OKÄND KONSTNÄR. 4 st, akvareller, två bär sign Johansson. Dat 1920-talet.
OkÄnd konstnÄr. 4 st, akvareller, två bär sign johansson. dat 1920-talet.
OkÄnd konstnÄr. 4 st, akvareller, två bär sign johansson. dat 1920-talet.

Indianporträtt: "Chief Quinghigie", "Hollow Horn Bear" samt två okända. Bildstorl 9 x 14.

Gulnade och blekta. En med större fuktfläck.

Droit de suite: No
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Hollow Horn Bear (Sioux name Matihehlogego) (~1850–1913) was a Brulé Sioux leader during the Indian Wars on the Great Plains of the United States.

Hollow Horn Bear was born in what today is Sheridan County, Nebraska. He was the son of chief Iron Shell. Although he initially raided the Pawnee, he later was involved in harassing forts along the Bozeman Trail with other Sioux leaders between 1866 and 1868. During this period, he became famous as the chief who defeated Capt. William Fetterman. However, he began to favor peace with the whites during the 1870s. He became a celebrity in the East, and was present at several functions as a native representative. He was featured on a 14-cent postage stamp and on a five dollar bill.

He was appointed the head of Indian police at the South Dakota Rosebud Agency, and arrested Crow Dog for the murder of Spotted Tail. He was also involved in treaty negotiations. In 1905, Hollow Horn Bear was invited to take part in the presidential inauguration of Theodore Roosevelt, and in 1913, he led a group of Indians to the inauguration parade of President Woodrow Wilson. He caught pneumonia during the visit and died.
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