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Contemporary Art & Design 606


1Olof Ottelin, an easy chair, "Jumbo", nr 174, Kervo for Stockmann OY, Finland, 1960-70's.8 000 SEK
2Hans-Agne Jakobsson, an "Estrella" ceiling lamp, model T580/H, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.30 000 SEK
3Hans-Agne Jakobsson, a large ceiling lamp, Markaryd, Sweden 1960-70's.34 000 SEK
4SCANDINAVIAN DESIGNER, a rosewood sideboard, probably Denmark 1960's.32 000 SEK
5Verner Panton, A CARPET, handknotted, Morocco, ca 295 x 209 cm, signed V.P. (Verner Panton).16 000 SEK
6Jonas Bohlin, a unique armchair, Källemo, Sweden 1985.12 000 SEK
7Jonas Bohlin, a "Slottsbacken" cabinet, Källemo, Sweden post 1987.90 000 SEK
8Mats Theselius, an "Aluminium" easy chair, Källemo, Sweden post 1990.55 000 SEK
9Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Älgskinnsfåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1991.85 000 SEK
10Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Älgskinnsfåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1991.60 000 SEK
11Mats Theselius, a Ferrari red "Canapé", Källemo Sweden, post 1991.28 000 SEK
12Mats Theselius, a pair of "el Rey" easy chairs by Källemo, Sweden, post 1999.90 000 SEK
13John Kandell, a "Gestalten" mahogany cabinet, Källemo, Sweden post 1989.38 000 SEK
14Mats Theselius, a pair of "Aluminium" easy chairs, Källemo, Sweden post 1990.50 000 SEK
15Alf Linder, a sofa table, Källemo, Sweden post 1995.19 000 SEK
16Mats Theselius, an "el Rey" easy chair by Källemo Sweden, post 1999.52 000 SEK
17Mats Theselius, a daybed, "Chaise Longue", Källemo, Sweden post 1992.22 000 SEK
18Mats Theselius, an easy chair, "Järn/Moccafåtöljen", Källemo, Sweden post 1994.40 000 SEK
19Mats Theselius, a "Blackbird" table by Move, Sweden, post 2001.12 000 SEK
20Mats Theselius, an "El Dorado", easy chair, Källemo, Sweden post 2002.57 000 SEK
21Mats Theselius, an "El Dorado" easy chair, Källemo, Sweden post 2002.48 000 SEK
22Marika Dymling, a sterling vase, Atelier Akiram, Stockholm 1978.Unsold
23Sigurdur Gustafsson, a "Rock´n Roll" rocking chair for Källemo Sweden, post 1999.12 000 SEK
24Firma Svenskt Tenn, a coffee table, designed in 2009.10 000 SEK
25Eva Hild, a unique stoneware sculpture, "Bumling" series, Sweden 2000.46 000 SEK
26Eva Hild, a unique red glazed stoneware sculpture, "Bulig", Sparsör, Sweden 2002.19 000 SEK
27Matti Klenell, A unique Matti Klenell free blown glass "Urn" sculpture, executed at the Michael Davis studios, Queens, New York 2004.Unsold
28Matti Klenell, a unique free blown and solid glass "Ajeto Urn", produced at the Ajeto Glassworks, Czechia 2008.5 000 SEK
29Kerstin Olby, a unique "Rhapsody" cabinet by Olby Design 2010.38 000 SEK
30Charles & Ray Eames, a lounge chair with ottoman, Herman Miller, USA 1980's.70 000 SEK
31Robert Indiana, A CARPET, "White on Black", Chosen Love, hand tufted in 1995, ca 243,5 x 244,5 cm, Robert Indiana.55 000 SEK
32Arne Vodder, a palisander sideboard, Sibast Furniture, Denmark, 1960´s.26 000 SEK
33A pair of Scandinavian easy chairs, 1950-60´s.55 000 SEK
34Eero Saarinen, a 'Tulip' oval marble top dining table, Knoll International.55 000 SEK
35SUPERSTUDIO, a ceiling lamp, "Olook" for Design Centre Poltronova, Italy 1960-70´s.50 000 SEK
36SUPERSTUDIO, a "Gherpe" table lamp for Design Center Poltronova, Francesconi, Italy 1960-70´s.24 000 SEK
37Ettore Sottsass, a ceramic vase and footed bowl by Bitossi - Montelupo, Italy.75 000 SEK
38SUPERSTUDIO, a "Polaris" lamp by Design Center Poltronova, Italy 1960-70´s.15 000 SEK
39GIANNI VILLA, a "Kalamo" lamp for Valenti, Italy 1970's.Unsold
40Peter Shire, An early "Bel air" easy chair, Memphis Milan, post 1982.36 000 SEK
41Michael Graves, a five pieces sterling tea- and coffee service, limited edition by Alessi, Italy 1985.80 000 SEK
42Michele De Lucchi, a "Kristall" table for Memphis, Italy.16 000 SEK
43Nick Ross, A unique "Little White Lies" coffee table, Studio Nick Ross, Stockholm 2018.Unsold
44Fredrik Paulsen, a "Glass and steel chair", edition EA I/I, Studio Fredrik Paulsen 2017.
45FOLKFORM, a "Suburban skyline" floor lamp, unique edition, Studio Folkform 2017.24 000 SEK
46Paolo Piva, a black lacquered steel and glass sofa table, B&B, Italy.26 000 SEK
47LEE WEST, an "Egg Chair" and ottoman, Lee West inc. USA 1970´s.13 000 SEK
48FRANCESCO BINFARÉ, an "On The Rocks" sofa, Edra, Italy, post 2004.17 000 SEK
49Fabio Novembre, A Fabio Novembre "Org" table for Cappellini, 21st century.Unsold
50Ron Arad, RON ARAD, a version of the Rover-Chair, One Off, London 1980's.Unsold
51Mark Brazier Jones, an "Angel" chair, England 2005.13 000 SEK
52Simon Klenell, a unique "Mirror" sculpture, blown by Klenell, Gustavsberg, Sweden 2018.20 000 SEK
53Tom Dixon, A Tom Dixon "Wingback chair" produced in Great Britain before 2015.Unsold
54Andreas Eriksson, "Landskap".38 000 SEK
55Andreas Eriksson, "MASK".19 000 SEK
56Cecilia Edefalk, "Näsa".34 000 SEK
57Lena Cronqvist, "Flicka i balja".230 000 SEK
58Marie-Louise Ekman, "Sömnen II".48 000 SEK
59Lars Lerin, Untitled.19 000 SEK
60Jim Thorell, "Powerlunch".50 000 SEK
61Lars Englund, "Pars pro toto".32 000 SEK
62Elis Eriksson, "Untitled".17 000 SEK
63Lisa Jonasson, "Förbereda framtiden".Unsold
64Emma Hartman, "Little red rock".26 000 SEK
65Magnus "NUG" Gustafsson, Untitled.35 000 SEK
66Bjarne Melgaard, Untitled.70 000 SEK
67Emanuel Röhss, "Coral Diego".26 000 SEK
68Thorbjörn Sörensen, Untitled.26 000 SEK
70LG Lundberg, "Nocturne".Unsold
71Anders Knutsson, "#20".100 000 SEK
72Lars Lerin, "Alcatraz".180 000 SEK
73Ann Edholm, "Untitled".Unsold
74Meta Isæus-Berlin, META ISÆUS-BERLIN, signed Meta Isaeus-Berlin and dated 2006.Unsold
75Roger Risberg, "Häst".15 000 SEK
76Peter Frie, Untitled.110 000 SEK
77Linn Fernström, "Flicka gör korstecknet".95 000 SEK
78Karl Norin, "Freshwater, steak, and wine".40 000 SEK
79Oskar Korsár, "Sommarbarn".32 000 SEK
80Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, "Turn into me".130 000 SEK
81Ylva Ogland, "Venus at Her Mirror".140 000 SEK
82Andreas Eriksson, "Solen går ner den 12 okt 2004 1809" (The sun sets Oct 12th 2004 1809).130 000 SEK
83Anders Widoff, "Bells calling for Aceh (1)".Unsold
84Donald Baechler, "Thistle".Unsold
85Parker Ito, "The Agony and the Ecstasy (2)".Unsold
86Ylva Ogland, "Xenia with Poppy Flowers, Fresh Cut poppy Capsule with Opium Sap, Syringe and Wisdom Tooth".50 000 SEK
87Niki de Saint Phalle, “Dancing Couple”.90 000 SEK
88Anders Widoff, "Grammatik: 1 och 2".250 000 SEK
89Martin Wickström, "Djävulen i kroppen".Unsold
90Jan Håfström, "Mr Walker".Unsold
91Ola Billgren, "Capri II".340 000 SEK
92Jason Martin, "Zizou".Unsold
93Sten Eklund, Untitled.95 000 SEK
94Per Olof Ultvedt, "Sprutan" (SHE - a cathedral).60 000 SEK
95Ulrik Samuelson, ULRIK SAMUELSON, Signed US and dated ca 1970 on verso.Unsold
96Alfred Boman, "Herbal Big Mac".22 000 SEK
97Bjarne Melgaard, Untitled.Unsold
98Ylva Snöfrid (Ogland), "In any weather, at any hour of the day or night, I have been anxious to improve the nick of time, and notch it on ...".Unsold
99Ylva Snöfrid (Ogland), "Looking at the Unconscious (Rose Quartz)".Unsold
100Lena Cronqvist, "Grimaser, mun".560 000 SEK
101Tomás Saraceno, "Untitled (study for 14 billions working title)".23 000 SEK
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