Contemporary, Stockholm 564


No.ItemHammer price
1A Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist canapé 'Garden of Eden' of the Paradise series by NK 'Triva', Sweden 1950's-60's.46 000 SEK
2A Kerstin Hörlin Holmquist easy chair "Stora Eva " and a table "Äpplet", in the set of furniture called 'The Paradise'.22 000 SEK
3A Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist canapé 'Garden of Eden' of the Paradise series by NK 'Triva', Sweden 1950's-60's.54 000 SEK
4A Greta Magnusson Grossman 'Grasshopper' floor lamp, Bergboms, Malmö, Sweden 1950's.24 000 SEK
5A Bruno Mathsson easy chair, Firma Karl Mathsson ca 1931.6 000 SEK
6A Bruno Mathsson 'Maria' elm and birch gate-leg table.16 000 SEK
7An Axel Larsson easy chair, Bodafors,4 000 SEK
8A Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist 'Stora Eva' armchair, Nordiska Kompaniet, Nyköping 1950's-60's.29 000 SEK
9A Kerstin Hörlin Holmqvist mahogny sideboard by Nordiska kompaniet, 1960's.9 000 SEK
10A Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist 'Onkel Adam' easychair, Nordiska Kompaniet, Nyköping 1964.15 000 SEK
11A Tore Ahlsén bronze floor lamp 'Napoleon on the Nile', probably executed by NK 1940's.33 000 SEK
12A Stig Lindberg enamel and oak sofa table, Gustavsberg 1950's.12 000 SEK
13A Carl-Gustav Hiort af Ornäs easy chair, by Gösta Westerberg, Stockholm 1950's.17 000 SEK
14A pair of Uno and Östen Kristiansson teak tripod floor lamps with black shades. Luxus, Sweden 1950's.18 500 SEK
15A Hertha Bengtsson 60 pcs 'Blå Eld' creamware dinner service, Rörstrand.10 500 SEK
16A pair of Erik Karlström steel and brown leather chairs, Stockholm ca 1965.6 000 SEK
17A pair of Erik Karlström steel and brown leather chairs,Stockholm ca 1965.6 000 SEK
18A set of twelve Stig Lindberg creamware plates 'Löja', Gustavsberg 1948-62.9 000 SEK
19A pair of Karl- Erik Ekselius black leather armchairs, JOC, Vetlanda early 1960's.11 000 SEK
20A Bertil Vallien iron and glass floor candelabrum, Boda Smide.16 000 SEK
21An Henrik Thor-Larsen 'Ovalia' easy chair, Sweden.17 000 SEK
22A Jan Ekselius 'Etcetera' or 'Jan' easy chair with ottoman. JO Carlsson 1970's.8 000 SEK
23A pair of Jonas Bohlin chairs.11 000 SEK
24A Jonas Bohlin 'Skeppsholmen' chair,5 500 SEK
25A set of three Jonas Bohlin 'Palett' stools.5 500 SEK
26Jonas Bohlin, A Jonas Bohlin beech and steel panels cabinet 'Slottsbacken' by Källemo, Sweden late 1980's.Unsold
27A Jonas Bohlin ash and cast iron dinner table 'Triptyk', by Källemo, Sweden 1989.7 000 SEK
28A Jonas Bohlin 'Concrete' chair by Källemo, Sweden early 1980's.100 000 SEK
29A Jonas Bohlin 'Concrete' iron, glass and concrete table, Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden.5 500 SEK
30A Jonas Bohlin 'Concrete' armchair, Källemo, Sweden 1981.30 000 SEK
31A set of four stainless steel candle sticks 'Noster', by Jonas Lindvall Skandiform.5 000 SEK
32A Kennet Williamsson and Oiva Toikka glazed sculpture.6 500 SEK
33A Mats Theselius 'Aluminium' leather and aluminium easy chair, by Källemo, Sweden circa 1990.46 000 SEK
34A Mats Theselius aluminium and leather 'Aluminium/Theselius' armchair, Källemo.17 000 SEK
35A pair of Mats Theselius 'Aluminium/Theselius' aluminium, birch and red leather armchairs, Källemo AB.48 000 SEK
36A pair of Mats Theselius 'Aluminium/Theselius' aluminium, birch and red leather armchairs, Källemo AB.29 000 SEK
37A Mats Theselius 'Rörligt Objekt' copper room divider by Källemo, Sweden post 1989.20 000 SEK
38A Mats Theselius 'El Rey' brass and leather easy chair, Källemo AB, Värnamo, Sweden.42 000 SEK
39A Caroline Schlyter birch plywood table/bench.7 500 SEK
40A Caroline Schlyter birch plywood stool 'Tip',6 500 SEK
41A Caroline Schlyter children's chair "Little M",3 000 SEK
42A Rolf Hanson red painted cabinet, "Pelare" (pillar), Källemo, Sweden.Unsold
43An Alf Linder sofa table by Källemo, 1995,19 000 SEK
44A Jonas Rooth glass chandelier, Kivik, Sweden.18 000 SEK
45A Johan Linton easy chair 'Caravaggio' by Källemo.Unsold
46A set of two plastic and metal chairs and a table 'Kiasma', Källemo AB, Sweden 2008.11 000 SEK
47A Poul Henningsen brass table lamp '4/3', Louis Poulsen.15 000 SEK
48A pair of Poul Henningsen copper 'PH' wall lamps, Louis Poulsen, Denmark.26 000 SEK
49A Hans J Wegner teak and beech 'Shell' settee by Fritz Hansen, Denmark, 1950's.50 000 SEK
50A Hans J. Wegner teak and beechwood Shell' chair, Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1950's.36 000 SEK
51A Hans J Wegner shell sofa table by Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1950's.4 000 SEK
52A Hans J Wegner teak and beech dinner table by Andreas Tuck, Denmark.46 000 SEK
53A set of six Hans J Wegner oak chairs by Carl Hansen & Son, Danmark, 1950-60-tal.31 000 SEK
54A set of six Hans J Wegner oak chairs by Carl Hansen & Son, Danmark, 1950-60-tal.34 000 SEK
55A Børge Mogensen oak and rattan stool by Fredrica Stolefabrik, Denmark 1960's.5 500 SEK
56A pair of Børge Mogensen 'The Spanish Chair' in oak and leather by Fredericia Stolefabrik, Denmark.25 000 SEK
57A Hans J Wegner ash and teak 'Peacock chair', Johannes Hansen, Denmark.17 500 SEK
58A set of six Hans J Wegner oak chairs by Carl Hansen & Son, Denmark 1950's-60's.25 000 SEK
59An Arne Jacobsen dark green and dark brown AJ table lamp by Fritz Hansen, Denmark.6 500 SEK
60Arne Jacobsen teaktop and aluminium sofa table, model 3315 by Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1968.7 000 SEK
61An Arne Jacobsen "Egg-Chair", Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1998, upholstered in red fabric.22 000 SEK
62An Arne Jacobsen 'Series 7' desk chair by Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1963.8 300 SEK
63A Arne Jacobsen black leather "Swan" easy chair, Fritz Hansen, Denmark 2001.16 000 SEK
64A Poul Kjaerholm black leather and steel base "PK-31-3" sofa, maker's mark E Kold Christensen, Denmark.62 000 SEK
65A Poul Kjaerholm black leather and steel base "PK-31-2" sofa, maker's mark E Kold Christensen, Denmark.17 500 SEK
66A Poul Kjaerholm 'pk-31' black leather easy chair for E Kold Christensen, Denmark, maker's mark in the steel.31 000 SEK
67A Paul Kjaerholm steel and oak coffee table "PK-59", E Kold Christensen, Denmark.12 000 SEK
68A Poul Kjaerholm 'PK-11', armchair, E Kold Christensen, Danmark.21 000 SEK
69A pair of Kristian Solmer Vedel palisander and black leather armchair 'Modus' by Søren Willadsen Möblelfabrik, Denmark.4 000 SEK
70A pair of Poul Henningsen copper wall lamps,10 500 SEK
71A Verner Panton 'VP-Globe' hanging lamp, Louis Poulsen, Denmark.12 000 SEK
72A set of four Verner Panton white plastic chairs 'Panton chair' by Herman Miller 1971-76.8 200 SEK
73A Verner Panton shell chandelier 'Fun 3 DM', Denmark 1960's.32 000 SEK
74A set of two Verner Panton shell haning lamp, Denmark 1960's.6 000 SEK
75A Nanna and Jörgen Ditzel easychair with stool, A/S Kolds Savverk, Denmark 1950's.22 000 SEK
76A pair of Ib Kofoed Larsen "Elisabeth" teak easy chairs by Christensen & Larsen, Denmark 1950'-60's.36 000 SEK
77A Paul Kjaerholm steel and oak coffee table "PK-59", E Kold Christensen, Denmark.11 000 SEK
78A Poul Kjaerholm "PK-22" easy chair, Fritz Hansen, Denmark 2000.12 000 SEK
79An Erik Ole Jörgensen leather and chromed steel lounge chair.10 000 SEK
80A Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen easy chair 'Cobra', Erik Jørgensen, Denmark.3 000 SEK
81A Bernard Pedersen & Son palisander sideboard, Denmark ca 1970.26 000 SEK
82A Björn Wiinblad tiletop table, Denmark.16 500 SEK
83A Marc Newson "MN04" bike by Biomega, Denmark.15 000 SEK
84A set of six Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' chairs by Knoll International, USA.25 000 SEK
85An Alvar Aalto birch armchair, 'Nr 31' by O.y Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas A.B, Finland, probably 1940's.25 000 SEK
86An Alvar Aalto armchair model 36/401, O.y Huonekalu-ja Rakennustyötehdas A.B, Turku for Artek, Finland probably 1940's.6 000 SEK
87An Alvar Aalto room devider, Artek, Finland. Modell no 100.8 500 SEK
88A Saara Hopea enameled plate, Finland, 1960's.5 200 SEK
89An Alvar Aalto mould blown glass vase,8 000 SEK
90A Florence Knoll palisander and white marbel sideboard, Knoll International, USA 1960's.54 000 SEK
91A Serge Mouille black enameled steel 'Chachan' wall lamp, Frankrike 1950-tal.19 500 SEK
92An Angelo Lelli brass and lacquered metal hanging lamp for Arredoluce, Italy 1950's.40 000 SEK
93A Studio Simon 'Omaggio ad Andy Warhol' stool from the 'Ultramobile' collection, designed in 1973.7 500 SEK
94A Piero Fornasetti brass mirror, Italy 1950's.11 000 SEK
95A set of twelve Piero Fornasetti 'Adamo' porcelain plates, Milan, Italy.22 000 SEK
96A set of twelve Piero Fornasetti 'Eva' porcelain plates, Milan, Italy.21 000 SEK
97A Piero Fornasetti cream-ware lidded jar.3 500 SEK
98An Achille & Pier Castiglioni floor lamp "Arco", Flos, Nave, Italy.9 500 SEK
99A celing lamp attibuted to Gino Vistosi, Italy 1960's.6 000 SEK
100A set of twelve Piero Fornasetti 'Astro labio' porcelain plates, Milan, Italy.24 000 SEK