Important Winter Sale presenting eight works by Carl Larsson

'Syende Flicka', 'Bolla II', 'Vårafton' and 'Stött' are a few of the magificent works of art by Carl Larsson to be sold at Important Winter Sale

Carl Larsson - Eight magnificent works at Important Winter Sale

Carl Larsson is considered one of the greatest Swedish artists of all times. Bukowskis is proud to present no less than eight fantastic works by the artist at the ongoing auction Important Winter Sale.

Carl Larsson, Syende Flicka

The elegant composition captures a quiet moment of needlework in the so-called "Workshop" at Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn. The room in question originally served as a studio before the new larger (Sweden's largest in its time) studio was inaugurated on New Year's Eve 1899. In connection with this, Karin Larsson moved in with her looms in the old space which was later called "the Workshop". The room, which also served as a living room for the whole family, is still dominated by a yellow mother-of-pearl panel and green carpentry.

Estimate: 5 000 000 - 7 000 000 SEK

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Carl Larsson, "Vårafton"

Carl Larsson's adorable depictions of his children have won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. This applies in particular to the watercolours taken from the family's legendary home in the small village of Sundborn.

Carl Larsson's biographer Ulwa Neergaard gives the following description of the motif in "Carl Larsson. Signed with brush and pencil", 1999:
"From this picture, where Kersti is playing in the yard with the dog Kicki, you get an idea of ​​what a wonderful place Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn was for a large family to live in. The farm, with its slope down to the river in Sundborn, had a high white slatted fence limiting the small children from falling into the water. With the small boat, tied to the small marina, it was easy to row out to Bullerholmen, which is to be seen on the other side of the water."

This depiction of the daughter Kersti and the dog Kicki has previously been exhibited on only one occasion. It is now for sale after being in a private collection for a long series of years.

Estimate: 4 000 000 - 5 000 000 SEK / 391 773 - 489 716 EUR

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Carl Larsson, "Bolla. II"

In 1913 Carl Larsson depicted the girl with the name Bolla in two versions, in watercolour and the present painting in oil on canvas.

The auctions painting of Bolla in profile is described by Neergaard in the following manner:
"In this girl portrait in profile, which Carl Larsson painted in his studio in Sundborn, Bolla is wearing the same blue blouse with embroidery of orange flowers, as in the portrait of her in the reading room. Bolla with the beautiful chestnut red hair, the beautiful posture and the delightfully bronzed blouse was a motif that certainly captivated Carl Larsson's artist's eye."

It is easy to understand and agree with this delight. The beautiful Bolla was an excellent subject in all respects for a finely tuned classic portrait made by the master himself. Through Larsson's care, Bolla has been immortalized in a well-balanced composition where the clear colours in Bolla's time-typical blouse are effectively balanced against the red and green colours so typical of the Larsson family in the background.

Estimate 2 500 000 - 3 000 000 kr

To"Bolla II"

Carl Larsson, "Stött" / "Flicka vid spalier"

Carl Larsson's watercolours often contain small anecdotal features, quite often of a humorous nature, where the portraits' personalities shine through. This artistic approach, in particular, surrounds Larsson's compositions with his own as well as others' children. An example is to be seen in the watercolour, "Offended/Girl by trellis", to be sold at Important Winter Sale. The artist has left the studio and looked up his easel in the garden outside his studio at Lilla Hyttnäs. Two young girls are portrayed, the larger one, only visible on the left side, due to the artist's bold cropping of the motif, beside her, we see the younger girl very unwilling to pose.

The heavenly sparkling garden's sheer greenery blooms in the foreground and takes up a majority of the picture area. The girls are squeezed into the background next to the studio's facade where powerful colour accents are made up of the green trellis which plays effectively against the red panel.

The colours are typical expressions of the colour-setting ideal that characterized the family home, where the spouses Larsson, often based on a bright green and red colour scale. Scientists and art historians have often emphasized the strong connection of the colour scheme to the English Arts and Crafts movement and William Mori's "dragon blood red" colour. The Sundborn style was a brilliant synthesis of Swedish folk art combined with ideas originating from the English Arts and Crafts movement, Art Nouveau style and Japanese art.

The Larsson family's home must have been unparalleled in Sweden and, above all, appeared to be something rarely seen for the other people in Sundborn. It is a home but at the same time, something of a fairy tale castle where the playful decor of the exterior is reflected in the water of the nearby river. Such thoughts, however, appear distant from the little girl whose presumably contradictory supervision gave the composition its name.

Estimate 2 200 000 - 2 500 000 kr

To ""Stött" / "Flicka vid spalier"”

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Works by Carl Lasson on Important Winter Sale:
"Bikuporna"/"Hos gubben Morot", Estimate: 700 000 - 900 000 SEK, *"Sven Lamm" Estimate 800 000 - 1 000 000 kr, "Bodakulla" (Studie), Estimate 600 000 - 800 000 SEK

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