Consignments are accepted for this fall’s hammer auctions!

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Sell ​your art and works of art ​through the leading auction house in the Nordic region.
During Spring Season, Bukowskis presented Scandinavia’s major fine art auctions, the season's most expensive artwork, the highest average prices and most numbers of lots exceeding one million SEK.

Become a part of our success and contact our specialists already today to buy and sell the most exclusive art and design on the market this fall. We are looking for a wide selection of contemporary, modern and classic art, as well as handicrafts, furniture, silver, jewelry, carpets and Asian objects.

Welcome to this fall’s auction season. Consignments are accepted already today. Would you like to sell at auction?

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Helsinki Design Sale
Viewing: 18 – 25 October Mastgatan 4-6 in Helsinki.
Auction online: 11 – 27 October online

we are now accepting design consignments for this fall's exceptional auction, Helsinki Design Sale. The auction presents the very best of Finnish modern design. Do you have a design object that you would like to sell? Welcome to contact our specialists with your inquiry already today.

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Contemporary Art & Design
Viewing: 7 – 11 november Berzelii Park i Stockholm
Auction: 12 november på Arsenalsgatan 2 i Stockholm

We are now looking for contemporary art, prints, photography and sculpture to this fall’s major hammer auction Contemporary Art & Design. The leading Nordic contemporary auction highlights objects from the 1960s until today along with carefully selected work from the best within contemporary art, photography and post-war design. Contact our specialist with your inquiry – and sell to Bukowskis’ high prices!

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Important Timepieces
Viewing: 7-11 november på Berzelii Park i Stockholm
Auction: 12 november på Arsenalsgatan 2 i Stockholm

Consignments are accepted for the leading Nordic watch auction Important Timepieces – an auction focusing on sought-after collector’s items and unique vintage watches. If you have an exclusive watch you would like to valuate and sell, our internationally acclaimed watch auction is the right place; our hammer auction is both the major one in Scandinavia and has an internationally strong client list. Contact our specialists with your inquiry today!
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Contemporary Helsinki
Viewing: 8 – 15 November Mastokatu 4-6 Helsinki.
Auction online: 1 – 17 November online

The auction is the only one of its kind in Finland and presents the very best of Finnish contemporary art. Through expertise, quality and the by far top average prices on the market Bukowskis is the leading Nordic auction house. If you have an object that you would like to consign, do not hesitate to contact our experienced specialists with your inquiry already today!

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Modern Art + Design
Visning 21–25 november, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm.
Auktion 26–27 november, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm.

Modern Art + Design is our much anticipated auction dedicated to the Modern pioneers of art and the 20th Centurys most wanted designers. The auction included Swedish and international art, as well as design, works of art, silver and carpets from our most highest-profiled periods in art and works of art history. Contact our specialists with your inquiry – we are looking for modern art and design in worldclass!

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Helsinki Winter Sale
Viewing: 29 November – 6 December Mastokatu 4-6 in Helsinki.
Auction online: 22 November – 8 December online

After a successful spring season we are now accepting consignments for this fall’s exceptional auction, Helsinki Winter Sale. The auction’s offer will span over a century and present the finest artworks and items from the late 19th century to today. Do you have an item that you would like to sell? Welcome to contact our specialists with your inquiry already today.

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Important Winter Sale
Visning 5–10 december, Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auktion 11–12 december, Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

We are now accepting consignment for this fall's most exceptional hammer auction – Important Winter Sale. The auction will include art work from all periods and genres. We are also viewing our major Asian Sale with arts and works of arts; porcelain, ceramics, Buddhas, paintings, bronze and jade. Contact our specialists with your inquiry – we are looking for the best of the best!

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Contact our Specialists:

  • Andreas Rydén
    Andreas Rydén
    Head Specialist, Art, Deputy Managing Director
    +46 (0)728 58 71 39
  • Björn Extergren
    Björn Extergren
    Head of Consignment & Sales Department. Specialist Furniture, Decorative Arts and Asian Ceramics
    +46 (0)8 32 63 29
  • Lisa Gartz
    Lisa Gartz
    Specialist Sculpture and Old Masters
    +46 (0)8 614 08 59
  • Lena Rydén
    Lena Rydén
    Specialist Modern Art, Prints
    +46 (0)70 778 35 71
  • Carl Barkman
    Carl Barkman
    Head Specialist Fine Art and Antiques
    +46 (0)708 92 19 71
  • Anette Granlund
    Anette Granlund
    Head Specialist Carpets, Textiles and Islamic Works of Art
    +46 (0)8 614 08 12
  • Eva Seeman
    Eva Seeman
    Head Specialist Design and 20th-21st C Works of Art
    +46 (0)8 614 08 31
  • Cecilia Andrén
    Cecilia Andrén
    Head specialist Jewellery
    +46 (0)790 78 03 20
  • Pedro Westerdahl
    Pedro Westerdahl
    Specialist Classic Art 19th/20th Century
    +46 (0)8 614 08 05
  • Karin Aringer
    Karin Aringer
    Specialist Photography, Contemporary Art,
    +46 (0)8 614 08 57
  • Cecilia Nordström
    Cecilia Nordström
    Specialist Asian Ceramics & Works of Art, European Ceramics and Glass
    +46 (0)739 40 08 02
  • Carl  Palmegren
    Carl Palmegren
    Head Specialist Watches
    +46 (0)739 40 08 23
  • Laura Pohjola
    Laura Pohjola
    Specialist modern and contemporary art, Finnish art, photography
    +358 (0)50 428 2146
  • Anna Rosenius
    Anna Rosenius
    Specialist, Design
    +358 (0)40 1284 977