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Contemporary Art & Design 631


No.ItemHammer price
1Erik Herløw, a sideboard, "Triva modul serie", Nordiska Kompaniet, 1960's.28 000 SEK
2Arne Norell, a pair of "Ariet", easy chairs for Norell Möbel AB 1960-1970's.24 000 SEK
3Herbert Ode, a pair floor lamps "Triolett", Ho Armatur, Sjömarken, Sweden ca 1965.8 500 SEK
4Anders Pehrson, a rare prototype "Tube" table lamp for Ateljé Lyktan, Åhus Sweden, ca 1973.13 000 SEK
5Swedfurn Slätte Möbler AB, a "Soundbox" sofa, Töreboda, Sweden 1970's.11 000 SEK
6James Krenov, a cabinet, executed in his own workshop, Bromma, Sweden ca 1979.50 000 SEK
7James Krenov, a wall cabinet, executed in his own workshop, Bromma, Sweden ca 1973.34 000 SEK
8Erik Höglund, two wrought iron and glass candelabra, Boda Smide, Sweden.15 000 SEK
9Erik Höglund, a wrought iron and glass chandelier, Boda Smide, Sweden.28 000 SEK
10Cecilia Setterdahl, a carpet, "Itinerary Blue", 3/10, hand-knotted, ca 243,5 x 171, cm, Carpets CC Dubai.12 000 SEK
11John Kandell, a "Gestalten" cabinet, ed. 4/100, for Källemo, Sweden post 1989.19 000 SEK
12John Kandell, an easy chair, "Vilan", Källemo, Sweden, post 1988.7 000 SEK
13Erik Lindgren, a dining table, executed in his own workshop, 1960's.16 000 SEK
14Olle Baertling, a carpet, "Erey", hand tufted, Baertling/Asplund, ca 199 x 99,5 cm.26 000 SEK
15Igor Cronsioe, a pair of folding chairs, "Sudden Seat", ed. 76/95 & 87/95, Futura Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 1983.26 000 SEK
16Kersti Sandin & Lars Bülow, a "Hommage Josef Frank" cabinet on stand, ed. 25/120, Karl Andersson & Söner, Sweden 1985.10 000 SEK
17Hans-Agne Jakobsson, a pair of "Sonata" ceiling lamps, Hans Agne Jakobsson AB, Markaryd, Sweden, 1960-1970's.Unsold
18Olle Borg, a carpet, "Composition 1", hand tufted, ca 220 x 163 cm, signed Olle Borg EA 2/3 at the back on one of the labels.9 000 SEK
19Lars Englund, a chair, for Skelder AB, 1990's.6 500 SEK
20Mats Theselius, a double "National Geographic" bookcase, Källemo AB, Sweden, no 76 and 77.40 000 SEK
21Mats Theselius, an "Aluminium" easy chair, ed. EA 3/5, for Källemo, Sweden post 1990.65 000 SEK
22Mats Theselius, an "Älgskinnsfåtöljen", easy chair, ed. 65/360, for Källemo, Sweden post 1991.80 000 SEK
23Nordic design, a runner, knotted pile, ca 240 x 81 cm, Sweden, 1950's-1960's.Unsold
24Hilma af Klint, a carpet, "Group III, no 5, The Large Figure Paintings", 10/30, hand tufted, ca 201 x 162,5 cm.55 000 SEK
25Karin Björquist, a 54 pieces "Nobel" bone china dinner service, Rörstrand post 1991.55 000 SEK
26Gunnar Cyrén, a 73 pieces "Nobel" glass service, Orrefors, Sweden post 1991.55 000 SEK
27Gunnar Cyrén, a 31 pieces "Nobel" glass service, Orrefors, Sweden, post 1991.16 000 SEK
28Rolf Hanson, a "Pelare" cabinet, ed. 37/90, for Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden, post 1991.22 000 SEK
29Ernst Billgren, "And i vas" (Duck in vase), Kosta Boda, Sweden, ed. 28/30.26 000 SEK
30Ernst Billgren, "Snöripa i lä" (Grouse in shelter), Kosta Boda, Sweden, ed. 27/30.34 000 SEK
31Reino Björk, a "painted graal" glass sculpture/vase from the "New Eden series", New York Experimental Glass Workshop, USA 1990's.13 000 SEK
32Reino Björk, a "Bad Love" glass sculpture/vase from the "New Eden series", New York Experimental Glass Workshop, USA 1990.5 500 SEK
33Per B. Sundberg, a glass vase, Orrefors, Sweden 2003.12 000 SEK
34Mats Theselius, an "El Rey" armchair, ed. 317/360, for Källemo, Sweden post 1999.100 000 SEK
35Mats Theselius, a "The Ritz" easy chair, ed. 79/90, for Källemo, Sweden post 1994.26 000 SEK
36Matti Klenell, a glass installation "Carambole", Ajeto Glassworks, Czech Republic 2008.13 000 SEK
37Love Arbén, an "Ono" cabinet for Lammhults, Sweden 1995.22 000 SEK
38Mats Theselius, an "El Dorado" lounge chair, ed. 153/360 Källemo Sweden post 2002.125 000 SEK
39Mats Theselius, an "El Dorado" easy chair, ed. 61/360, Källemo Sweden post 2002.130 000 SEK
40Gunilla Kihlgren, and Pino Signoretto, a glass sculpture, Murano, Italy 2003.Unsold
41Gunilla Kihlgren, a glass sculpture "No title" on a bronze stand, 1998.Unsold
42Sigvard Håkansson, a "2+1" chair, ed. 25/25, Sigvard Design AB Linköping, Sweden 2003.11 000 SEK
43Alexander Lervik, a "Red Chair", ed. 6/10, Gallery Pascale 2005.26 000 SEK
44Kerstin Olby, a "Rhapsody" cabinet by Olby Design, a unique prototype, Sweden 2010.30 000 SEK
45Hanna Hansdotter, a "Dripping print" glass sculpture, The Glass Factory, Boda Glasbruk, Sweden 2018.36 000 SEK
46Mårten Medbo, a cut glass bowl, "Core", Ajeto Glassworks, Novy Bor, Czech Republic, 2010, ed. 1/4.22 000 SEK
47Mårten Medbo, a glazed stoneware sculpture, "Hose", dated 2012.32 000 SEK
48Ernst Billgren, a pair of patinated bronze jardinières, "I trädkronan", 2002, ed 9/100 and 10/100.75 000 SEK
49Anders Jakobsen / Radicalsloyd, a pair of stools, his own studio 2021.Unsold
50Verner Panton, a carpet, "Square, Multi colour", machine made pile, ca 199,5 x 137 cm, designed by Verner Panton.20 000 SEK
51Mats Theselius, an "Inox" armchair, ed. 32/199, for Källemo, Sweden post 2015.110 000 SEK
52Attila Suta, a pair of chest of drawers, in an edition of 10, Studio Attila Suta 2015.85 000 SEK
53Ilmari Tapiovaara, attributed to, a dinner table with two benches, probably Finland 1950-60's.Unsold
54Charles and Ray Eames, "RAR", rope edge, rocking chair, Zenith Plastics / Herman Miller 1950's.16 000 SEK
55Florence Knoll, a sideboard, Knoll International, executed on license by Nordiska Kompaniet NK Inredningar Sweden 1966.42 000 SEK
56Kinga Shabo, a table, Arabia Finland 1970's.8 000 SEK
57A pair of Scandinavian easy chairs, 1960's.28 000 SEK
58Robert Indiana, a carpet, "White on Black", Chosen Love, hand tufted in 1995, ca 246,5 x 245,5 cm, Robert Indiana.80 000 SEK
59Poul Kjaerholm, a set of "PK-71" occasional tables, probably for E Kold Christensen, Denmark.8 000 SEK
60Poul Kjaerholm, a "PK-80" black leather and steel base daybed, edition Fritz Hansen, 2013.80 000 SEK
61Poul Kjaerholm, a pair of black leather and steel "PK-91" folding stools, edition Fritz Hansen, Denmark.30 000 SEK
62Poul Henningsen, a pair of table lamps, "PH-5", Louis Poulsen, Denmark.15 000 SEK
63Hans J. Wegner, "The Valet Chair", model PP-250, for PP møbler, Denmark 2007.48 000 SEK
64Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm, a pair of easy chairs "Bo 561", Bo-Ex Denmark, 1960's.26 000 SEK
65Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm, a sofa table, model "BO-551", for Bo-Ex, Denmark.12 000 SEK
66Preben Dal, a "Symphony" ceiling or table lamp, for Hans Følsgaard, Elektro HF Belysning, Denmark 1960's.Unsold
67Verner Panton, a pair of wall/ceiling lamps, Louis Poulsen, Denmark1960-70's.46 000 SEK
68Pietro Chiesa, a floor lamp, Fontana Arte Italy, post 1935.Unsold
69Piero Fornasetti, a waste paper basket, Milan, Italy 1960's.16 000 SEK
70Piero Fornasetti, an umbrella stand, Milan, Italy 1960's.16 000 SEK
71Piero Fornasetti, a pair of bar stools, Milano, Italy, 1960-70's.26 000 SEK
72Piero Fornasetti, an oval printed and lacquered sheet metal tray, Milan, Italy, probably 1960's.5 000 SEK
73Piero Fornasetti, an oval printed and lacquered sheet metal tray, Milan, Italy probably 1960's.6 500 SEK
74Hans Hopfer, a modular sofa "Mah Jong", Roche Bobois / Missoni 21st Century.46 000 SEK
75Angelo Donghia, probably, a coffee table, for Donghia Rubelli group, Italy 21st Century.22 000 SEK
76Luigi Massoni, a pair of easy chairs, Poltrona Frau, Italy 1970's.55 000 SEK
77Ludovico Diaz De Santillana, a "Palotta" glass table lamp, Venini, Italy 1960-70's.34 000 SEK
78Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, "Abaco", lamp, Venini, Italy 1999.26 000 SEK
79Willy Rizzo, a sideboard for Mario Sabbot, Italy 1970's.13 000 SEK
80Achille Castiglioni, & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, a pair of table lamps, "Taccia", for Flos, Italy post 1962.22 000 SEK
81Marcello Vecchi and Francesco Trabucco, a desk modell "Sc73", Poggi, Italy, 1983.30 000 SEK
82Ruth Malinowski, A tapestry, flat weave, ca 101,5-102 x 99-100 cm, signed and dated on a label at the back: Ruth Malinowski 1989.Unsold
83Gino Sarfatti, a "238-3", wall lamp, Arteluce, Italy, post 1959.Unsold
84Raphael Raffel, / Raphaël, a "Croissant", sofa, Maison Honoré, Paris 1970's.36 000 SEK
85Borek Sipek, an "Ota Otanek" chair by Vitra, post 1988.13 000 SEK
86Borek Sipek, 6 "Sedlak" chairs for Vitra, post 1992.8 500 SEK
87Sergio Mazza, 3 ceiling lamps, "Pi Cavo", Artemide, Italy 1960's.Unsold
88Tobia Scarpa, & Afra Scarpa, a dining table for Poggi, Italy 1970's.Unsold
89Ettore Sottsass, a "Tahiti", table lamp, Memphis, Milan, post 1981.30 000 SEK
90Ettore Sottsass, a "Shiva" pink glazed ceramic vase, B.D Barcelona, Spain post 1973.6 500 SEK
91Jan Bocan, a table and four chairs for the Czechoslovakian embassy in Stockholm 1972, produced by Thonet.22 000 SEK
92Nicoletti Salotti, an "Ambassador", sofa, Italy 1970-1980's.7 000 SEK
93Nicoletti Salotti, a pair of "Ambassador", easy chairs, Italy 1970-80's.8 000 SEK
94Maurizio Bertoni, a floor lamp, Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy 1980's.Unsold
95Maurizio Bertoni, a floor lamp, Castaldi Illuminazione, Italy 1980's.Unsold
96Studio A.R.D.I.T.I., a "B.T. Lamp", Sormani Spa, Italy ca 1971.10 000 SEK
97Michael Anastassiades, a "Ball light", ceiling lamp, first edition for The Apartment in Copenhagen, London 2012.Unsold
98Philippe Starck, "Petite Etrangete Contre Un Mur", a sculpture/vase, ed. 50/50, Daum, Nancy, France, 1980's.11 000 SEK
99Lindsey Adelman, a "Catch CS.07.01." ceiling lamp, Studio Lindsey Adelman, Los Angeles, USA, 2016.65 000 SEK
100Lindsey Adelman, a "Catch CS.07.01." ceiling lamp, Studio Lindsey Adelman, Los Angeles, USA, 2016.65 000 SEK