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The Spring Classic Sale, Stockholm 568


121Anders Zorn, "Cabin".Hole (6 mm) and tear (15 mm) in right margin. Pale discolouring, sheet has been cleaned.
138John Bauer, "Troll".Wrong estimate in printed catalogue.
149Carl Milles, "Sunglitter", "Naiad and dolphin".Numbered 2/12. Foundry mark Danske Billedhuggeres brocestøber.
164Ruth Milles, Woman in the wind.Insignificant foundry mark Goldscheider 182 CA.
213Wilhelm Karl Gentz, Woman at the beduin camp.Relined canvas.
282SEMI-ANTIQUE KASHAN so called Atashoghlo. 194 x 134,5 cm.New estimated price: 12.-15.000SEK.
311SEMI-ANTIQUE TABRIZ SOUF PART SILK (in relief). 286 x 212 cm.New estimated price: 18.-20.000SEK.
359Joseph Magnus Stäck, View from La Spezia towards the bay (Shipping of Carrarra marble).Paper laid down on canvas
366Pehr Gustaf von Heideken, Italienskt landskap med en kampanil.Målningen skulle även kunna tillskrivas Lars Jakob von Röök (1778-1867)
381Pieter Jansz. Porbus Circle of, Renaissance gentleman in armor.Malmö, Utställning av en samling äldre målningar, 1926, nr. 33 ´Frans Pourbous. d. ä. / Porträtt av Allesandro Farnese av Parma´, ill. pl. 33
398Jan Claesz. Rietschoof Attributaed to, Ships by the coast.Attributed to
400Johan (Giovanni) Richter Follower of, View of Venice.Follower of Johan Richer. Canvas 38 x 53 cm.
404Samuel van Hoogstraten Attributed to, Portrait of a studying youth (Possibly a self portrait).Attributed to. Relined canvas. Not allowed for export.
406The four seasons, (4).Frames from the 20Th Century
410Nicolaes Berchem Attributed to, Religious scene.Motivet är förmodligen Kristi himmelsfärd
411Egbert van Heemskerk Circle of, Interior from a tavern.Circle of.
414Saint Jerome.Circle/Follower of Jacopo Bassano.
419AAdoration of the Shepards.-
462Johan Tobias Sergel, Landshövdingen i Uppsala, Elis Schröderheim med Uppsala i bakgrunden.Landshövdingen i Uppsala, Elis Schröderheim med Uppsala i bakgrunden
463Johan Tobias Sergel, La collaire.Ragnar Josephson, "Sergels fantasi", del II, 1956, avb sid 494.
475Carl Fredrik Fredenheim, "Les Termes de Tite, vus du haut du Colisée".Signerad CF Fredenheim.
483Claude Joseph Vernet Hans krets, Sydländsk hamnbild med figurer och båtar.Utrop 18-20.000 kr
488Peter Adolf Hall Attributed to, Lady in a landscape.Bears signature
502Leonard Henrik Roos af Hjelmsäter, "Louis Masreliez" (1748-1810).Signerad L H Roos och daterad 1810.
568A Swedish Rococo 18th century dressing table in the manner of J. J. Eisenbletter.Buyers in the European Union without VAT registration will be charged an import VAT of 12% in addition to the buyer's premium, on the hammer price.
611Seven matched Gustavian late 18th century chairs. Comprising also one later chair.Seven matched Gustavian late 18th century chairs. Comprising also one later chair.
659A pair of Rococo pewter candlesticks by Anders Morström (Falun 1778-1784/87).One candlestick with repair.
660A pair of late Gustavian pewter candlesticks by M. Artedius, Norrköping 1802.Skall vara 1802.
726A Swedish first halft 19th century porphyry urn.Export restrictions applies if the hammer price exceeds 50.000 SEK.
727A Swedish early 19th century porphyry urn.Export restrictions applies if the hammer price exceeds 50.000 SEK.
728A Swedish early 19th century porphyry urn.Export restrictions applies if the hammer price exceeds 50.000 SEK.
729A Swedish early 19th century porphyry urn.Export restrictions applies if the hammer price exceeds 50.000 SEK.
730A pair of Swedish first half 19th century porphyry urns.Export restrictions applies if the hammer price exceeds 50.000 SEK.
755A Swedish pewter goblet made for the Stockholm hat makers journeyman's guild, by Israel Buhrman 1801.Minor repair.
759A Baroque 17th century tortoiseshell casket.Correct estimate: 20.000-25.000 SEK.
875A Russian set of 12 silver-gilt and enamel tea-spoons, makers mark of Gustav Klingert, Moscow 1899-1908.Estimate changed to 15 000-18 000 SEK.
879A Baltic 18th century pacel-gilt beaker and cover, unidentified makers mark.Baltic 18th century. Not Russian marks.
881A pair of Fabergé candlesticks, Moscow 1908-1917. Imperial Warrant.Possibly bases to a pair of cut-glass bowls.
882A set of 18 Russian parcel-gilt fruit knifs and stand, makers mark of Joseph Marshak, Moscow 1908-1917.Marked in Kiev, not Moscow.
886A German 17th century silver-gilt tankard, makers mark of Peter Rohde (1654-1677), Danzig.Possibly later finial on lid, loose by lid mounting.
904A Swedish 18th century parcel-gilt milk-jar, makers mark of Wilhelm Smedberg, Karlstad 1784.Enligt familjetradition Reinhold Antonsson (1717-1800), lagman i Karlstad, därefter i arv (huvudsakligen på kvinnolinjen) inom värmländska brukssläkterna Roth och Lennartson.
915An English 18th century silver salver, makers mark probably of John Carter, London 1769.Probably of John Carter, London 1769.
927A pair of English silver candlesticks, possibly of Andrew Fogelberg, London 1766.The stems slightly tilted.
928A Belgian pair of 18th century silver candlesticks, marked Audenarde, Belgien 1773.Marked Ath 1773, not Audenarde.
929A Swedish pair of 18th century silver candlesticks, makers mark of Johan Bergengren, Kristianstad 1780.One drip-pan damaged.
948A set of twelve dinner-knifs, makers mark of J.P. Grönvall and A. Zethelius, Stockholm 1825-1837.Marks fair, over all some wear.
956A blua sapphire and brilliant cut diamond ring, tot. app. 1 cts.Briljanterna är ca 0.80 ct per styck.
966A citrine brooch/pendant, 1880's.OBS utropet ändrat till 8000 ( 6000 i katalog)
1327A Rolex Datejust ladie's wrist watch, 2000.OBS det finns extralänkar. /There are additional parts for the bracelet.
1378A gold savonette ancre pocket watch, c. 1980.Case not original.
1381A music- and repeater pocket watch, Paris late 19th century. Breguet à Paris.The pocket watch is not by Breguet, it is marked 'Breguet à Paris'.
1394A gold verge pocket watch, Gudin, Paris, c. 1800.Not out of function.
1396A gold verge pocket watch, hanhart, Wienna, early 19th century.Dial not original.
1399A gold cylinder pocket watch, André Hessén, Paris, c. 1780.Cylinder pocket watch.
1409A olive green glazed jar, Western Jin Dynasty, ca 300 AD.Western Jin Dynasty, ca 300 AD.
1411A qing bai vase, 18th Century.18th Century.
1418A lavender blue Junyao bowl, Presumably Song dynasty (960-1279).presumably Song dynasty
1429A blanc de chine censer, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).The exhibition label now missing.
1446A famille verte biscuit wine-pot and cover, Qing dynasty, Kangxi (1662-1722).Restored.
1591An 'enamel on copper' imitating ceramic garden seat, Qing dynasty, ca 1800.Repair to base.
1733A large blue and white jar, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing (1796-1820).Glaze crack.
1878Two blue and white jars, Qing dynasty, Jiaqing (1796-1820).Has been used as lamps, hole for electrical cord

Withdrawn items