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The experts choice – Contemporary Design

Design experts Eva Seeman and Jonatan Jahn.

The catalog for the spring's dynamic and colorful auction with contemporary and postwar design is here: Contemporary Art & Design. The selection is carefully curated and handpicked by Bukowskis specialists to present a contemporary selection of international and national designs. We have talked to Bukowskis Specialists Design and 20th Century Works of Art Department, Eva Seeman and Jonatan Jahn, regarding objects from the spring auction, which will be held on April 19th.

Hello Eva Seeman, specialist design and 20th century works of art department!

Which are your favorite objects from the Contemporary Art & Design auction?

41. Michael Graves, Alessi, Silver Tea and coffee serving set, Italy 1985.
I love the Michael Graves silver Coffee and Tea set. It is as postmodern as it gets and the Teapot has a great size. It makes you a little extra excited.

25. Eva Hild, Sculpture from the series ”Bumlig”, Sweden 2000.
An unusually early and more amorphous sculpture by Eva Hild. It is growing on me each day.

45. Folkform, ”Skyline” Studio Folkform 2017.
Folkform's lamp, this is a sculptural prototype to the lamp, which is now produced in a serial production.

1. Olof Ottelin, ”Jumbo” Nr 174, Kervo, Finland 1960s-70s.
Last but not least, I am very fond of Olof Ottelin's little blue armchair, dressed in a flower patterned 1960s fabric. An unusual chair made in an unusual execution.

If you are interested in buying contemporary design, what should you be aware of?
Try to look for objects which are typical for the time era in that we are currently in, but is also cutting edge and stands out.

What is it that makes contemporary design interesting to you?
I feel that it gives an extra dimension being able to have contact with the designer himself.

Hi Jonatan Jahn, specialist design and 20th century works of art department!

Which are your favorite objects from the Contemporary Art & Design auction?

52. Simon Klenell, ”Mirror”.
Simon Klenell is our time’s most interesting glass artist! He has been awarded by several prestigious institutions for taking traditional art glass into the 21st century. ”Mirror” is an unique sculpture that reflects our time and it is also a hint to the traditional table mirror. The abstract irregularity and playful shape is typical for Klenell’s artistry, which also gets you thinking about Lucio Fontana’s sculpture and color choices.

25. Eva Hild, ”Bumling".
Eva Hild has been one of the trend-setting designers in the 21st century who has succeeded with included works of art into an art context. This object is a very early copy of a coherent sculptural shape that I appreciate. Eva Hild’s sculptures have swept the art world by its feet and she is represented by Nancy Margoli’s Gallery in New York. Having the opportunity to buy such an early work by such an influential artist, is of course very appealing!

44. Fredrik Paulsen, "Glass & Steel chair”.
Fredrik Paulsen is one of our most influential designers in Sweden who is acting on an international art and design scene."Glass and Steel Chair” is transmitting the postmodern heritage into our own time. His playful mix between hard and soft, along with Paulsen’s typical character, makes the object a visual smasher! The "Glass and Steel Chair” we have at Bukowskis Contemporary Art & Design auction is from his own Studio edition.

43. Nick Ross, "Little White Lies”.
Because of his Scottish heritage, Nick Ross possesses an unique design language that distinguish him at the contemporary design scene. His objects are often seeking and offer the viewer a journey through time. "Little White Lies” is a depiction of our time's view of the good taste of ancient marble sculptures, which later on have been be-painted. Nick Ross works on an international design scene and he has been noted with several international price awards and exhibitions. "Little White Lies" is an eye-catcher in any room!

If you are interested in buying contemporary design, what should you have in mind?
Buy design that you want to live with. Design can fill a room both as an art object as well as a functional object. Prior to the purchase be careful with investigating the objects features if its made in a serial production, in an edition or if its unique. Look at the design as an art object and you will later find out how buy-friendly contemporary design is. Its still an unfolding scene so from a price perspective its most certainly is a buyers market! Buy from us at Bukowskis or at other established gallerists to receive the information about designer's positions in a design and art context.

What is it that makes contemporary design interesting to you?
Contemporary design is a very inspiring department! There is an amazing energy and versatile creativity in our contemporary design scene that fascinates me. Sweden has become a center for a new wave of design which has received a lot of international attention. There are some fantastic art work created nowadays, art work that shapes the new stage of contemporary design – a scene we can see becomes more and more established. The reason why contemporary design is so interesting is because you can be a part of it in present time and be a part of the energy and the creating force. Its very inspiring to see how the designers develops and how more and more players at the market are getting more attentive of the department. Att the moment, contemporary design is a department that is the talk about town!

Viewing 14 – 18 April at Bukowskis, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm. Mon–Fri 11AM–6PM, Sat–Sun kl 11AM–5PM. Sale 19 April start 5 PM.

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Eva Seeman
Eva Seeman
Chief Specialist Modern and Contemporary Decorative art and design
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Jonatan  Jahn
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