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Classic Sale 580


10A Doucai dish, Qing dynasty (1644-1912).With floral (kiln) mark.
27A carved white nephrite belt hook, Qing dynasty (1644-1912).Text in printed catalogue missing: Undercut on top with a chilong crawling toward the dragon-head hook. Length 12 cm.
71A set of seven five clawed dragon cups, Qing dynasty, four with Tongzhis six character mark and period (1862-1874) and.Two with Daoguang four character mark, and one with Guangxu six character mark.
73A set of three red lotus cups, Qing dynasty with Daoguangs sealmark and period (1821-50).One cup with cracks.
77A yellow ground famille rose dish, Late Qing dynasty, with Qianlong six character mark.Late Qing dynasty, with Qianlong six character mark.
86A copper alloy seated figure of a Tsong Khapa, presumably Nepal, 19th Century or older.Presumably Nepal.
91A parcel-gilt bronze censer, Ming dynasty 16th/17th Century, with the six-character mark Yunjian Hu Wenming zhi.Minor burst by rim.
100A bronze paper-weight modeled as a reclining lion, Qing dynasty, presumably 18th Century.Text in printed catalogue missing: A bronze paper-weight modeled as a reclining lion, Qing dynasty, presumably 18th Century. Length 5,5 cm.
117A set of four blue and white lotus dishes, Qing dyanasty with Qianlong sealmark.Rims polished down.
207A set of five carved nephrite objects, Qing dynasty (1664-1912).The standing man with a small damage.
209A finely carved Chinese calcite brush pot, late Qing dynasty (1664-1912).Calcite.
227A gilt bronze figure of a Lokapala, Ming dynasty (1368-1644).Text in printed catalogue missing: Presumably portraying Dhrtarashtra, King of the East. Standing with the hands in namaskar mudra. Height 23 cm.
231A standing Tibetan Buddha Dipankara, presumably early 20th Century.Presumably early 20th Century.
236A Japanese gilt wooden figure of standing Buddha in a lacquer shrine, Meiji (1868-1912).Hand of Buddha broken off, follows the lot. Wear. Cracks due to dryness of the wood.
240A pottery tripod censer, Han dynasty (206 B.C. -220 A.D.).Oxford Thermoluminescence Analysis Report, Sample no C114c89, signed by Doreen Stoneham, 24 April 2014.
276A pair of phoenix and dragon boxes with covers, late Qing dynasty, with Qianlong four character mark.Late Qing dynasty, with Qianlong four character mark.
291A pair of dragon vases, Republic (1912-49), with Qianlong and Guangxu six character mark.With Qianlong and Guangxu six character mark.
375A set of four deep and four flat famille rose 'double peacock' dishes, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-1795).Text is missing in the written catalogue: A set of four deep and four flat famille rose 'double peacock' dishes, Qing dynasty, Qianlong (1736-1795). Diameter 23 cm resp 23,2 cm.
456A pair of cloisonné vases, late Qing dynasty, late 19th Century.One with minor dent (7 mm) minor loss of enamel. Loss of enamel around foot rings.
458A pair of cloisonné vases, presumably Republic (1912-49).Text in printed catalogue missing: Baluster shaped, richly decorated with multicoloured dragons amongst swirls of clouds, the neck of the vases with the sign for luck. Heigt approximately 67 cm.
489A doucai dish, Qing dynasty, 19th Century, with Chenghua six characters mark.Wrong charactete image in the printed catalogue.
505A set of six blue and white bowls depicting the eight immortals crossing the sea, late Qing dynasty with Qianlong mark.Wrong mark depicted in the printed catalogue. The mark is a Qianlong seal mark.
514A famille rose flower pot with stand, Qing dysnasty, 19th century.The text in printed catalogue missing: A famille rose flower pot with stand, Qing dynasty, 19th century. Of hexagonal shape with drainage at the bottom with stand. Richly decorated with palace scenes. Diameter 20,6 cm, height 17,2 cm. Wear. Insignificant fritt.
523A famille rose vase, Qing dynasty, late 19th century.Drilled to bottom, coated.
542Anshelm Schultzberg, French farmyard scene, Etaples.The lot is probably a preparatory study for the monumental painting (ca 165 x 234 cm) by Schultzberg which was exhibited at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, U.S.A., 1893.
570Carl Fredrik Hill, Solitary spruce on a field.Signaturen troligen senare.
596Anders Zorn, "Ida plockar fågel".Christie's, London, "Scandinavian pictures, drawings, prints and sculpture", 16 March 1989, lot 381.
639John Bauer, Trolls amongst the stones.Illustration for Alfred Smedberg's fairy tale 'Lyckoblomman på Solberga klint' in "Bland tomtar och troll", 1907.Later signed JB and dated -10.
641John Bauer, "En riddare red fram" (A knight rode on).Import VAT will be charged on the hammer price on this lot. For further details please contact customer service +46 8 661 42 73.
726Tore Strindberg, "Krokus" (= Crocus).The sculpture is not signed.
744Santa Cecilia.The lying female figure is a copy after Stefano Maderno's (1576-1636) sculpture of Santa Cecilia in the church Santa Cecilia in Trastevere in Rome.
785Justus (Joost) van Egmont Attributed to, "King Karl X Gustaf" (1622-1660).Probably a work by Justus van Egmont (1601-1674)
789Mikael Dahl Attributed to, Lady in a red dress.Period frame, probably silver plate.
797Christian M Broberg, "L'Amour asiatique" (= Asian love).Christian Broberg lived between 1759-1802.
800Alexander Roslin, Portrait of a gentleman in a blue coat, presumably Count Schuwaloff.Import VAT will be charged on the hammer price on this lot. For further details please contact customer service +46 8 661 42 73.
803Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller, "Comte Stanislas-Marie-Adelaide Clermont-Tonnerre" (1757-1792).Import VAT will be charged on the hammer price on this lot. For further details please contact customer service +46 8 661 42 73.
828Jan Weenix, A fox in the henhouse.Relined canvas. Thick varnish. Retouches some visible on the illustration.
835August Querfurt Circle of, Battle scenes between Christians and Turks.Giuseppe Zais (1709-1784) Attributed to Bukowskis are grateful to Professor Giancarlo Sestieri for the attribution, made from digital images.
880Pierre Gobert Circle of, Young lady by a fountain.Circle of.
886Adolph Tidemand, Kronborg Castle.The correct dimensions are 20 x 24.3 cm.
890Peter Lely (Pieter van der Faes) Circle of, Lady in a yellow dress.Probably depicting Anne Hyde of England (1637-1671)
891Jan Massys (Metsys) Follower of, Youth with a cross-bearing orb (globus cruciger).No Droit de Suite on this lot.
903Italian artist 17Th Centyry, Saint John de Baptist.After Christofano Allori (1577-1621)
920David von Krafft After, "Ulrika Eleonora the younger" (1656-1741).Hedvig Eleonora (1636-1715)
1027A Swedish 19th century silver coffee-pot and cream-jug, marks of Gustaf Möllenborg, stockholm 1838.Kaffekannans handtag med spricka.
1065POCKETWATCH, gold, Louis XV, Augustin Bourdillon, Stockholm, ca 1760.Cylindergång.
1075A Vacheron Constantin men's wristwatch. Manual winding, plastic crystal, small seconds hand. Approx 1950's.Please observe that the picture in the small printed catalogue is incorrect.
1076A Patek Phillipe Calatrava men's wristwatch. 18K gold. Automatic. Ø 35 mm. Approx 1961.Please observe that the picture in the small printed catalogue is incorrect.
1077A Patek Philippe Golden Eclipse ladie's wristwatch set with brilliant-cut diamonds. Total carat weigt 0.15 ct. Onyx dial.Please observe that the picture in the printed small catalogue is incorrect.
1078A Patek Philippe 18K white gold men's wristwatch. Manual winding. 26 x 22 mm. 1960s.Defect crown.
1085A carved cameo and possibly natural pearl necklace. Made in Paris between 1809 and 1819 according to hallmarks.Tin solderings on back, pearls missing. Not Victorian, the necklace is Georgian.
1089An emerald, sapphire and ruby necklace, set with old-cut diamonds. Made in Vienna circa 1910.Chip and cracks in ruby. 14K gold.
1168An Art Deco diamond bracelet. Total carat weight circa 14.00 cts. Circa 1920's.Loose solderings.
1315A tourmaline, aquamarine, cultured pearl and brilliant-cut diamond necklace. Total carat weight circa 0.35 cts.Clasp 14K. Rondels not gold.
1327A pair of solitaire dbrilliant-cut diamond earrings. Total carat weight circa 4.20 cts.Chip on diamond.
1463A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode.Old but not original stone top.
1553A pair of late Gustavian late 18th century stools.Worming.
1598A late Gustavian early 19th century seven-light chandelier.Senare glasskål, skadat glas högst upp, möjligen omarbetade ljusmanschetter.
1609A pair of Empire early 19th century five-light candelabra.Matched drip-pans.
1714ENGRAVING IN COLOUR ON SILK, 3 PIECES. Late Gustavian. Around 21 x 39,5 cm each, with frames around 29,5 x 48,5 cm each.ENGRAVING IN COLOUR ON SILK.
1791A set of two Marieberg faience dinner plates decorated in grisaille, dated 1740 and 1770.Dated 18/10 resp. 20/11 1770.
1808A set of four Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' dishes, Denmark, 20th Century.The right amount is four diishes.

Withdrawn items

47SOLFJÄDRAR (2), målning + kalligrafi.
203A Burmese jade necklace, 20th century.
233A large gilt and lacquered figure of a seated buddha, Qing dynasty.
250A temmoku bowl, Song dynasty (960-1279).
259A Jun glazed tripod censer, Yuan dynasty (1279-1368).
274Two blanc de chine libation cups, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).
350A woodcut by Toyokuni III, "Lantern" from the serie "Frost by Starlight", signed Gototei Kunisada, printed 1820.
431An archaic bronze vessel with cover (You), presumably Zhou Dynasty (1040-256 BC).
432Two archaistic bronze mirrors, presumably Tang dynasty (618-907).
449A set with three Chinese medals, 1923.
496A blue and white lotus bowl, Qing dynasty with Daoguangs seal mark and period (1821-50).
515A famille rose Canton vase, Qing dynasty, 19th Century.
733Carl Milles, Kissing couple, for salt and pepper.
740Carl Eldh, "Ungdom" (=Youth).
770Hans Dahl, On the fjord.
951A pair of Russian 19th century parcel-gilt salts, marks of Sasikow, Moscow 1867.
966A Russian porcelain egg partially depicting the last supper, partially gilded, , late 19th Century.
1066A Breguet half quarter repeater pocketwatch in 18K gold. No 3354.
1176A pair of older brilliant-cut diamond earrings. Total carat weight 2.46 cts.
1199An amethist ring, Lionel Meylan, Switzerland.
1204A signed Cartier bracelet. French hallmarks.
1206A pair of Cartier "Trinity", loop earring.
1216An Edwardian ruby and old-cut diamond ring. Center stone circa 1.00 ct.
1220A circa 1.00 ct colour-change 'Chameleon' diamond.
1309A pair of carved coral, jadeite and diamond earrings. Total carat weight of diamonds circa 0.22 ct.
1355A cabochon-cut sapphire and old-cut diamonds total carat weight circa 1.40 cts.