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Magniberg Explores the Energies of the Home in Their New Gallery Space

Left: Lamp, Michel Bussien, Stomach Ceiling Lamp. Oil paintings in the back office, Simon deBrée. Chair in the back office, 30s Axel Einar Hjort, bought at Bukowskis. Photography, Josefine Seifert. Vase, Nina Norgaard. Furniture, Magniberg. Right: Table, Brill. Chair, Magniberg, Mackarel.

Left: Nina and Bengt's son Adrian on chair by Magniberg, Blue Big Armchair for outdoors in Lacquered Metal. Painting, Simon deBrée. Middle: Vase, Nina Norgaard. Flowers, Flamingo/Anthurium. Right: Bed wear, Magniberg, Wall Street Egyptian Cotton Oxford Stripes mixed with Mother White Poplin.

Swedish design group Magniberg engages in the idea of the home and what contributes to its energy. The duo behind the brand, whose core is bed wear, approaches our sleeping situation from an emotional and functional perspective, blending art, society and ideas of the now into a new way of looking at bedding.

In their new Östermalm showroom in Stockholm, visitors are invited to the Magniberg universe, to touch and feel the brand’s bed wear and furniture and discover works by artists that are part of Magniberg’s rich network of creatives.

Nina Norgren and Bengt Thornefors started Magniberg after years in the fashion industry and work for influential actors such as Acne Studios, Ganni, Saint Laurent Paris, Andreas Murkudis and Hedi Slimane. Nina's time as a florist also makes a mark on the brand, which is essentially about putting home textiles in an emotional context.
"It’s like matching a pair of tailored suit trousers with your favorite t-shirt. It’s about finding a balance. That’s what we want to do; bring emotions into the home.”

Magniberg presents a way to dress a bed, with flowers, art and design at the core of the process. Among those who inspire their universe are Bettina Rheims, Tracy Emin, Wolfgang Tillmans, Sven Markelius, Robert Mapplethorpe and Brice Marden–but perhaps most importantly, the couple Karin and Carl Larsson. "If you study pictures from their home, you can probably see a nuance of our approach," says Nina & Bengt. “There is a certain energy there that we are fascinated by. How they created a home where flowers where flowers and textile play an important part and children are allowed to take up space. A warmth that we think many people can relate to.”
The name Magniberg stems from an actual housing complex in Nyköping from the 18th century, where craftsmen and their families moved after retirement. Magniberg also draws inspiration from Bengt's upbringing in the Stockholm suburb of Högdalen, an area characterized by the contrasting ideals of the ABC city, a Swedish concept developed with the guidance of architect Sven Markelius that had a major impact in the 40s and 50s in the urban planning of Stockholm's suburbs. The concept stood for Arbete, Bostad, Centrum (Labour, Housing, Centre) and the idea was that you should be able to live, work and run all your errands within the same limited area. Emphasis was placed on pure function and raw materials.

Nina and Bengt don’t however reside in Stockholm, but in a floor in Nyköping, in a house from 1769. Here, they find both calm and inspiration. In their workshops in Nyköping many of Nordiska Kompaniet’s furniture was manufactured throughout the 20th century. Magniberg's own furniture producer, OH Eriksson & Söner, holds offices some 20 minutes from the duo's home. The family company supplies furniture for, among others, Svenskt Tenn. “The owner and CEO Åke is 84 years old and says he knows more about Josef Frank furniture than Josef Frank himself. We tend to end up staying in his company for hours, listening to his stories.”

The move to Nyköping took place 12 years ago after a period in Berlin. Nina and Bengt wanted to move away from the big city and see things from new perspectives. “We gather inspiration from walks to the train station, growing plants in our garden and visiting places like the Nyköping library and the old gymnastic hall where we hang out with the kids which inspired us to make steel furniture. A lot of the city planning here reminds me of Högdalen,” explains Bengt.

Bengt has a long history with Bukowskis. His mother used to take him to hammer auctions as a child. "It piqued my interest in art and design,” he says. When Bengt and Nina browse the auction catalogues today, they focus mainly on design from the 1900-1940s–a period that they keep close to their heart.

In addition to the new studio and showroom in Stockholm, Magniberg currently works with a number of projects. This week, for example, they will team up with fashion designer Cecilie Bahnsen during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Then it's time for Stockholm Design Week, starting February 4, where Magniberg presents their spring 2020 collection "Fantasy" surrounded by works by artists such as Nina Norgaard, Hanna Moon, Casper Sejersen and Mikael Olsson. Magniberg has also partnered up with Kvadrat, one of the world's leading textile manufacturers. Together they hope to develop new ways of approaching bed linen.

Follow Magniberg here and visit here.

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Left: Lamp, Michel Bussien, Stomach Ceiling Lamp. Vase, Nina Norgaard. Flowers, Flamingo/Anthurium with Statice. Table, Magniberg, Big Bear, Stained black x Granite. Stool, Magniberg, Cat Stained black x Granite. Metal chair, Robert Mallet-Stevens designed in 1928, bought at Bukowskis. Photo on the wall, Casper Sejersen. Middle: Chair, Magniberg, Pony. Kuddar, Magniberg, Nude Washed Pink, Mother Grey & Beige Linen. Middle: Lamp, Michel Bussien, Stomach Ceiling Lamp. Oil paintings, Simon deBrée. Chair, 30s Axel Einar Hjort, bought at Bukowskis. Chair, Magniberg, Pony. Vase, Nina Norgaard. Black armchair, Magniberg, Horse Stained Black. Lamp, 30s lamp, bought at Bukowskis. Right: Armchair, Magniberg, Horse Stained Offwhite.

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