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Important Spring Sale 601


No.ItemHammer price
1A Gustavian bed "Lit à l'anglaise", attributed to Erik Öhrmark (master in Stockholm 1777).115 000 SEK
2A Swedish Empire first half of the 19th century.44 000 SEK
3A late Gustavian early 19th century sofa attributed to Ephraim Ståhl, master in Stockholm 1794-1820.36 000 SEK
4Three late Gustavian circa 1800 stools.15 000 SEK
5Six late Gustavian circa 1800 chairs.40 000 SEK
6A pair of Gustavian late 18th century chairs.15 000 SEK
7A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 chairs.8 500 SEK
8A Swedish Empire 19th century foot stool.6 000 SEK
9A pair of Swedish Rococo 18th century console tables.135 000 SEK
10A Swedish Rococo 1760's mirror.100 000 SEK
11A Swedish Rococo 1760's mirror century mirror.70 000 SEK
12A pair of Gustavian late 18th century console tables.270 000 SEK
13A pair of Gustavian 1780's mirrors attributed to Pehr Ljung (1743-1819).125 000 SEK
14A Baroque late 17th century mirror with the arms of Count Wrede, attributed to Burchard Precht.350 000 SEK
15A late Gustavian circa 1800 porphyry and ormolu Vase by Court bronze chaser and gilder F.L. Rung (1758-1837) not signed.720 000 SEK
16A pair of Swedish porpyry vases on wooden bases, Älvdalen, first half of the 19th century.380 000 SEK
17A Swedish mid 19th century table.41 000 SEK
18A set of mantel clock and a pair of tazza, French Empire, first half of the 19th century.14 000 SEK
19A mid 18th century screen, France or Holland.85 000 SEK
20A Swedish 18th century Baroque cupboard.Unsold
21A Grand late Gustavian musical loncase clock with organ pipes, signed and dated in Stockholm by Peter Strand 1798.34 000 SEK
22A Swedish 1940's century dinner table.23 000 SEK
23SPEGELLAMPETTER, ett par, för ett ljus, Sverige, 1700-talets andra hälft.12 000 SEK
24A Swedish Rococo 18th century cabinet.38 000 SEK
25A late Gustavian late 18th century writing table.18 000 SEK
26SWORD, Dutch/German, the blade from the 1640's, the hilt possibly later.45 000 SEK
27SWORD, Swedish, m/1773. Later wooden 19th century hilt.12 000 SEK
28HALBERD, Swedish, m/1697.10 000 SEK
29HALBERD, Swedish, Arboga circa 1570-1590.14 000 SEK
30JAVELIN, For Swedish infantry, used circa 1720-1788.10 000 SEK
31A Baroque second half 17th century with paintings in the manner of Frans Franken II.75 000 SEK
32A Gustavian 1780's commode by Gottlieb Iwersson (master in Stockholm 1778-1813), not signed.420 000 SEK
33A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode.55 000 SEK
34A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode by Gustaf Foltiern (master in Stockholm 1771-1804).30 000 SEK
35Rokoko, A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode.25 000 SEK
36A Swedish Royal Rococo 1760's commode by Lars Nordin, master in Stockholm 1743-1773 (not signed).Unsold
37A Gustavian commode by Georg Haupt (master in Sockholm 1770-1784).Unsold
38A Gustavian late 18th century commode by Gustaf Foltiern (master in Stockholm 1771-1804).90 000 SEK
39A matched pair of Russian Neoclassical Commodes, St Petersburg, circa 1800.100 000 SEK
40A Louis XVI late 18th century commode.60 000 SEK
41A Swedis Rococo 18th century cupboard.110 000 SEK
42A Gustavian 1780's cupboard.38 000 SEK
43A Swedish Rococo 18th century cupboard.18 000 SEK
44A pair of Louis XVI late 18th century corner cupboards by Léonard Boudin (1735-1804), master in Paris 1761.105 000 SEK
45A Swedish Rococo 18th century secretaire.40 000 SEK
46The masterpiece by Niclas Engelstedt master in Stockholm 1800-1818, a late Gustavian writing desk.32 000 SEK
47A Gustavian 1780's console table.220 000 SEK
48A Gustavian late 18th century console table.55 000 SEK
49A pair of Gustavian late 18th century corner console tables.34 000 SEK
50A Louis XVI free-standing table, 18th/19th century.Unsold
51A Swedish Baroque table. Early 18th century.27 000 SEK
52A Swedish Rococo faience tea table, Marieberg 1770.230 000 SEK
53A late Gustavian late 18th century faience tea tray. Later stand.Unsold
54A Gustavian late 18th century sofa.28 000 SEK
55A Gustavian sofa by Carl Fredrik Flodin, master in Stockholm 1776-95.Unsold
56A Gustavian late 18th century sofa.57 000 SEK
57A Gustavian armchair.20 000 SEK
58A Rococo 18th century bergere.46 000 SEK
59A pair of Swedish late Gustavian 1790's klismos chairs.170 000 SEK
60A pair of late Gustavian armchairs by Ephraim Ståhl (master in Stockholm 1794-1820).50 000 SEK
61A pair of late Gustavian armchairs by Ephraim Ståhl (master in Stockholm 1794-1820).50 000 SEK
62A pair of Gustavian armchairs by Johan Öhrmark (master in Stockholm 1761-1780's).65 000 SEK
63A pair of Swedish Rococo 18th century armchairs.38 000 SEK
64A pair of Gustavian armchairs Jakob Malmsten, master in Stockholm 1780-1788.26 000 SEK
65Henri Jacob, A pair of Directoire late 18th century armhairs by Henri Jacob (1753-1824), master 1779.18 000 SEK
66Gustaviansk, Six Gustavian late 18th century chairs.32 000 SEK
67A rare Swedish baroque mirror with Karl XII, by Burchardt Precht,(active in Stockholm 1674-1738), early 18th century.165 000 SEK
68Barock, A Baroque late 17th Century mirror.Unsold
69SPEGEL, Stockholmsarbete 1700-talets andra hälft, rokoko.70 000 SEK
70A Swedish Rococo mirror by Nils Meunier (master in Stockholm 1754-97).30 000 SEK
71A Gustavian late 18th century mirror.16 000 SEK
72SPEGELLAMPETTER, ett par, stockholmsarbete från bröderna Prechts verkstad, senbarock 1720-tal.80 000 SEK
73A pair of Gustavian two-light girandole mirros, one dated 1784.80 000 SEK
74A Swedish Rococo/Gustavian 1770's two-light girandol mirror.40 000 SEK
75A pair of Gustavian one-light girandole mirrors by Johan Åkerblad, master 1758-1733 in Stockholm.70 000 SEK
76A pair of late Gustavian early 19th century one-light girandol mirrors.44 000 SEK
78A Swedish Rococo 18th century six-light chandelier.65 000 SEK
79A late Gustavian early 19th century seven-light chandelier by Carl Henrik Brolin (1765-1832, master in Stockholm 1801).Unsold
80A Neo-Classic circa 1800 six-light chandelier, possibly Russian.30 000 SEK
81A pair of Russian Retour d'Egypte Empire Alexander I five-light candelabra, St. Petersburg.Unsold
82A pair of Empire early 19th century six-light candelabra.Unsold
83A pair of French Empire early 19th century three-light candelabra.46 000 SEK
84A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 two-light candelabra.20 000 SEK
85A pair of French Empire early 19th century gilt and patinated bronze four-light candelabra.20 000 SEK
86A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800.Unsold
87A pair of Russian Louis XVI-style 19th century five-light candelabra.Unsold
88A Russian circa 1870-90 two-light candelabra by sculptor Evgeny Lanceray, founder Karl Berto.26 000 SEK
89A PAIR OF PEWTER CANDLESTICKS by Anders Hedenbom, Örebro 1734.10 000 SEK
90A pair of Gustavian pewter candlesticks by Jacob Sauer, Stockholm 1784.24 000 SEK
91Traveller's Baroque Clock "Polish clock" by N Vogel (clockmaker in Stockholm 1695-1723).140 000 SEK
92A French Régence mantel clock by Etienne Le Noir, active in Paris 1740.46 000 SEK
93A Louis XVI gilt bronze wall clock by Jean Joseph Léonard Roque, active 1770-89.Unsold
94A Louis XVI-style late 19th century gilt bronze mantel clock.Unsold
95A pair of chopping knives, Vira ironworks first half of 18th century.32 000 SEK
96A Swedish Empire 19th century porphyry butter box.19 000 SEK
97A Swedish Empire 19th century porphyry butter box.20 000 SEK
98Miracle lamp with writing set, Moscow, Russia, around 1830.24 000 SEK
99A pair of Gustavian late 18th century frames.44 000 SEK
100Alexander Roslin After, Catherine II, also known as Catherine the Great (1729 - 1796).15 000 SEK
101Field Marshal M. I. Kutuzov, Prussian Field Marshal G. Blucher and British Field Marshal A. Wellington.32 000 SEK