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Swedish Studio Ceramics

Bukowskis presents a curated collection of ceramics with many unique pieces from some of the most famous Swedish designers and potters of the 20th century - here are two of Wilhelm Kåge's sought after stoneware dragon sculptures, an early chamotte sculpture by Stig Lindberg and turned stoneware vases and bowls by Wilhelm Kåge, Berndt Friberg, Stig Lindberg and Sven Wejsfelt in various sizes and glazes from Gustavsberg studio. There are also unusual objects such as the bowl and vase from Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen's short time at Rörstrand, a wall clock by Sylvia Leuchovius, a large unique dish by Margareta Hennix and unique vases by Carl-Harry Stålhane, one of these fired in Designhuset's ‘Chinese kiln’.
Buying ceramics at auction means that you can build a completely unique interior - moreover, ceramics are made of fantastic and durable material that can retain the same beautiful shape and color for many generations.
49 Esinettä
Berndt Friberg,
Berndt Friberg,
4 000 SEK
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