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Bukowskis presents: Tom Böttiger Collection

› Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Maria Miesenberger, Donald Baechler, and Matthias van Arkel.

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Tom Böttiger Collection

Bukowskis presents the Tom Böttiger Collection, a comprehensive contemporary Swedish and international art collection. The collection includes works by, among others, Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Maria Miesenberger, Dan Wolgers, Martin Wickström, Astrid Sylwan, and Donald Baechler.

Tom Böttiger was a well-known figure within Stockholm's art circles and is described by many as an art enthusiast rather than an art collector. He loved art and the art world, evident in his passionate collecting and often bold taste.

–The art world in Stockholm has become less exciting, and many of us miss Tom's passionate interest in art, the artist, and everything else that surrounds this wonderful world. It is with mixed feelings that we now showcase and auction Tom's collection. I know he would have loved to be part of this exhibition and the subsequent auction.

Andreas Rydén

– No one believes that all artists hail from the same mold. The field is so diverse that only some people called artists genuinely are, not even those who label themselves as such (but some are artists without themselves or others knowing it). However, what most genuine artists have in common is that they persist. Similarly, this is the case with art collectors. What is an art collector if not someone who also strives? At least, I believe that applied to Tom Böttiger; he just persisted. He persisted to such an extent that when he persisted the most, his regular business card was taken away by his companions and replaced with a stack of empty cards on both sides. An endearing gesture as good as any, and Böttiger was grateful, as he could continue to persist. I received such a wonderfully blank card from him at an art exhibition; perhaps it was my own, where Böttiger was present, for you could hardly find an art exhibition he did not attend, with or without printed business cards. Therefore, Tom Böttiger was more of an art enthusiast than an art collector.

Dan Wolgers
› Tom Böttiger caught on camera after acquiring Dan Wolgers' "The Judgment," 2016.

Tom Böttiger Collection

Catalogue Online: September 21
Viewing September 29 – October 4, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auction Live October 5, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

› "Not Dark Yet", signed Martin Wickström and dated 2012 verso. Oil on canvas 120 x 120 cm

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