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Vintage and Jewellery, Stockholm S194


No.ItemHammer price
1A pair of Chanel earclips.1 500 SEK
2A pair of Chanel earclips, prob autumn 2002.1 100 SEK
3A Chanel necklace.7 200 SEK
4A Chanel handbag.7 200 SEK
5A Chanel handbag.7 000 SEK
6A Chanel traincase.3 500 SEK
7A Chanel silk blouse , prob 1998.1 800 SEK
8A Chanel silk blouse.1 400 SEK
9A Chanel silk blouse.1 800 SEK
10A Chanel golden chain belt.2 200 SEK
11A black leather Chanel belt, autumn 1996.2 400 SEK
12A Chanel jacket, autumn 1998.7 000 SEK
13A Chanel wool skirt.1 900 SEK
14A two-piece Chanel suit, spring 1996.6 000 SEK
15A Chanel evening bag.5 000 SEK
16A Chanel bag, late 20th cent.8 600 SEK
17A pair of Chanel earclips, autumn 1994.850 SEK
18A pair of Chanel earclips, spring 1996.2 400 SEK
19A 1990's Chanel necklace.4 500 SEK
20A pair of Chanel earclips.1 700 SEK
21A two-piece Chanel suit, autumn 1993.4 500 SEK
22A Chanel silkchiffon skirt.1 200 SEK
23A 1950's Chanel jacket.4 000 SEK
24A Chanel shoulder bag.3 600 SEK
25A Chanel shoulder bag.7 500 SEK
26A pair of Chanel earclips.3 000 SEK
27A Chanel necklace.2 800 SEK
28A pair of Chanel earclips.1 800 SEK
29A pair of Chanel earclips.1 300 SEK
30A Chanel silk winterjacket.Unsold
31A two-piece Chanel suit, autumn 1998.Unsold
32A pair of Chanel earclips.1 300 SEK
33Two pair of Chanel earclips.1 200 SEK
34A Chanel golden chain belt.3 600 SEK
35A pair of Chanel pumps.1 500 SEK
36A pair of Chanel shoes.700 SEK
37An Yves Saint Laurent tunic.1 400 SEK
38An two-piece Yves Saint Laurent suit, prob winter 1991.800 SEK
39An Yves Saint Laurent dress.2 200 SEK
40An Yves Saint Laurent blouse.1 600 SEK
41An Yves Saint Laurent shoulder bag.1 400 SEK
42An Yves Saint Laurent belt.600 SEK
43An Yves Saint Laurent jacket, from the Russian Collection.1 200 SEK
44An Yves Saint Laurent jacket, from the Russian Collection.1 100 SEK
45An Yves Saint Laurent necklace.2 400 SEK
46An Yves Saint Laurent coat, from the Russian Collection.2 600 SEK
47A two-piece Yves Saint Laurent costume.2 400 SEK
48An Yves Saint Laurent jacket, around 1979/1980.3 800 SEK
49An Yves Saint Laurent jacket, from the Russian Collection.800 SEK
50A 1980's Yves Saint Laurent necklace.1 800 SEK
51A two-piece Yves Saint Laurent suit, Variation 1991.1 600 SEK
52A 1990's Yves Saint Laurent wintercoat.3 800 SEK
53An Yves Saint Laurent wintercoat.4 800 SEK
54A 1980's Yves Saint Laurent bolero.1 100 SEK
55Two Yves Saint Laurent silk ties.900 SEK
56A Hermès silk scarf "Mineraux".1 300 SEK
57A Hermès silk scarf "Proues".1 300 SEK
58A Hermès silk scarf "Equipages".1 900 SEK
59A Hermès silk scarf "Quai aux Fleures".1 900 SEK
60A 1990's Hermès "Kelly" handbag.Unsold
61A Hermès wintercoat.Unsold
62A Hermès silk scarf.850 SEK
63A Hermès silk scarf "Eperon d'Or".825 SEK
64A Hermès silk scarf "Eperon D'Or".1 300 SEK
65A Hermès silk scarf "Au Coeur des Bois".3 400 SEK
66A Hermès silk scarf "Soleil de soie".1 700 SEK
67A Hermès "Kelly" handbag.16 000 SEK
68A Hermès silk scarf "Proues".1 000 SEK
69A Hermès silk scarf.2 000 SEK
70A Hermès silk scarf, "Brides de Gala".2 200 SEK
71A Hermès silk scarf, "Ramses".1 800 SEK
72A Hermès bracelet and av Pierre Lorion and Sylvia karels necklace.1 500 SEK
73A 1960's Hermès handbag.6 000 SEK
74A Hermès silk scarf, "The Royal and Ancient Game of Golf".1 800 SEK
75A Hermès silk scarf, "Springs".1 700 SEK
76A Hermès silk scarf, "Passementerie".1 700 SEK
77A Hermès silk scarf, "Junques et Sampans".2 400 SEK
78A pair of Hermès shoes.1 300 SEK
79A Hermès silk blouse, "Quai aux fleurs".1 300 SEK
80A Hermès silk blouse, "Grand Apparat".Unsold
81A Hermès silk scarf, "Rencontre Océane".4 000 SEK
82A Hermès silk scarf, "Les Tambours".1 200 SEK
83A Hermès silk scarf, "Clic Clouc".1 400 SEK
84A Hermès silk scarf.1 200 SEK
85A Hermès silk scarf.800 SEK
86A 1980's Hermès handbag "Kelly".31 000 SEK
87A Hermès silk scarf, "La Promenade de Longchamps".2 200 SEK
88A Hermès silk scarf, "Caravalle".1 800 SEK
89A Hermès silk scarf.1 400 SEK
90A Hermès perfume, "Eau d'Hermès".550 SEK
91A Hermès silk scarf, "Aux Champ".750 SEK
92A Hermès silk scarf.500 SEK
93A Hermès silk scarf, "Clips".2 000 SEK
94A Hermès brown leather belt.2 800 SEK
95A Hermès black leather belt.2 600 SEK
96A Hermès silk scarf, "Eperon d'Or".1 100 SEK
97A Hermès silk scarf, "Chateu de Chambord".3 000 SEK
98A Hermès silk scarf, "Poésie Persane".950 SEK
99A Hermès silk scarf, "Les Cavaliers d'Or".2 200 SEK
100A Celine shoulder bag.1 900 SEK