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The specialist's choice – Johan Jinnerot lists art favourites at Important Spring Sale

Specialists choice Johan Jinnerot

We have spoken with Johan Jinnerot, Specialist Art and Old master paintings, who talks about the selection at this season's Important Spring Sale. He also takes the opportunity to list some of his favourite objects among the substantial amount of Old master at this spring's auction.

What can we look forward to in this season's Important Spring Sale auction?

– We can look forward to a rich selection of Swedish and European paintings spanning several centuries, including portraits, still life, landscape painting, and allegories.

Browse our web catalogue and welcome to visit the viewing. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

When is the viewing and auction?
Viewing: June 8th–13th, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Open: Weekdays 11 am–6 pm, Weekends 11 am–4 pm
Auction Live: June 14th – 16th, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

Read more about the auction and view the catalogue

David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl, "Jaktrast"

An exciting painting with an exciting provenance, it originally comes from the Bondeska collections at Gimmersta, Södermanland. Ehrenstrahl's original artwork, executed in 1671, is part of the collections at Drottningholm Palace. The studio painting in this season's auction has almost identical dimensions and is documented in Bertil Rapp's book on Ehrenstrahl's animal paintings.

To the painting

Johan Tietrich Schoultz, "The battle at Uransari June 16, 1790"

Johan Tietrich Schoultz (1754-1807) was a naval officer and artist. He is known for depicting the archipelago fleet's participation in Gustav III's Russian War during the 1780s and 1790s. As he took part in the battles, these are genuinely momentary snapshots of the conflicts and thus historically significant. In the Battle of Uransari in the Finnish Gulf, the Swedes surprised and defeated a more significant Russian force.

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Johan Sylvius, "Aurora, Goddess of dawn"

This painting, which initially comes from the collections at Casimirsborg in Småland, is actually an older ceiling mural and predates the current Empire manor. Information about Sylvius is scarce, but it is known that he was born in Sweden in the 1620s and spent extended periods abroad, including Italy and England. He was employed by Queen Dowager Hedvig Eleonora and executed several ceiling murals at Drottningholm Palace.

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Per Krafft d.ä., Gustaf III (1746-1792)

It doesn't get much more royal than this. The portrait was given as a gift by Gustaf III to Fredrik Vilhelm von Hessenstein, the son of Fredrik I and Hedvig Taube. The painting has been passed down through generations. The fact that the frame is most likely crafted by the ornamental sculptor Pehr Ljung only adds to its value.

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Kontakta våra specialister

Johan Jinnerot
Johan Jinnerot
Specialist Art and Old master paintings
+46 (0)739 400 801
Lena Rydén
Lena Rydén
Head of Art, Specialist Modern and 19th century Art
+46 (0)707 78 35 71
Andreas Rydén
Andreas Rydén
Head Specialist, Art, Deputy Managing Director
+46 (0)728 58 71 39
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