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100An 18th century silvered snake-skin tumblr.Mässing, ej koppar.
123A Danish mid 18th century silver coffee-pot, mark of Jens Kieldsen Sommerfeldt (Aalborg 1692-1772).The coffee-pot is not baltic, it is marked Jens Kieldsen Sommerfeldt (Aalborg 1692-1772).
179MATTO, Antique Ersari, ca 235,5 x 197 cm. (as well as 4-14,5 cm flat weave at the ends).the shorter flat woven end is sewn on later, it might be from another Ersari.
200MATTO, semi-antique Kerman, ca 360 x 284 cm.Bredden är 284 inte 248,5 cm
217MATTO, an antique/ semi-antique Tabriz part silk figural, ca 345-346 x 217,5-232 cm.The mesurements are ca 345-346 x 217,5-232 cm.
268Joan Miró, "Louisiana".Droite de suite.
280Pablo Picasso, "Minotaure caressant une femme" from: "La Suite Vollard".Not signed in pencil as stated before.
289Banksy, "Napalm".Numbered in pencil.
376Willem Kalf In the manner of the artist, Still life with oysters, wine glass, clay pipe, fruits and insects.Abraham Mignon, copy after.
401Emil Österman, Early morning.Exhibitions: (Possibly) The Baltic Exhibition, Malmö, Sweden, May 15 - October 4, 1914, potentially identical to no. 561, "Min hustru och min son" (My wife and my son).
469Olof Arenius Attributed to, "Carl Wilhelm Leijonhufvud" (1728-1760).Attributed to Olof Arenius.
476Helmer Osslund, "Faxälven vid Granvåg".Oil on greaseproof paper glued down on canvas laid down on board.
485Jakob Björck, ”Katarina Ebba Barck” (née Horn af Åminne) (1720-1781).Jacob Björck
496DUTCH SCHOOL, around 1700. Still life with flowers, a bird nest and insects.Dutch artist, around 1700.
679A bronze shaped glass vase, Lobmeyr tidigt 1900-tal.Lobmeyer, tidigt 1900-tal.
735A famille rose punch bowl, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).Restored and overglazed starcrack to base.
736A famille rose punch bowl, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-95).Restored, has been in two pieces. Repair well done.
746A famille rose Canton vase, Qing dynasty, 19th Century.Please not that it has a crack. Approixmately ca 30 cm long.

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214AMATTO, semi-antique/old Turkey, ca 326 x 220,5 cm.
254Alexander Calder, "Untitled" from "Calder, Magie Eolienne".
255Marc Chagall, "Les grenouilles qui demandent un roi" from "Les Fables de la Fontaine".
372Sätra Brunn's Trinity painting.
426Prins Eugen, Landscape with roundpole fence.
440Julia Beck, River landscape.
453Julius Leblanc Stewart, Poppy field with reclining nude.
487David Teniers d.y Circle of, A lonely figure on a winding country road.
548Jussi Mäntynen, "Lon vädrar fara" (=The Lynx vent danger).
661A Burmese buddha, presumably 17th Century.
684A hanging scroll, after Qi Baishi (1864-1957), ink an colour on paper.

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474Carl Larsson, "Förr"/"Gammaldags motiv".