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Harald Notini (1879-1959)

Harald Elof Notini (1879-1959) was a designer and artistic director at Arvid Böhlmarks Lampfabrik and Pukebergs Glasbruk.

When Notini came to Böhlmarks in 1916, he was hired as artistic director both for the Stockholm factory and for the glass production at Pukeberg. With the new artistic director Notini, Böhlmarks was led into a modern, innovative direction that characterized above all the company's range of new, up-to-date fixtures and glass. A large part of Böhlmark's catalogs during the first half of the 20th century consisted of traditional chandeliers and other fixtures in older style imitations. Notini's strength lay in driving the company's design office forward and producing what were considered at the time to be ground-breaking and distinctive fixtures. His personal expression spans between the most elegant Swedish Grace during the 1920s, strictly functionalist luminaires that were presented at the Stockholm exhibition in 1930, to the Swedish Modern aesthetic, which is highly appreciated today with luminaires in above all brass with details in glass, wood and leather from the 1940s and 50s.

Harald was the son of the sculptor Axel Notini and received the artistic heritage from his father. He was trained as a sculptor and interior architect and studied in his younger years at the Högre konstindustriella skolan, today known as Konstfack. Notini, who was active at Böhlmarks throughout his active career, came to play a significant role in lighting design in Sweden during the first half of the 20th century. In the family's genealogy it can be read - "Harald became faithful to his company for the rest of his life" and that he still had his office and a lot of work duties until the age of 79 (1958). In a commemorative publication for Böhlmark's 75th anniversary published in 1947, it is noted that Notini was active as an artistic director and continued to play a significant role in the design of lighting fixtures and household glass.

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