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The Spring Classic Sale, Stockholm 562


64Olof Thunman, Coastal scene with heavy sea.1879-1944 är korrekt födelse och dödsår.
135Wilhelm von Gegerfelt, "Fisktorg från Chioggia" (Fish market from Chioggia).Reinforced canvas.
144Carl Wilhelmson, Wading boy.Water colour heightenedwith white.
145Carl Oskar Borg, Motif with cowboys.No droit de Suite (d)
160Per Hasselberg, Gerda Hagborg.Signed P Hasselberg Paris. Foundry marks Herman Bergman Fud 1916.
219Santi Corsi, Interior.No droit de Suite (d)
229Ralph Hedley, Reading woman.Relined canvas.
232Luigi Nono, At the sickbed.Relined canvas laid down on panel.
244SEMI-ANTIQUE DAGESTAN possibly.1339 AH/1920-1921 AD.
294SEMI-ANTIQUE TABRIZ SOUF PART SILK (in relief). 286 x 212 cm.New estimated price: 18.-20.000SEK.
297SEMI-ANTIQUE TABRIZ, signerad PETAG. 556 x 390,5 cm.Signerad med PETAG:s märke. (Persische Teppich Aktiengesellschaft).
316Lorens Pasch d y, Portrait of a woman knitting.Porträttet föreställer Eva Katarina Swedenstierna (1759-1836) gift med överläkaren och assessorn Henrik Gahn. En mindre odaterad replik av målningen finns upptagen i förteckningen över konstnären, Sixten Strömbom, "Porträttmålaren Lorens Pasch dy, Hans liv och konst", 1915, kat nr 123. (SPA 1923:1106). Auktionens porträtt finns också registrerat på porträttarkivet.
328Martin David Roth, The senator Nils Smith (1741-1793) his wife Nilla Olufsdotter and daughter Kierstin Nilsdotter.Utropspriset skall vara 80-100.000 kr.
351Gustaf Wilhelm Palm Attributed to, From Monte Pellegrion and Palermo.From Monte Pellegrion and Palermo
372Jan Harmensz. van Bijlert (van Bylert), Apostel.Literature: Paul Huys Janssen, "Jan van Bijlert (1597/98-1671, Schilder in Utrecht", cat no 26, p 95.
409Jacob Willemsz. De Wet Follower of, Figure scenes.The subject from the book of Esther
411Nymph and faun.Utropet skall vara 110-120.000 kr. Målningen har med största säkerhet tillkommit till C A Tamms samlingar efter Österby samlingens skingrande.
414Carle van Loo Attributed to, Sitting male model.Utropet skall vara 30-35.000 kr
426Abraham Janssens Hans efterföljd, Sta Helena.Möjligen föreställande Louise de La Vallière (1644-1710), Ludvig XIV:s älskarinna.
431Giovanni Paolo Panini Circle of, Landscape with ruins and figure staffage.Tillskriven Langmatt mästaren. Attributed to the Langmatt Master (Apollonio Domenichini)
436Adoration of the Shepards.-
445Theodore Gudin, Ships by the coast.Fransk konstnär ej rysk.
459Domenico Bossi, Portrait of a woman in black dress.Miniatyren föreställer Carolina Susanna Oxelgren (1773-1802). Proveniens: Tidigare i samlingarna på Sjögetorp, Södermanland.
529An English dinner table circa 1800 and later.Two brass leave-holders missing.
530An English 19th/20th century dinner table.Two brass leave-holders missing.
531A pair of Gustavian late 18th Century console tables.Renovated, additions.
549A Gustavian late 18th century bergere by J. Lindgren.Provenance Zarah Leander (1907-81).
634A Queen Anne walnut month-going longcase clock by Daniel Quare, London early 18th Century.The back of the longcase later and made of pine.
640A Gustavian late 18th century wall clock by N. Berg.Part of decor missing.
715A collection of 1198, Swedish share certificates (1728-1899). Together with documents regarding the Götha Canal Company.Correct number of shares is 1198
720A set of six (3+3) Swedish goblets, 18th Century.Good condition.
758A Meissen figure group representing 'Polnische Verlobung', /.18th/19th Century.
767A set of four Berlin chargers and a sauce boat with stand, 18th Century.Notera att det är fel bild i den tryckta katalogen men rätt bild på nätet.
770A Berlin charger, 18th Century.Notera att det är fel bild i den tryckta katalogen men rätt bild på nätet.
797A Royal Copenhagen 'Flora Danica' chestnut basket with stand, 20th Century.Basket with latin name of flower Morus nigra. Charger with latin name of flower Ranunculus repens L. Good condition.
830A Russian silver kovsh, makers mark of Pjotr Loskutov, Moscow 1896-1908.Mended by the birds head.
844A Russian parcel-gilt cigarette-case, makers mark of Ivan Chlebnikov, Moscow 1908-1917. Imperial Warrant.De två infattade cabochonslipade stenarna är bägge safirer.
915A Polish 19th century chanukka-lamp, makers mark of Antoni Riedel, Warzawa (late 19yh century).Two lose parts, to lit with, are missing.
944A beautifully cut emerald and diamond ring, tot. app. 1.20 cts, 1930's.Emerald with slight abrasion.
962An antique cut diamond, rubies, and natural pearl necklace, 1890's.Small part missing, small pearl missing.
1033A gold and citrine pendant and pair of earrings, mid 19th century.Enl. familje tradition en gåva från Oscar II, efter att ha uppskattat ett måleri av Mamsell Erika Seldener.
1052A pair of diamond and natural pearl earrings, app. 8,6 mm.Bukowskis can not guarantee the pearls are oriental, ie natural, possibly cultured but most likely natural. Not for pierced ears, screws on.
1059A pair of turqouise and brilliant cut diamond earrings, tot. app. 1.70 cts.Possibly treated turqouises.
1183A brilliant cut diamond ring, tot. app 1.30 cts.Platinum.
1208A gold verge pocket watch, Öhman, Sweden, c. 1790-1810.Reworked to cylinder movement.
1211A gold pocket watch by Gustav Adolph Adamson, Paris, late 18th century.Cylinder movement and dump repeater.
1214A Piquet & Meylan gold and enamel musical quarter repeater for the Chinese market, c. 1820.Enamelled panel has old substantial and well made repairs and a new 12 mm chip damage.
1222A gold pocket watch, Robert & Courvoisier, minute repeater, mid 19th century.Type of repeter not identified, possibly quarter repeater.
1232A gold verge pcoket watch, Graham, London, mid 18th century.Locking spring out of position.
1280A carved agate figure of a crab, bats and a sea shell, Qing dynasty.Agate
1314A Tibetan or Mongolian thangka of Dorje Legpa on lion, surrounded by a Buddhist pantheon, presumably 19th Century.Unsigned.
1383A pair of famille verte plates, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).One restored. One with repair and crack
1408A pair of deep purple glazed dishes, Qing dynasty, with Qianlong six character mark.Qianlongs six character mark.
1461An 'enamel on copper' imitating ceramic garden seat, Qing dynasty, ca 1800.Repair to base.
1470A pair of famille rose cups, late Qing dynasty, with Yongzhengs six character mark.late Qing dynasty, with Yongzhengs six character mark.
1472Two yellow ground vases, and with a romantic poem, Qing dynasty with Yongzheng seal mark.One with resoration to rim. Otherwise good.
1515An enamelled trembleuse, presumably Samson.Presumably Samson.
1541A blue and white jar, Ming dynasty, 17th Century.Rim polished, small firing crack.

Withdrawn items


Items with export ban

482A late Gustavian masterpiece writing cabinet by Carl Flygare 1809.
484A Swedish Rococo 18th Century writing cabinet.
490A Swedish Empire writing desk by D. Sehfbom.
494A Swedish Régence first half 18th Century commode.
496A Swedish Rococo commode by L. Nordin.
499A Swedish Rococo 18th century commode.
502A Gustavian commode by Gottlieb Iwersson, signed and dated 1781, with the alliance crest of Lilliesvärd-Hummerhielm.
503A Gustavian late 18th Century commode by Fredrich Iwersson, not signed.
509A Gustavian commode by N. P. Stenström, not signed.
533A late Gustavian late 18th Century console table. Design by Louis Masreliez and executed by Jean Baptist Masreliez.
536A Swedish Empire early 19th Century console table.
542A late Gustavian early 19th Century seating, comprising seven parts (one sofa, four armchairs, two chairs).
558A pair of Royal Gustavian armchairs 1778.
563A pair of late Gustavian circa 1800 armchairs.
569A set of four late Gustavian late 18th Century chairs, design Carl Wilhelm Carlberg.
570A set of five late Gustavian late 18th Century chairs, design Carl Wilhelm Carlberg 1796.
580A pair of Swedish Rococo 18th Century mirrors.
589A Gustavian mirror by J. Åkerblad.
590A Gustavian mirror by J. Åkerblad 1776.
595A late Gustavian late 18th century mirror.
597A late Gustavian late 18th Century mirror.
650A Swedish late Baroque 18th Century table clock by A. Forssman.
651A late Gustavian circa 1800 table clock by A. F. Bjurman.
685A pair of Swedish Terrestial and Celestial Globes by Anders Åkerman 1766 and Fredrik Akrel 1791.
687A Swedish Empire 19th Century porphyry bowl.
731A Swedish Rörstrand faience tureen with cover, 18th Century.
732A set of three Swedish Rörstrand faience dishes, dated 21/11-1758, 2/10-58 and 3/12-58.
733A set of three Swedish Rörstrand faience soup dishes, 1750's.
735A Marieberg faience charger, 18th Century, period of Ehrenreich.
738A Rörstrand faience pot with cover, 18th Century.
740A Swedish Marieberg faience vase. Period of Berthevins, dated 1/2-(17)69.