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Contemporary & Design, Stockholm 558


No.ItemHammer price
1An Ettore Sottsass 'Carlton' book case by Memphis, Milano 1981.55 000 SEK
2A Ron Arad 'Victoria and Albert' sofa for Moroso, Italy.47 000 SEK
3A Ron Arad 'Rover Chair', One Off Ltd, London 1980's.Unsold
3AAn Arne Vodder rosewood sideboard, manufactured by P Olsen Sibast, Stenstrup, Denmark, model 7A.25 000 SEK
4An Italian desk, attributed to Studio Dassi, 1950's.18 500 SEK
5An Italian palisander and brass serving cart, 1950's.15 500 SEK
6An Italian floor lamp attributed to Stilnovo, 1950's.15 000 SEK
7An Italian floor lamp attributed to Stilnovo, 1950's.16 500 SEK
8A Piero Fornasetti umbrella stand, Milan, Italy.15 000 SEK
9A set of nine Piero Fornasetti 'Mongolfiere' plates, Milan, Italy.8 200 SEK
10A set of twelve Piero Fornasetti 'Astro labio' porcelain plates, Milan, Italy.15 500 SEK
11A Carlo Scarpa 'Murrine Opache' glass bowl, Venini, Italy.15 000 SEK
12An Angelo Mangiarotti grey marble table, 'M 1' by Skipper, Italy, circa 1972.25 000 SEK
13A pair of Philippe Starck 'Costes' armchairs, by Aleph, Driade, Italy.14 000 SEK
14A silver plated eight light hanging lamp, 1960's.6 000 SEK
15A pair of Roberto Matta gilt tin sculptures 'Le roi et la reine'.16 000 SEK
16A Borek Sipek silver plated candelabrum, Driade, Italy.14 000 SEK
17A Fernando and Umberto Campana easy chair, 'Azul Rope Chair' by Edra, Italy post 1998.Unsold
18A Javier Mariscal 'Alessandra' lounge chair, 'Los Meubles Amorosos', for Moroso, Italy.15 500 SEK
19An Erik Högland painted wooden mirror, Eriksmålaglas, Sweden 1960's-70's.12 500 SEK
20An Erik Höglund white lacquered iron and glass candelabrum for twelve candles by Boda Glasbruk & Smide, probably 1970's.14 000 SEK
21A Bertil Vallien sand cast glass sculpture of a boat, Kosta Boda, Sweden 2001.Unsold
21AA Poul Henningsen white lacquered 'Artichoke' hanging lamp, Louis Poulsen, Denmark.23 000 SEK
21BA Poul Henningsen white lacquered 'Artichoke' hanging lamp, Louis Poulsen, Denmark.25 000 SEK
22A Johannes Andersen sofa and easy chair, 'Capri', Trensum, Sweden 1960's.17 500 SEK
23A Johannes Andersen teak sofa table, Trensum, Sweden 1960's.13 000 SEK
24A Jonas Bohlin 'Concrete' armchair, for Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden, nr 73/100.150 000 SEK
25A Jonas Bohlin stained oak and steel panes cabinet 'Slottsbacken', Källemo, Sweden 1987.125 000 SEK
26A Jonas Bohlin daybed 'Concav' in beech and beige leather by Källemo, Sweden 1985.13 000 SEK
27A Jonas Bohlin 'Concrete' armchair, Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden 1981.40 000 SEK
28A Jonas Bohlin and Rolf Söderlund 'Art Against Aids' table by Rolf Söderdahl and Pukebergs Glassworks 1992.8 500 SEK
29A Mats Theselius 'Aluminiumfåtölj' easy chair, upholstered with fretted leather, Källemo, Sweden circa 1990.30 000 SEK
30A Mats Theselius easy chair 'Järn/Moccafåtöljen' by Källemo, Sweden 1994, edition 89/360.39 000 SEK
31A Mats Theselius 'El Dorado' brass and leather armchair, Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden 2002.50 000 SEK
32A Mats Theselius 'The Ritz' easy chair, Källemo, Värnamo, Sweden 1994.27 000 SEK
33A Mats Theselius 'El Rey' brass and black leather easy chair, Källemo, Sweden 1999.39 000 SEK
34A pair of Mats Theselius easy chairs 'Theselius' by Källemo, Sweden post 1990.24 000 SEK
35A Mats Theselius easy chair 'Theselius' by Källemo, Sweden post 1990.17 000 SEK
36A John Kandell 'Pax' stool by Källemo, Sweden post 1987.4 100 SEK
37A Bertil Vallien cast glass sculpture of a boat, Kosta Boda, Sweden 1999.Unsold
38An Olle Alberius 'Enhörning' glass vase, Orrefors Gallery 1988.4 000 SEK
39An Jan-Erik Ritzman glass vase, Transjö 2004.7 000 SEK
40A Bertil Vallien glass bowl, Kosta, Sweden 1982.8 000 SEK
41A Bertil Vallien glass bowl, Kosta Boda, Sweden 1988.3 500 SEK
43An Alexander H Damsbo & Henrik Ingemann Nielsen "HC- Andersen Chair", by Källemo, Sweden 2005.Unsold
44A Per Holknekt painted sofa table, Sweden 2000.2 000 SEK
45A Daniel Strand DJ's desk in different coloured maple, Sweden 2007.28 000 SEK
46A Bertil Vallien glass sculpture of a head, Kosta Boda, Sweden 1999.Unsold
47A Bertil Vallien sand-cast sculpture on a diabase base, Kosta Boda, Sweden 1998.Unsold
48An Ulrica Hydman-Vallien vase, Pilchuck, USA 1986.Unsold
49A Ulrika Hydman Vallien glass vase, Kosta Boda, Sweden 1993.5 000 SEK
50An Ulrica Hydman-Vallien glass vase, Pilchuck, USA 1986.Unsold
51An Ulrica Hydman-Vallien glass vase, Kosta.Unsold
52An Arne Jacobsen brown leather 'Egg chair' with ottoman, by Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1963.36 000 SEK
53An Arne Jacobsen brown leather 'Egg Chair' by Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1964.50 000 SEK
54An Arne Jacobsen teak and chrome plated steel table, Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1960's.15 000 SEK
55A set of six Arne Jacobsen teak 'Grand Prix' chairs by Fritz Hansen, Denmark.31 000 SEK
56An Arne Jacobsen black leather 'Egg chair', Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1960's.28 000 SEK
57A Hans J Wegner oak dinner table by Andreas Tuck, Denmark, 1950's-60's.34 000 SEK
58A set of eight Hans J Wegner teak and oak chairs by Carl Hansen & Son, Denmark 1950's-60's.16 500 SEK
59An Arne Jacobsen brown leather and aluminium "Swan" sofa, Fritz Hansen, Denmark.Unsold
60An Arne Vodder palisander chest of drawers, Denmark 1950's-60's.25 000 SEK
61A pair of Poul Henningsen 'PH' copper wall lamps by Louis Poulsen, Denmark.20 000 SEK
62A Poul Henningsen copper 'Tallerkenlampan', by Louis Poulsen, Denmark.2 600 SEK
63An Arne Jacobsen three-seated brown leather and chromed steel sofa by Fritz Hansen, Denmark.11 500 SEK
64An Arne Jacobsen two-seated brown leather and chromed steel sofa by Fritz Hansen, Danmark.8 000 SEK
65A pair of Poul Kjaerholm 'pk-22' steel and ratten easy chairs, E Kold Christensen, Denmark, maker's mark in the steel.28 000 SEK
66A pair of Poul Kjaerholm 'pk-31' black leather easy chairs for E Kold Christensen, Denmark, maker's mark in the steel.38 000 SEK
67A Hans J Wegner teak desk by Andreas Tuck, Denmark 1950's.23 000 SEK
68A Hans J Wegner 'Kastrup chair', AP-stolen, Denmark.2 500 SEK
69A pair of Hans Wegner easy chairs by Carl Hansen, Denmark, 1950's.13 000 SEK
70A Hans J Wegner 'The Chair', for Johannes Hansen, Denmark 1950's-60's.8 500 SEK
71A pair of Poul Kjaerholm 'pk-22' steel and cane easy chairs, Fritz Hansen, Denmark 1995.16 000 SEK
72A Poul Nørreklit palisander and plexi glass desk, Sigurd Hansen, Denmark 1960's.Unsold
73A Hans J Wegner oak dinner table by Andreas Tuck, Denmark 1950's-60's.10 000 SEK
74A Gösta Grähs stoneware figure of an animal, Sweden late 20th C.8 400 SEK
75A Gösta Grähs stoneware sculpture 'Icaros', a man with a bird, Sweden late 20th C.4 000 SEK
76An Ib Kofod Larsen sideboard, for Faarup, Denmark 1960's.Unsold
77A set of four Poul Kjaerholm 'pk-15' chairs, for PP Møbler, post 1990, black laquered wood and red-brown leather seats.10 000 SEK
78An Ib Kofod Larsen easy chair 'Sälen' by OPE Jönköping.10 000 SEK
79A Børge Mogensen black leather sofa, model nr 210 by Fredericia, Denmark.34 000 SEK
80A pair of Børge Mogensen 'The Spanish Chair' in oak and leather by Fredericia Stolefabrik, Denmark.13 000 SEK
80AA set of four Hans J Wegner "CH-23" oak chairs, by Carl Hansen & Son, Denmark.5 500 SEK
81A Per B Sundberg 'Fabula' glass vase, Orrefors Limited Gallery 2004.15 000 SEK
84A Per B Sundberg litograal glass vase, Orrefors.11 000 SEK
85An Ib Kofod Larsen palisander sideboard, Denmark 1960's.31 000 SEK
86A Bodil Kjaer palisander desk on a chrome plated base, Hedensten Møbelfabrik/ E Pedersen, Denmark 1960's.40 000 SEK
87A Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm easy chair, "BO-561", Bo-EX, Denmark.Unsold
88A Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm 'Tulip' desk chair, Alfred Kill, Germany 1960's-70's.4 000 SEK
89A Preben Fabricius & Jørgen Kastholm 'Tulip' desk chair, Alfred Kill, Germany 1960's-70's.4 000 SEK
90A Hertha Bengtsson 170 pieces of creamware service 'Blå Eld' by Rörstrand, 1951-71.36 000 SEK
91A Nanna Ditzel palisander desk by Søren Villadsen, Denmark, 1950's-60's.33 000 SEK
92A Kai Lyngfeldt-Larsen, palisander chair with black leather upholstery by Søren Villadsen, Denmark, 1950's-60's.Unsold
93A pair of Ole Wanscher palisander 'Colonial Chairs' by Poul Jeppesen, Denmark.46 000 SEK
94A set of four Peter Hvidt & Orla Mølgaard Nielsen teak and oak chairs by Bodafors Sweden 1958.6 000 SEK
95A Morten Voss 'Lo' dining table, Voss Co Living, Denmark.Unsold
96A Vladimir Kagan walnut and chrome plated steel sideboard, Vladimir Kagan Designs Inc USA.Unsold
97An Isamu Noguchi sofa table, 'IM-50' by Herman Miller, 1970's.10 500 SEK
98An Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' marble table, Knoll International, USA.21 000 SEK
99A set of six Eero Saarinen 'Tulip' chairs by Knoll International, USA.33 000 SEK