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Marianne Westman

(Sweden, 1928-2017)
Marianne Westman
(Sweden, 1928-2017)

Marianne Westman, a 42-piece service, 'Picknick' and 'Pomona', Rörstrand, Sweden.

3 plates, two red and one turquoise 24 cm (one with chip, the other with chip to footrim).
6 plates, Pomona, 24 cm (one with chip).
3 plates, one yellow and two red, 21 cm.
4 deep plates. yellow, 21 cm (one with chip).
4 small plates, turquoise, 18 cm (two with chips).
2 bowls, 21 cm (one with chips).
3 dish with handle, 22-29 cm.
3 bowls, 17-23 cm (two with chips).
3 jars with lids, 11-15,5 cm (one repaired).
2 trays, 37-43 cm (chip to the bigger one).
2 cutting boards, 37 cm (firing crack to the bigger one).
2 pots with handles and lids, 18-23 cm (one from the series 'Stuva' with a chip on the lid).
Cheese cover, 16 cm.
Milk pot, 11 cm (
Pot with lid, 28 cm (chip tp the lid and defect to the pot).
Small jar, from the series 'Arom', 9 cm.
Small vase/pot, 7.5 cm.

Glaze spots. Crazing. Chip. Repair. Wear due to age and use. Discoloured areas to several pieces.


Marianne Westman is considered one of Sweden's leading designers in household porcelain. After studying at Konstfack, she got permanent employment at Rörstrand's porcelain factory, where she developed the porcelain series "Mon Amie" and "Picknick" – now considered modern classics.

For a few years in the 1970s, Marianne Westman worked at Skruf's glass factory, where she made the "Provence" cheese trays and the "Le Chef series". Between 1972 and 1993, she freelanced at various porcelain factories in Bavaria, Germany, and made the "Kristina" and "Falun" tableware.

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