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Hans Erik Börjeson’s Collection – ”To me the art is sacred”

Bukowskis has the honour of presenting one of Sweden's most prominent private collections at the "Important Spring Sale" taking place June 7-8th: Hans Erik Börjeson Collection. The collection has previously been exhibited at “Greenverket” in Tällberg and contains several significant works by Swedish master painters such as Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Carl Kylberg, whom together with international artists like Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall are represented in this highly personal and dynamic collection.

Carl Larsson: ”Brita, a cat and a sandwich", 1898. Read more here >
Anders Zorn: ”On the Beach S:t Ives Cornwall England”, 1888. Read more here >
Carl Kylberg: ”Sunrise in the garden”.

"Living with art and having the opportunity to share it, as we’ve had the opportunity to do through “Greenverket” in Tällberg, has been a true joy and something that enriched my entire life. Through art I have met friends for life and I have always felt a very close connection to the art. Now I hope the art works can give the same joy and inspiration to someone else, who can also secure its future and place in history. Who knows, maybe we'll see a work of Zorn at the Zorn Museum in Mora in the future, it would have been amazing", says art collector Hans Erik Börjeson.

The highlight of the collection is a watercolour masterpiece by Zorn, just exhibited at the very prestigious and successful Zorn exhibition at the Petit Palais in Paris. The art historian and author Tor Hedberg writes in his book “Anders Zorn, Youth. 1860-1893”, 1923: "From St. Ives stems one of the artist’s very best watercolours, a beach scene depicting the fish market; the returning fishermen with their catch in the background and in the foreground a female figure. The artist himself called it his final achievement as a painter in watercolours, and if actually not his last, however, it gives a testimony of his skills. Further than this he could not reach and he could therefor assuredly rest on his laurels.”

When Zorn paints "On the Beach S:t Ives Cornwall England” in 1888 he stands at the peak of his career as an internationally acclaimed and established artist. The artwork was from the beginning acquired by the Prime Minister, baron Gustaf Åkerhielm, and has not been out for sale since it was auctioned at Bukowskis in 1968.

"After more than 30 years of friendship, it is an honor to be involved in the sale of these masterpieces. It has been a true pleasure to see this amazing art collection shaped over the years and through it, getting to know Hans and his exceptional eye for art. Especially "On the Beach St Ives Cornwall England” has been in mind over the years since the very first time I saw it. The collection at “Greenverket” has given me an art experience beyond the ordinary and I am extremely grateful for the many and long conversations about art that took place during my stays at the Green Hotel and Hotell Siljanstrand in Tällberg", says Anette Granlund, specialist Bukowskis.

The collection took shape at the beginning of the 1950s, and has through the years developed into a collection of institutional character, including artworks by artists from different decades and from different nationalities. The viewing at Bukowskis classic premises at Berzelii Park in Stockholm offers a great opportunity to observe these artworks before they are offered at auction during "Important Spring Sale".

The collection will be part of the art history and the printed premium catalog, a document describing a fantastic contribution to the art world, saved in antiquarian and the Royal Library for future art historians. We are very proud to once again get the honour to sell one of Sweden's finest art collections, says Andreas Rydén, head specialist art, Bukowskis.

VIEWING: 1 – 6 June. OPEN: Mon–Fri 11–18, Sat–Sun kl 11–17. June 6 open: 11–18.
SALE: 7 – 8 June. ADDRESS: Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm, start 13 CEST. Read more about the sale >

Hans Erik Börjeson’s Collection:

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