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Kalevala – with love for history

Since 1937, Kalevala Koru has adorned women in Finland as well as around the world. When Elsa Heporauta founded the company, the idea was to create jewellery based on ancient jewellery for Finnish women. During the 1940’s Kalevala Koru’s collection consisted of about 300 jewellery models, of which Kalevala Koru’s first head designer Germund Paaer’s “Moon Goddess” is still in production. In 1947, Kalevala Koru organized a jewellery contest and paved the way for new young jewellery designers and modern jewellery. In other words, Kalevala Koru's production developed rapidly to also include modern jewellery inspired by the past.

Since the mid-20th century, Kalevala Koru’s focus has slowly but surely shifted towards modern jewellery with the help of forward-thinking chief designers such as Börja Rajalin, Eero Rislakki, Paula Häiväoja and Kirsti Doukas. Kalevala Koru is therefore a company that since 1937 has created jewelry for the future by connecting the present with the stories of the past.

Created and owned by Finnish women, Kalevala Koru stands today for craftsmanship, the Finnish-made, timeless beauty and sustainability, but also for womanhood, equality and freedom. Kalevala Koru is an oath for the future where the past and its stories are honored and passed on to future generations.

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