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Layered x Stig Lindberg F227

Filled with nostalgia and playfulness, the Stig Lindberg collection from Layered places an important piece of design history under your feet. Stig Lindberg was a man of many skills – imaginative and surreal in his expression. He would place flowers where none are to be found and fish where there are no fish. He was also innovative in the way he worked with materials and colours. Stig Lindberg wanted to create a more beautiful Sweden available to everyone.

A democratic idea of allowing the less privileged access to beautiful objects through decorative and imaginative hard accessories. Many of his ideas were realized at Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik where he was the creative lead between 1947-1957 and 1972-1980. Stig Lindberg was extremely productive during his active years and left a real treasure of patterns behind. Stig Lindberg x Layered collection is the result of a common love for bold patterns and clean lines.

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