad L. Gros.Unsold
78Axel Nordgren, Landscape with lake.12 000 SEK
79A Georg Jensen glass and silver letter opener, design by Allan Scharff, Denmark.1 700 SEK
80A Georg Jensen glass and sterling bird and flacon, design by Allan Scharff, Denmark.Unsold
81A pair of Swedish 18th cent silver candlesticks, marks of A.Floberg, Stockholm 1796.18 000 SEK
82A glass and silver box and cover, prob. Holland around the turn of 19th/20th century.4 500 SEK
83A swedish silver-plated preparation bowl with cover, by AG Dufva.1 000 SEK
84A Swedish 19th cent silver beaker and cover, marks of Carl Gustaf Herpel Stockholm 1817 and Stefan Westerstråhle 1801.3 200 SEK
85A Swedish 19th cent silver 31-pieces table service, different makers marks Stockholm 1841-1882.1 500 SEK
86Jan Vermeer van Haarlem After, The Procuress.Unsold
87A Borge Mogensen beech "Tremme" sofa for Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1965.6 500 SEK
88A blue and white large serving dish, Qing dynastin, Qianlong (1736-95).2 400 SEK
89Per Julius, The river "Ångermansälven".Unsold
90A Swedish Transition mirror by C. Corssar.16 000 SEK
91A bronze figure of Buddha, Qing dynasty.4 200 SEK
92A waterpot, Song/Yuan dynasty.Unsold
93A blue and white basin, Qing dynasty.6 000 SEK
94Torsten Erasmie, Rowing boats.24 000 SEK
95Oskar Bergman, Landscape.Unsold
96Peter Dahl, Interior.Unsold
97Lars Boëthius, Scenery from Stockholm.Unsold
98Six late Gustavian chairs.16 000 SEK
99A Gustavian sofa.18 000 SEK
100Four late Empire probably Baltic armchairs.29 000 SEK
101A late 19th century table, marked with the monogram of the Swedish king Gustav VI Adolf (1882-1973).Unsold
102A Gustavian armchair.4 200 SEK
103Olav Christopher Jenssen, Untitled.Unsold