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Online valuation

It is easy selling at the leading Nordic auction house!

At Bukowskis it is easy to sell furniture, ceramics, art, silver, carpets, jewelry and works of art to hundreds of thousands of interested visitors each week. Valuations and commissions are always easy and free, and we are available countrywide, ready to help you with your affairs!

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Bukowskis statements with regard to the value of an item reflect the fair results achieved at auctions in the past. All valuations are based on the information available to Bukowskis at the time of the statement. Bukowskis reserves the right to adjust the valuation at any time should new information regarding the authenticity, provenance, condition or other details surface/become available. A valuation by e-mail is not a guarantee, nor does it commit Bukowskis to accepting the object for sale at auction.

We can also offer valuation in your own home. You can find your nearest specialist here >

Our specialists can help you with a valuation at one of our offices:
Stockholm: at Arsenalsgatan 2 or Västberga Allé 3. To the opening hours >
Gothenburg: Geijersgatan 3A. To the opening hours >
Malmö: Carlsgatan 54. To the opening hours >
Helsinki: Mastokatu 4-6. To the opening hours >